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  1. thank you rreschran, cant wait to get started, just getting the LLC set up with the state and registering with the county. looking forward to a March 1st retirement date. Thinking if the state drags its feet to slow it may get pushed back to April. Got an email from the state saying it could take up to 45 days to process but only 39 workdays until March 1st.... lol.... just my luck.
  2. does anyone know if nctowing.org is still an active group? ..... I see some parts of the site that can make some folks think they are not active or is slowing down.... thank you in advance for any assistance
  3. Hello all, I will be wrapping up a 30-year career in law enforcement this coming March. I drove a rollback on my days off some years ago. I really enjoyed it, and I guess the bug stuck with me, looking forward to it being my second career.
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