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  1. I concur with Ed. I always try to pass on bus tows. I couldn't imagine rolling up on that beast!!! You guys really like your buses on that side of the pond.
  2. Its a weird senario really. Looking at that can's labeling, it can be interpreted a couple different ways I feel. It states it is US DOT approved, then says not for fueling on road motor vehicles. So The way I'm reading it, It's Legal to have this can on board your rig But Don't use it for fueling a car. So, can you only get a ticket if a Law enforcement officer catches you pouring fuel in a car with it? Anybody else interperate the wording that way or what do you read from it? Now i'm gonna have to look at my cans. Truth be told, i've never paid any attention to what's written on them.
  3. Wow. Last time i rented a car from enterprise, They gave me a plymouth reliant K-car.... I guess times have changed... Truck looks sweet !!!!
  4. I think your over exaggerating Ed. a lil bondo, some paint and maybe a new mirror and some tires and she will be good as new. Oh, and put that starter back on there too. lol. Kidding aside, nice work. I hope the driver was ok. that sucker took a pretty hard lick.
  5. Rest easy operator, your shift is over. Another person who was either too involved in their own life to give a crap about anyone else or too screwed up on drugs and or alcohol has taken the life of a son, brother, father, husband who was doing his job and helping another person. When does this stop? When do people start to pay attention to whats going on around them?? This has got to stop. And for those who say we as towers need to stop putting ourselves in danger, i partially agree but, I will tell you I'm not going to leave an elderly woman or a mother and her small children on the side of the road because there's a chance one of these clowns are barreling down the road with their face planted in their phone or had a few too many ta-ta's with their lunch is gonna run me over. our job is to help stranded / wrecked motorists. that's what we do.We as an industry NEED to get these laws enforced and they MUST carry much stiffer penalties. We need to get better recognized as the emergency responders that we are as well. Although this particular tragety did involve a police presence, most tower fatalities don't and i feel it's because we are not held to the same regard as police or fire working on the side of the road. People in my opinion, generally slow down for police cars or fire apparatus on the side of the road yet, they will blast right by me when i'm out on the side of the road. The general motoring public just don't mentally put us in that catergory. Again this is just my opinion on the matter and i know would not be the cure all to keep us all safe all the time but i feel it would help if we as an industry were better recognized as EMERGENCY VEHICLES/RESPONDERS.
  6. I haven't used those gloves you mentioned. For winter work, i wear hardy 3m insulated waterproof gloves. They are great in the cold and snow, but a lil bulky. i also use those chemical style rubber gloves with a pair of mechanix gloves worn inside of them for real sloppy slushy days. I too prefer regular mechanix gloves for fair, dry weather. Being a small two man business, My partner or I (usually me) has the business line fowarded to my cell phone. I have used a bluetooth ear bud in the past but, after breaking like 3 of them I gave up on them. they also aren't very good with the background noise. I have returned to just keeping my phone in my pocket.
  7. Of course!!! How could I forget to mention my sleds! Thanks chuckud!!!
  8. I to work in the northern east coast. Personally i wear good quality thermals, heavy dickies Jean work pants and snug fitting sweatshirts so there's less chance of getting snagged on something. I also wear the Work King 5 in 1 jacket system from AW Direct. It's a killer coat system.It's adaptable to all different weather conditions. I was never one for coveralls. In my truck i keep a good set of rain gear, wader boots and a small bag with a complete change of clothes plus a few pairs of socks and spare work boots. ( I don't do cold, wet feet ) I keep a couple towels in the truck to dry off and wipe myself down so i'm not getting the interior of my truck all cruddy. I also keep a few different pairs of good gloves on hand and change them out regularly to dry them. a good pocket knife on me, and a 8 way screwdriver and a small pair of pliers in the door pocket of my truck usually gets the quick stuff handled. ( I do have a complete tool set on board as well ) a good rechargeable flashlight and a rechargeable lantern handles the lighting issues for me. If you have your own truck or a take home truck it's easy to keep all that on board but i can see it being a pain for someone who slip-seats or shares a truck with others. Some might say i over think it or carry too much but all i can say is i've been doing this for 26 years and i guess I'm set in my ways. Hope i have given you some ideas. Good luck and stay safe
  9. I have pretty good in-route mileage rates with the m/c's i do work with. I usually wont go more than 20 miles for a tow that's only a couple miles unless i know there's a good chance i can catch something else coming back. The way the demographics are around here, most all the rural tows i get are coming back into the city anyway. Sometimes you just have to play it by ear. Like doingitall said, "no one can force you to do a call". If the numbers just don't work for you, Pass on it.
  10. I personally don't like taking passengers for a variety of reasons. The main one being possible injury claims. As far as the original post, the passenger claiming she got burned by the stack will probably win her case, it's sad but true. I can see the courts saying there should be guards in place to prevent contact with the stack. In my opinion it is impossible to set up your rig as idiot proof. There is no such thing as common sense in society anymore. Of course, there are situations where you have no choice but to take on a passenger. I always make sure to instruct them on how to get in and out of the truck properly, wear their seat belts, where the grab handles are, etc... Luckily I have towing contracts with a couple of the local taxi companies so I am able to offer a taxi to come pick up the customer. The taxi companies give my customers a discounted rate in exchange for a discount on their towing needs. Not saying everyone should run out and work out a deal with a taxi co. It just happened to work out that way for me and so far, so good. I find that most customers would prefer to ride in a taxi as opposed to my truck since most times they don't want to go where the car is going anyway. The customer wants to continue on with their day with as little interruption as possible.
  11. What a disgrace... That was simply painful to watch. Not for nothing But, as a customer, Just one look at the clown running the truck, ( I refuse to call him an Operator. That is a term used to address a professional )And i would have told him to leave. Not to even mention that he screwed around with it for 5 minutes and still didn't have it loaded. Silverhawk did a excellent job describing what his plan would have been.
  12. Wow. i would have never guessed that. I'm always learning something new on here. lol. If turkey grit works that well i might have to look into finding some !!!
  13. Lol. I have never heard it called turkey grit but i'm assuming it is speedi dri. ....Heck, now i'm curious...
  14. That's a good question really. Personally i use the term recovery for any vehicle that is off the roadway, hung up, tangled or sunk and needs to be retrieved to a driveable or towable position. a ppi or lei for instance that requires extra work or equipment to tow is termed as additional labor/equipment. I use different billing rates for each as well.
  15. That's nuts. Thankfully they got their rig back in one piece, just a bit less fuel in it. I carry a door key for my truck on my belt. If i'm more than 10 feet from my truck it's locked tight. Running or not.
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