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  1. it is a speed tech 55 inch k force light bar, I thought about the 7 wire situation but the more I think about it, the more I think ill just basically re wire the back half of the truck and hopefully be done with it
  2. Thats helpful, but I already have a brand new STL sitting mounted to my headache rack
  3. Hey everyone, last week I bought a new light bar from SpeedTech Lights, I love it but wiring it to my 2003 international has been a headache! it appears the proper way to do this would be to go from the light bar, down the headache race and under the bed. From there the wires need to go the whole way to the rear where the bed pivots then back to the front of the truck. My new STL light has 16 wires coming from it, I would love to bring the wires down the headache rack and into a coiled cord and run it in the back of the cab to save me 50 feet of wires and several hours of work. Has anyone else replaced a dinosaur rotator light bar with a new LED version and had this issue?? G-
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