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  1. That is impressive! Hats off to the women of TRAO!
  2. I believe it has been sold. A friend of mine called on it a couple of weeks ago and he was told that it sold. Unless the sellers deal fell through.
  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families thought that lost someone that day, and for all the families that that have lost someone protecting our country and our freedoms that we enjoy each day.
  4. I will never forget that day. My wife and I were watching the today show when the first plane struck and saw it on TV, and then the second plane struck and our hearts sank. I remember telling my wife we need to prepare for war.
  5. Yes to all questions! The accident on August 26th in Milwaukee, Wis. involving a flatbed from Rays Towing is the perfect example is why everyone should participate. There is going to be benefit car truck show on Sept. 22nd. 2019 at Herman's Auto clinic 6100 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. to help out Rays driver that was injured in that crash. Everyone stay safe out there. Jack
  6. Good planning and team work! Slow and easy is always best.
  7. I agree with Moore's. I stopped the video, and looked and it does appear that it could have been winched to the end of the guard rail. I am sure the wrecker itself is rated to lift that car, but what I could see happening, is if that car starts to swing around with the boom up and fully extended, leverage could take over and possibly bend something or worse cause the truck to turn over. That is just me probably being over cautious. By no means I am not bashing this job. It appears they got it done without any problems. I know where I am at, the police do not like to shut any lanes down unless you have no other options. The distance to the end of the guard rail is probably shorter then it appears in the picture, but maybe not. That is just my opinion.
  8. First, our thoughts and prayers go out to Joe for a full recovery and to everyone at Ray's that this terrible accident may have caused a lot of mental anguish to. Thankfully it was not fatal. It is really frustrating when Hamid said the down pour caused their wheels to slip. How about slowing to a safe speed for the road conditions and slowing down for the flashing lights and move over if you can. I believe Wisconsin has a slow down move over law. If they do the driver of that semi should be charged and convicted to the full extent of the law. In my opinion when a serious accident such as this one, that caused injury, the driver that caused the accident, should have their drivers license permanently revoked. Everyone be safe out there and always watch your back. Jack Herman, Wildwood Service, Gages Lake, Illinois
  9. Find the transmitter and see what brand it is and call that manufacturer and they should be able to help you.
  10. Is anyone doing work for Nation Safe Drivers, and do they pay their bills in a timely manner? They called me today asking if we would be interested in doing work for them. They said we were referred to them by a dealer that we already do the non warranty tows for. I was wondering how any ones experience has been with them. Thanks a lot. Jack
  11. Thanks for the kind words. The die cast collection was my brother Wally's. He passed away 2 months after we got that KW. Mike and I started working on the Miller race recovery team in 2005 at Chicagoland Speedway. He was not able to work at the track last year do to him being sick. Since Miller quit supplying trucks Lynch Towing Equipment has supplied the trucks. This year, to honor Mikes work on the recovery team Lynch along with Miller Industries had a limited number of t shirts made with a picture of his 50s rat rad tow truck on the back. At the race track for a $20.00 donation a person got a shirt. There was 131 shirts made, and 127 went to donors. There were many people who donated money, from towers to track service people, such as fire fighters, clean up, ems, and even some people from NASCAR that did not want shirts. Total proceeds were $3190.00 that were donated to Mikes wife and kids. If I knew how to post pictures, I would post one of the shirt. This old dog is not that advanced. LOL. A huge thank you to Fred Grueber from Miller Industries, Miller, and Lynch Towing Equipment for taking the time and effort to honor Mike. To all who donated, Thank you.
  12. I am still here and looking and commenting once in a while. I am sorry to say that my nephew Mike ( Wildwood Mike) is what he went by on here, is no longer with us. He came down with a cancer called T cell Lymphoma last year and battled it for 10 months. He passed away on November 2nd. 2018. He was 45 years old, was married with 2 kids.
  13. I know that Pete was built new as a tow truck. It started life in Rockford, Illinois. It belonged to a company called Ed's towing if remember right. He had a Phillips 66 station as I recall. If I remember right, he passed away and his wife sold the big trucks to Zips. He had a twin to that one that I believe Ed's Towing, Team Ed's, that is a member on here owns or use to own. He also had an International 4300 single axle with a 750 on it also. I do not know where that went to. They were a two tone blue or blue and white as I recall.
  14. It was in todays Waukegan News Sun paper that Trooper Ellis had switched lanes to prevent the wrong way driver from hitting a motorist behind him. He gave his life to save others. It was definitely the ultimate sacrifice. According to the paper Trooper Ellis was originally from Macomb, Illinois and now lived in Antioch, Illinois. The paper also said that the wrong way driver had alcohol in his system but coroners office was waiting for toxicology reports to come back to find out how much. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trooper Ellis's family and to all the families and friends and the law enforcement community who have lost someone. May all of you rest in peace. Jack Herman Wildwood Service Gages Lake, Illinois
  15. Our family has been in the towing business since the early 1920s. I was at the controls of 1948 REO Speedwagon tow truck when I was 9 years old. My training consists of learning from my family and school of hard knocks. I am 62 years old and still enjoy towing and recovery. Jack Herman, Wildwood Service, Gages Lake, Illinois
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