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  1. Hey, I've spent the past few days jumping around reading threads. I'm new to the business so there is a ton for me to learn. I've had a sales job for the past 11 years and have always hauled scrap vehicles on the side. A couple months ago I left my sales job and jumped into towing full time. I bought a low mileage, 05 GMC 5500 which has been pretty good to me. I signed on to be primary for AAA which has kept me fairly busy (I'm in Maine, in a not so overly populated area). I have most of the garages in the area sending me their business. I'm not getting many other calls though. I have set up a webpage and a google business page. What else do you guys suggest? I'd like to get other motor clubs calling without signing a contract with them. I have read a few threads saying to stay away from contracts and I figure the one I have with AAA is getting me enough volume.
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