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  1. Still here doing towing and recovery as well as roadside assistance. Wish everyone a safe and wonderful day. Thanks Bill
  2. I have to drain the water out of the bottom of the separator/filter that has the drain valve knob on it. Since we are having all this rain I'm not surprised about the water problem. My truck is a 2011 F650 Extended Cab with the Cummins / Allison I have 80K on it now.
  3. I use 4 x 4's cut at different angles one is matched to the truck bed extended and all way down and the other end is longer and easier for the tires to roll up. They were 4 feet long prior to the angles being cut. Two for each side if you like one works ok.
  4. Have you built one for a 79 Holmes 1200 Commander 60" cab to axle .
  5. Sorry to hear this. Thoughts go out to family and friends.
  6. This is the son of Jackie Taylor that owned Daniel Boone Towing Service in Duffield Virginia that I started with in 1993 and later started my business. This hits so close to home and is something we face every time we answer the call. I know he will be missed by his friends and family out there as well as the many close friends and family he has here. R I P my friend.
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