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  1. B/A products. Want to buy from you on volume for our store front.
  2. You guys wanted a business man for president. here we have it. I learn something years ago, never trust another business man to run your business, because he will look for his business and not my. he will profit for him self and not with me. Politician screw us over but a business man will crush anyone's business to make profit for himself. So here we are. Transportation in general is down 45% money is not moving like it used to. Insurance companies fee are up 40% for commercial vehicles. and it will get worse. So cutting back cost is the way to go as of now. we are cutting allot. if the unit don't move it most be sold. I just hope we survive whats coming, Day by day is getting worse here in Our State.
  3. I will become illiterate, hard of hearing, weak of vision, But i will enthusiastically answer the phone to take more calls.
  4. why do all of you get into a contract with a motor club? There is no money with them. Why...
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