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  1. That’s great news! Let’s keep it going!
  2. No matter how he was described he was a member of first responders who put their lives on the Line every hour of everyday. May the lord bless him and comfort his family. This is becoming a more dangerous vocation every day. We are losing towers as fast as law enforcement. People drive too fast for conditions and are not paying any attention to what’s going on . The MOVE OvER Law needs to be enforced!
  3. Looks like another bad year of senseless loss of life . I pray he’s in a better place . The loss his family must feel is beyond anything I know but I pray they will be ok . We all need to pass the word about the move over movement. God bless
  4. So sorry to hear of his loss to his family & towing associates. Very hard time of year to lose anyone. God Bless
  5. I enjoyed talking with you in the registration line but didn’t cross paths after that encounter. The tow show was very well done . I found every vendor I wanted to talk to and saw many people I haven’t seen for years. Well worth the time. Bob Berry
  6. I think anytime your backing a truck across lanes you should have traffic control and DOT tape on your trailer .
  7. I wish this could somehow stop but it’s a terrible year for Tow Truck drivers . This is a accident not a Move over problem. Doesn’t really matter who’s at fault . Two people are dead and a third injured. Three or more families have had their lives turned up side down . This should not happen ! We all are in a hurry all the time . Think !!! My prayers go out to all effected . There but for the grace of GOD I might have been involved .
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