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    Johnny Sofranko got a reaction from Singh in Passenger claiming they got hurt in my truck!!!!!!!!   
    We have the same issues here in California. Passengers having a hard time getting in and out the truck .some jump out the truck and face plant on the ground.but this is not our liability. We are not allowed to help in or out especially if they are female. And the sad part is we have to take them with there vehicle.true we are not a taxi but for some odd reason the motor club thinks we are it's a constant battle.so my opinion is the member knows the risk ahead of time .its a big truck and if they can't deal with it find another ride but they choose to take the risk.we have to stay diligent and respectful but we let them know ahead of time if they need a taxi or not.if they say no it's out of our hands.my opinion is take better care of your vehicle then you won't have to get a tow.its simple but we don't live in a world of intelligence so all we can do is make people aware and if they choose to take a chance then that's on them.the funny part of this is its mostly the basic members that give us the most grief on all issues .tell you the truth I think I may have some of these people sign a waiver before they attempt to get in my truck that should end our worries of dishonest money hungry  Tyrants.
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