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  1. When I was in the military and went through H8 recovery school, we buried a HMMWV (humvee) to the body in sand, and then we were supplied with around 20 snatch blocks and rope. It was up to us to figure out how to recover the vehicle with only those tools and our squad of 5. That school taught me a lot in the way of recoveries. And by the way, yes we recovered that HMMWV with just the rope and snatch blocks and 4 people pulling with 1 person steering.
  2. We just changed to Fattmerchant for our credit card processing. So far it has worked out great, the card readers are 75.00 each, but they accept, swipe, chip, and tap to pay. Also when we email an invoice, our company logo is on the receipt.
  3. Now I've used my 408A to help pull the front of a tractor over, but my rotator is the one doing the heavy pulling, and I also have a catch line to keep the unit from slamming down.
  4. Ive got 2 so far, one red and white that is on my helmet and an amber and white that I stick on the side of the casualty while Im working.
  5. Thanks Ed! It has served us well and done everything that Ive asked of it and then some. One thing I wanted to share with you, mine may have just been a serious overlook from the factory, but the hoses for the auto grip where they go under the boom, mine were installed wrong and every time I put the boom all the way down, it would pinch the hoses. It would have eventually lead to the hoses blowing, but I caught it early on. My dealer sent a mechanic 2 days later to replace the hoses and reroute them out of the way. It was definitely an easy job, but seeing as how the truck was only 5 days old, I let them handle it. You were asking about weight, mine is 14,240lbs full of fuel and me in it. Also your complaint about the winch controls being reversed on the passenger side, mine are opposite of yours, so maybe yours were plumbed wrong?
  6. Good luck, Im your clarksville neighbor and people just don't want to work, or if they do want to work, they want 9-5 with an hour lunch. Wish you the best of luck filling your positons.
  7. Ed, here is my 408TA, I love it, and I agree with you about how far the overhang is, but this is my first small wrecker, so I guess im just used to it. I wish, I would have gotten the 12k winches, but so far the 9k winches have worked well and gotten out everything Ive asked of them. Ill be following your updates and may steal a few ideas from you.
  8. Ed I have to agree with you on the feet anchoring these trucks. I took mine out the other night and winched out a semi that was just spinning in the mud, thank god he didnt bury it. I used a 4 part line to get him out, but having the feet flipped made all the difference in the world, and saved me from an hour trip to get get my rotator.
  9. Ive seen a ball sheer like that before, but it was on a camper that rolled over, but somehow did not take the truck over with it. In this case, the reason the camper rolled was the camper was too heavy for the truck and developed a serious fish tail.
  10. Good evening fellow towers: My name is Rob, I am the owner of 3 Dogs towing in Elizabethton, TN. I'm open to any ideas and suggestions that experienced owners may have. Thank you.
  11. Welcome back to the boards! Im your neighbor down in clarksville with the rotator. I see your trucks running around all the time. Give us a call if you need anything! Rob
  12. I equip my trucks with snatch blocks that have chain ends on them, and i'm not sure where you used to keep your snatch block while hooked onto the winch cable, but mine is stored up next to the winch with the chain hooked to the driver side, literally as a operator is walking back to the controls they can grab the chain end and walk the snatch block down to where they need it on the bed. Again if some of the concerns me and others have expressed get addressed I would not be opposed to trying this new piece of equipment. You've got a very good idea going on.
  13. As far as time in the Hot Zone, one thing ive always done and instructed my operators to do, we leave the snatch block on the cable at all times, it takes far less time to pull the snatch block to anywhere on the bed and drop the chain end in a key hole slot than it would to employ this tool. Yes you have a good idea going on, but it needs to be refined somehow to enclose the cable to keep it from flying out under load. Will you offer it with different size pulleys? On my rollback, I use 7/16th cable, and by the looks if it, with the 3/8 cable that was being used in the video, larger cable would come out easier. I wish you luck with this and hope to see an update on your product.
  14. Sounds like a good product, but I just went and looked up the price, holy crap! It says it can start up to a 16L diesel, but so can most of the larger mini jump packs, that cost less than half of this one.
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