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  1. towpartsnick

    Re: Credibility or Not?

    "...One of the city's last decent tow truck drivers risks everything...." Wow.
  2. I agree with Mr. Resch. We all want the working space to be respected by motorists, but safety and common sense seem like factors that we will never be able to work without. It's been a few years since I was driving every day, but in traffic situations, I always kept my vision on potential hazards, and only when I was convinced that I could look away long enough to throw on a strap, would I do that. I don't have enough examples in my recent experience to state that it's becoming less common to keep your head up, but I have noticed a few times as I passed tow trucks recently that the driver does not look up at all, and will step into the traffic lane while working. I know we're all supposed to slow down and move over, but I wouldn't be that confident in my fellow motorists. It's getting better, and public promotion of slow down/move over is helping, for sure, as well as new laws being passed. I just think it's always wise to stay away from the traffic as much as possible and self-protect. Get to a safe spot and finish up.
  3. towpartsnick

    Steps in Recruiting New Drivers

    Great list. One of the best approaches I've seen.
  4. towpartsnick

    Could Self-Driving Trucks Be Good for Truckers?

    Excellent article - thanks for posting.
  5. Who doesn't love this story? Who, I ask? Who?
  6. Interested to know how they are getting their product to market.
  7. towpartsnick

    Tough decision

    Need some recommendations for a remount - would this classic look better on a new F450, or a Dodge 4500?
  8. towpartsnick


    Coming over from Tow411 and a long hiatus.