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  1. Dropping this afternoon: CTTA Interview Series featuring our exclusive worker's comp program, TowComp, by Chergey Insurance. Learn about how you can lower your rates with help from the Chergey team- stay tuned!
  2. Have a valid, CHP-approved Light Duty certificate expiring soon? Get re-certified in JUST ONE DAY in Oakland on April 6th! Only a few seats left, so register today at https://go.ctta.com/enroll or call 916-617-2882
  3. Registration is open for AT ShowPlace, Las Vegas, May 8–11, 2019! Don't forget to add your tickets for CTTA's biggest event of the year: Industry Leaders & Awards Night! Plus, we'll be celebrating 50 years of CTTA leadership in the towing industry! atshowplace.com
  4. Congratulations to Quinn Piening of Central Tow & Transport in Fremont. Quinn was just elected as the new President of the California Tow Truck Association! View the full Board here: http://ctta.com/bod/
  5. The California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) has added a new, valuable service for and on behalf of towing industry professionals across the USA. Association President, Terry Warford, has arranged for CTTA to be an authorized specialty distributor of the newest and most promising safety apparel for night workers from SILHO-LIGHT™, a company committed to protecting and enhancing life. CTTA and SILHO-LIGHT™ are truly great partners. Towing professionals are committed to bring people to safety by removing them from harm’s way, even by risking their own lives. And now SILHO-LIGHT™ brings The Light That Saves Lives to protect CTTA’s towing professionals. CTTA’s members have dedicated themselves to diligent training and to applying consistent best practices in safety. Adding SILHO-LIGHT’s™ Patented Design for Human Silhouette-Light Recognition onto safety apparel will give every tow operator an extra margin of safety that can be life-saving! THE PROBLEM: Visibility in Darkness There are more deaths in the tow truck industry than in Caltrans, California Highway Patrol and LA Metro combined. Tow truck drivers are not being seen. Move Over Laws are not being followed. As a result, tow operators are being struck and killed at an alarming rate. Injuries such as severed limbs, lost fingers, and decapitations occur in recycling and waste management because people cannot be seen clearly over the equipment or due to poor lighting. What if you had to go into work every day with the risk of losing a body part? These are not ideal conditions. And it doesn’t have to be this way. Think of the loss of life, the painful recoveries from injuries, the changed lives and the pain of the family members of those who were killed and injured. They are all life altering tragedies. It doesn’t have to be this way. THE SOLUTION: Provide Higher Visibility for your Operators A Higher Level of Safety. Thank goodness, today, we can choose a higher level of safety to provide what’s REALLY needed: Early recognition of the human form Visibility of human form from a distance Improved visibility of humans working in darkness. Available to Members & Beyond! Today, a “patented human silhouette-light recognition design” on ANSI-compliant safety apparel delivers each one of these REAL needs, and it is available to everyone. STOP! That’s a Person! Using Human Silhouette-Light Recognition Is Life-Saving! Dying on the job – part of the risk people who work in darkness have to accept. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know our brain was wired to recognize the human form faster than any other image? As soon as we see it, we know it’s a human and we react faster to avoid injury. Early detection of the endangered person is the key to avoiding tragedy. That’s why this product is light outlining a human silhouette. Using Human Silhouette-Light Recognition is Life-Saving! Main Features: SILHO-LIGHT ANSI Class 3 Safety Vest ANSI Standard Compliant Patented Human Silhouette-Light Recognition Design Featherweight and flexible Electro-Luminescent (EL) wire woven into apparel, emitting 360° illumination heat-free Solid, blink, and strobe mode settings- just click through from controls right on the vest EL wire life approx. 5,000 hours Visible from over 100 yards Powered by AA battery power source Machine washable! Just remove the battery back and toss into wash
  6. A fantastic meeting with a LOT accomplished! Thanks to all in attendance! ctta.com/TROC
  7. CTTA


  8. The California Tow Truck Association's Digital Productions department has created a brand new video/podcast series focused on individuals in the CA towing industry. So far, we've spoken with CTTA President Terry Warford, Jr., Sam Johnson of Capitol City Automotive/Blue Collar Guy, CTTA Light Duty Instructor Peter Fuerst, and the general counsel/lobby team at Ellison Wilson Advocacy. Use the links below to join in the conversation! Video Podcast Soundcloud Interview Webpage
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