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  1. RT @Mandelliant: Docker? I barely container.

  2. Kat


  3. drinking cocktails at The Underground at The Mob Museum https://t.co/hebAnCntKY

  4. i invite you to join Twinspires, enjoy $10 FREE after your first bet. https://t.co/EmKrrKAZkt

  5. Derby 2019 line up 1 War of Will 20-1 2 Tax 20-1 3 By My Standards 20-1 4 Gray Magician 50-1 5 Improbable 6-1 6 Vekoma 20-1 7 Maximum Security 10-1 8 Tacitus 10-1 9 Plus Que Parfait 30-1 10 Cutting Humor 30-1 11 Haikal 30-1 12 Omaha Beach SCR 13 Code of Honor 15-1 14 Win Win Win 15-1 15 Master Fencer (JPN)50-1 16 Game Winner5-1 17 Roadster6-1 18 Long Range Toddy 30-1 19 Spinoff 30-1 20 Country House 30-1 21 Bodexpress 30-1 https://www.kentuckyderby.com/horses/leaderboard
  6. As you all see I have a new App on the board. Tow Truck of the mouth Photo Contest, You can put a Photo of your truck and members can vote on it. This will run every month and at the end of the month will in turn do the top 3 (all by its self). https://www.towforce.net/competition/ Right now it's set there just for testing, so if you what to put your truck there to help test and help vote, Please do! This will officially start next month if every thing goes to plan! Thank you, Chris
  7. I'v been filling out the calendar for industry events but I know I am missing a lot. So if everyone can help fill in the missing events. This would help a lot and needed https://www.towforce.net/calendar/ There are calendar groups set up one for training and one for events. I can also feed calender's in to the app as iCalendar feed imports. you an also pull this calendar in your own calendar feed with link webcal://www.towforce.net/calendar/download/key=a98428509532c2dc53a0e2ea4d3a322a or by going to the gear by the the group.
  8. I have set up the discord service for the board so you all can join its a chat texting and voice app. The app works on mobile phone's, windows, mac, and can be downloaded here. https://discordapp.com/download Click here to start and to link your account. What is Discord? Discord is a third party text/voice service that can be accessed directly through your web browser or with the Discord app. Because of Discord's ease of access, security, and customization, we have chosen to make it available. How do I get into the TowForce Discord Server? Follow the link on this page or on the main page in the side bar.
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  11. Kat

    Nebraska Tow Show

  12. Kat

    NHTA TOW SHOW 2019

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  15. Kat

    Star Wars Day

    May the 4th be with you.
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