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    I’m gobbling this info up. I decided on a 16 ton to start. It has some upgrades to the lift cylinders and the underlift and under lift center pin. Seems like no matter what I get. I find myself in a position of being overloaded. I’m just getting my ducks in a row for full recovery. I need a big winch truck. I hope to find a used 50 ton to rebuilt or an inexpensive ready to work truck. Knowing my 16 ton will do most of my towing. 
    I have air cushions, a 12 ton, a long wheel base 16 ton, a crane truck I built with sidepullers, misc equipment(skid steer, excavator, etc), clean up trailers, etc. I just need a big ass winch or winches on a good size truck. 
    Training is my struggle. I’ve taken a quick tanker, and rotator course, as well as NATA, and a couple wreckmaster courses. The week long is calling my name. 
    I have to agree with the 16 ton doing more for less. I get much better rates with it, then my 12 ton. More of a heavy rate then not. But single axle saves me on delivery truck jobs in residential areas, navigating tighter areas, and having it opened the door to heavy work. I already had some trucking companies asking if I could tow tractor trailers with my 12 ton. Now my 16 ton looks big and has gotten the attention of more outfits. I have hooked onto a few lightly loaded tractor trailers, pumps, and dumps, and it handled it fine, braking was good. Although my wheelbase I searched for in a used truck. 
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    Mathew Norton got a reaction from TowZone in Buying my first heavy   
    Just left RBU last night actually. I’ve been before but took my sister with me this time. I took their class back in 09 and saved me from sinking. 
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