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  1. The owner was at the rear of flatbed rigging a snatch block to pull a car out of a ditch when the crash happened. The truck was hit so hard the flatbed went through the cab. Sad time for family and company. The tower/mechanic that actually built that tow truck died last week as well. The owner's son was also in the tow truck, but he is going to make it. The speeding car also had a passenger that also is expected to live.
  2. UPDATED 01-19-18: Local tow truck operator killed on the job on I-59 JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) -- A local tow truck operator was killed while on the job Wednesday afternoon in Jasper County. 48-year-old Paul "Jason" Moorehead Sr. of Meridian's Magnolia Towing was hit by another vehicle while he was towing a wrecked car out of the median of Interstate 59. The driver of the second vehicle, 69-year-old William Bernard, also died in the wreck. The passenger also suffered injuries. The passenger was transported to South Central Regional Medical Center. Mississippi Highway Patrol Sergeant Andy West says this is an unfortunate part of serving the public. "This is a danger of being a first responder. Whether it is law enforcement or tow-truck operator or anyone that is out there trying to assist the public. It is an inherent danger of the job," said West. West says MHP responded to over 600 calls for assistance during the last 48 hours across the state. RESOURCE LINK --------------------------------------- JASON MOORHEAD, OWNER Magnolia Auto Repair and Towing Meridian, Mississippi So far what we know is Jason Moorhead was performing a snow winch out about an hour ago when a car traveling approximately 80 miles per hour struck and killed him. The driver of the speeding car was also killed. The family may start a go-fund-me page so be on the lookout for it. Our hearts, hopes, prayers go out to his loved ones.
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