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  1. Working with them now on buying the truck. They are a little hard to deal with they want to sell as is but are reluctant to fix the small things like lights and wireless remote so I will fly up there and check it out myself.
  2. I got to have it. Only problem I see is talking TCF in financing one that old. But I’m sure they will. It seems to have a following.
  3. Thank you Brian! I will call them tomorrow, hope it’s in good working order.
  4. Take it for what it’s worth and I’m not saying it’s worth much. I was talking to a gentleman that sells wreckers and I was looking at a 35 ton and I had mentioned Big Wheels course. Oh boy!! I got a ear full of be careful in those type courses. i ask what do you mean? He said “ that insurance companies will put folks in these courses to find out who’s taken them” spy’s if you will. I asked why and he said to create a black list! That’s it. I said well I’m sure a lot of towing companies have taken these and we’re they not going to pay tow bills from all of them or were there some other way of them (insurance company) hurting a tow company? He basically said he wasn’t sure but just be careful and be discrete while in one of these classes. luckilly in Florida we have laws to protect towers from a insurance company abandoning vehicles and not paying, especially on Leo calls. I know insurance companies and MC’s are starting to get more and more deliberate in there actions to tow companies that don’t play ball with them (do it for nothing) I can honestly say I never worked my equipment just to get by. I will leave this industry first. I stick to my rates take it or leave it. I guesse I do in fact need to go to a course like your attending to see what it’s all about and take from it it what will work for my company. Me trying to get more into commercial work, heavy work. I need to know what commercial customers are paying and for what type services. Heck I may decide that the heavy stuff ain’t worth it. It pays to be educated first that for sure.
  5. Gotcha! Yep I do remember that course now. I think the towing company Big Wheel has a class like that.. may be the same.
  6. RBU what is this course? Now I have a question. I hear of towing companies doing tractor swaps and if I remember they tow them all over. If this is the case why don’t they just use a driver or are they inoperable?
  7. Thanks Brian, it will be a hard choice. Meeting a Miller Rep tomorrow concerning a few different trucks. As for the small commercial service truck customers using box trucks and the big Fords and Dodges why not go with a 12 ton speced on a freightliner chassis. Those units are around 105k
  8. Well I guess I should have mentioned that before I started my company many years ago I did in fact worked as a heavy operator. It’s been a long time that’s why I mentioned I would seek new and updated training. My experience range all through the heavy division. Started on a landol then detach’s of various weight capabilities and then the heavy wreckers. When I was young I did things with small wreckers that I will not do today! Lol those were some exiting and stop at nothing years! but today I want the right equipment for the job.
  9. Do they make the 600 R any longer by a different name or special order?
  10. I think I miscommunicated the AAA part. I would never buy a truck for them. What I meant was this, if I can run some of their calls at shop rate like I do on the light duty side every night. Then so be it. I don’t have the business for the truck right now only what I receive through my website and google, and the whole internet search engine thing. I’ve had a strong internet presence for years and it has served me well. I think the 16 ton may deserve another look. You say these heavy break and I’m sure they do. Is this because of misuse and how do they fair with a owner operator? thank you for the advise! It’s always welcomed. Is that a 600R is it for sale..lol seriously is it for sale?
  11. Good advise for sure. Yes, I had big plans on getting a 16 ton V-30 and changed my mind. I get plenty of request from AAA to haul the motor homes they cover and of course you as a owner are keeping track of these calls and thinking why not. We are non contracted for all MC’s. I thought the 16 was a little small for most jobs with a very short W/L. that being said I looked at 20 and 25’s single axels and that would be an issue at the scales and most of these motor home repair places are on the same section of road the scales are. So it was off to the 35 ton. I’ll do a little more research and I’m not against a Jerr-dan at all. We have A very capable Jerr dan dealer and repair facility. As for the motor homes they will be a small percent of the business. Class 8 will be the larger portion. And of course your commercial 5500 dodge and F550 ford work trucks. I think the 35 ton is a good all around truck. Heres the other thing. I have no ideal what to charge. I tend to be on the high side on everything (I don’t work just to get by) but really have no clue right now. My light duty ranges from 4.00 to 6.00 a mile depending on what it is. hook ups 65-150 again depending on what it is and what I need to do. I was told right out of the gate that a 16 ton will be hard for me to to do any better than my light duty tows. And that kinda made me pass on it and on to bigger vehicles if that makes sense. Now since then I’ve been asked at least 30 times to tow MH’s for AAA and one day I said if I had a truck and I could help you I don’t know if you would pay my rate. So me and her conversed a little and she told me that it’s pretty common to see 900.00 plus tow bills for very short tows. Generally the nearest repair place. I though for a minute and told her if and when I get the truck I would let them know.
  12. Hey Towlife75, nice hook up! did you have to set tires on blocks first to get grids closer to cross bar to get the body clearance you have?
  13. It looks like the coach body will make contact with grids when the suspension travels. is this the case?
  14. were not contracted, but always answer their calls.
  15. Hey all, first I have been on the forum for years but had to sign in on a new account until I can figure what is going on with the old account. (nothing sketchy I assure you) Anyway, its been awhile since I last posted. Okay, let's get to it. Business has been good to me over the last ten years, just chugging along not trying to hit home runs staying steady not really growing at all just steady and saving. I find my self after 20 plus years in this business wanting to grow into a heavy operation, of course with my mindset I will go slow until I get a solid base. Now with that said I will seek updated training of course. I've never purchase used tow trucks ever, even my first truck was new in Oct of 1995 and I never looked back. I work better under pressure, always have. I may have to go the barely used route this time. lol I looked at 25 and 35 ton trucks and ruled out 20's and 25's due to cost I rather pay a little more for a 35. I even looked at medium duty V-30 16 ton and couldn't pull the trigger on one of them either. did I make a mistake on that? I just think its so limited for 170,000 why spend on medium duty and be limited? just go heavy and haul it all. with the cost of insurance want less trucks that can do more. like to get your thoughts on the heavy wreckers. my first choice is NRC and then Jerr-Dan or Miller I know they each have their strengths and weaknesses. what do you use and why it works for you. It needs to tow large motor coaches since we operate in Florida they are every where. Stay focused and be safe as you can. G. Jones Jones Auto & Towing
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