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  1. Stupid people do stupid things! I have always used rotating lights when loading and off-loading loads, or as mentioned, when traveling lower than posted limits or as a precaution when hauling wrecks when there is the slightest danger of something blowing off of the causality; loose glass, body parts somehow shaking loose even when secured as best as possible. It to me it creates an attractive nuisance to do otherwise. Use your heads, drivers.
  2. Moderator: Please place in appropriate forum if not correct. Thanks, Tom SIGN LETTERS: Have two sets of aluminum letters spelling 'RYAN'S. Came off a Ryan's restaurant sign and are in good shape. Would make a great advertisement item for someone on the business named Ryan. Three to five feet in height and when displayed to read Ryan's, they stretch out together to about 20' in length. Great yard art. If this is of interest to you, please contact me via email or call 276-395-2358. Letters are located in Martinsburg, WV
  3. Hello all: After a few years off of towing, still alive and almost kicking here in Martinsburg. Happy to be back on the forum, albeit not much happening here for us. Rebuilding the old Big Bertha, a 1981 GMC C-6500 rollback. Not doing MC's but little bit of flatbed hauling of small farm equipment, materials, parts and machinery. Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. Regards, Tom Whitman
  4. We all wish a quick recovery! Looks like more emphasis on "SLOW DOWN - MOVE OVER". We are really sad to hear of this incident. Hope all ends well. R/Thomas Whitman
  5. Congratulations, Blane! Good that you were there at the right moment. Well Done!! tw
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