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  1. We work with towing companies to provide them with a program to help generate additional revenue opportunities for their business from accident scene waste cleanup. 1. We teach you to properly evaluate & clean up the liquid debris materials spilled from vehicle operating fluid; we get your team Hazwoper/Hazmat certified 2. We teach you to collect & dispose of the hazardous waste properly 3. We handle the billing for you - We have been billing insurance companies for responders for over 12 years and we have billed over 180 insurance companies 4. Ongoing training and technical support - We want to help your business grow! Our clients on average increase their bottom line revenue by 60% by including Hazwoper/waste cleanup & disposal services in their business. Check out our website https://www.ecschem.com/application/tow-wreckers/ Joe Van Wyk ECS 610-955-5015 jvanwyk@ecschem.com