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  1. F650man said: Turned out real nice!!! BlackAutoload said: +1 for the remount. Very sound business decision. Looking good. RobertCAdams said: Looks Good!!!! Robert Robert Anaya said: Thank you guys, I'm really happy with the outcome. We had the PTO and new pump installed today. Glad I can finally make some money with it. I'll post pics of the changes as they get put on. vulcanuk said: Nice job truck looks great Niemans Towing said: Looks good Robert Anaya Updated Topic in September of 2013: Thank you all. Sadly this truck was destroyed at the beginning of September. A young lady blew through a stop sign and crossed into the lane of my driver and hit him in the driver rear side. Luckily no one was hurt but totaled both our truck and her car. We enjoyed it for a short period. Hook206 said: what a waste of a good truck.Hope u had good insurance.( or she had good insurance ) either way hope you made out ok on it. What a way to end a good restoration project. HF IN BC CANADA WM 040496 Robert Anaya Updated Topic in November of 2013: Our insurance took care of it under our uninsured motorist policy. Of coarse we were hit by an uninsured motorist. We decided to buy it back at an unfair price, but a week prior to the crash we just installed a new transmission along with every component to the clutch assembly and the truck only having 140k miles on the 7.3. Will include pics of the rebuild.
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2015 Almost done with a re mount on our truck #5. We found a F-450 4X4 to re mount one of our slightly used wrecker bodies on to. It is a 1990 Holmes pro tec 8 ton. We re painted the cab and chassis and sand blasted the wrecker body and tool box. Shot them in white and blue with silver pinstripe and then transferred the body to new truck. We are still missing some lights on the cab of the truck and new front end and chrome bumper. Simulators arrive late today and couldn't wait to put them on.
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