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  1. I commend the effort to raise awareness. yet have issue with the appearance of Operator lack of situational awareness, lack to Traffic Control measure and addressing only 1 component of making the work space safer. If we are really serious, Towers, Population, Service Vendors, Equipment Manufacturers and Law Enforcement need to look at the best ROI to accomplish a safer environment without stopping traffic flow. The Risk Assessment- Probability, Severity and application of mitigation factors. Yes, awareness is a component. But, they can't afford to deploy a traffic attenuator.
  2. The State of the Industry occupies much personal reflection on many levels and in no way can I summarize in a small post nor do I have the time currently to write an essay. I fully recognize and appreciate the magnitude of contribution of members here, our posts, 411 and Towforce, State associations, National, publications, journals, articles etc... My assessment of Our Industry as a whole is quite pathetic, yet I haven't earned the gravitas or place here or within Our Industry or dismissed as the new guy. I look at my perception of our Industry prior to entry( I would venture to say that is the same as those not inside). "Cletus", boy was I ignorant. I'm straddling from the technical side of all domains needed to build a professional profitable business that provides a career to my team and not a job that brings the credit to the Industry. I take it seriously that in part my actions will make positive or negative effect to the Strategic knowledge that the ROI may not be as high if I choose another Venture. I suggest objective introspection of our operations and review to what level are we Complicit with devaluing the service and rhetorically look at who may be against Professionalization( I do not want that discussed here) 1 Industry education, formal and Informal if your a "Heavy Hitter" consider mentoring someone out of your area that doesn't effect your bottom line. I don't forget the help I received do you, forget the help you received 2. educate the public they don't know the difference between Cletus and you. That customer doesn't know why after 6 months after their tow/recovery why there tires aren't wearing correctly, why they keep trying alignments and no resolution until finally they have Control arms diagnosed and it so far past the tow the don't put 2 and 2 together 3 form a special group. I'd like to See some where more focused and Towing internal, not publicly available to those against Professionalization. This is the first in print that I have seen to broach the subject. Thanks Randy. The formation of such a group I know of Owner's going to get JOBS because their companies aren't profiting and their perseverance, delusion of reality keep them going while they don't charge enough and continue to diminish the value. I'd rather leave the Industry if I can't figure out how to grow, competent professionals that bring credit to the Industry to As Humbly, I will always be a student. If this topic doesn't make you boil your ignorant and part of the problem a cancer to be excised. As I heard from a friend "If your starving you can't think" He was actually wanting Lunch but on a deeper level it applies- Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Which leads to how some have more time to write here or weigh in and do their part with publishing great articles. The more successes we have with the Industry the better rather than focus on failures. Power is not how many we can subjugate, but how many we can bring up. The future is in our youth, because I already know that I can't keep up at 90 what that 24y/o can do. Share some wisdom, they might by you out. I welcome critique, perspective, dissent as it will only make us better and truly appreciate all the hard work you have put in. Thank you all, let's do this Bill
  3. I concur with Randy, there is only 1 choice. Professionalization..
  4. No. Are your unsatisfied with the how your RA is riding when your (Overloaded)? The thought is your exceeding Manufacturer Specs and your failure point is at the frame stressed between the 2 FAW fatties pummeling at the Timbren. You may get away with it, but you'll receive the whole brunt IF the investigation points to that Timbren. Some guys may run them, however imo they are starting out gambling( to make it or ignorant. Read the Warranty from Timbren then will only cover their parts and not collateral damage.
  5. Introduction Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2015: Glad to be here, only wish I found the forum before starting the company. "Do not buy anything until after you take the class." Really. Everyone buys the wrong first truck, if you take the class first, you might avoid that mistake. " Rod VT (great advice)
  6. C6500- 22500GVWR in 4x4 and 22900 RWD. Dealer stated 2020 changes are already planned. Order Guide http://gmauthority.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-Medium-Duty-4500HD-5500HD-6500HD-order-guide-May-18-2018.pdf C6500- 22500GVWR in 4x4 "Gerry July 26, 2017 Wow, I was really looking forward to GM doing something great. But now finding out they joined with Navstar (the worst in the trucking industry) I have my doubts. I have 4 Internationals 2009 to 2012 and they are constantly in the shop. In the last 6 months I’ve spent $20,000 for a new 6.4 engine that only had 75k miles, and another one it was $4,800 for the braking computer. I’ll let others “suckers” be the guinea pigs before I think of buying one."
  7. Red rover red rover come on over. Site is looking great. Can't wait for access transfer, but really appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking. See ya in the ditch..
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