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  1. normally I use the control arms with a chain and a stiff leg. I would hate to use the rims because #1 They are a week point #2 you are always going to have that one person that even though their car is totaled, you destroyed their 5k rims and they are going to sue you for replacement.
  2. If your not already, Become WreckMaster certified. Will provide you with a TON of information and valuable training. And welcome to the forums
  3. I had the electronic style installed in all of my trucks. They all worked flawlessly. Best thing I could have done
  4. I have for sale a 300 amp Goodall Gas Powered Jump Starting Unit. This Unit runs and functions very well. I took it off the truck to have it completely serviced the end of last winter and never got it put back into service. now I have sold my trucks and no longer have a use for this beast. this Unit is SUPeR Heavy, so buyer will have to figure out shipping or pickup. Unit will need a new petcock and tank fitting. I had it hooked up to an external tank, so the parts for the original tank were removed, and of course misplaced.' other than that the unit is ready to go and make money. $ 650. O.B.O
  5. Kustom Signals Digital Eyewitness ION Eclipse
  6. I have for sale 2 Complete Kustom Signals Digital Eyewitness systems for sale. Both systems are in working order. I removed them from two of my Wreckers before I sold them. Systems come complete with the following Overhead Monitoring System Complete wiring Harness Camera System CPU 2 Color Night Vision Cameras with Mounts 1 Night Vision "Prisoner CAM" I have a couple of the DVR drives as well, but they are proprietary technology and it seems the only ones who can get the supplies for them are law enforcement agency's. So instead of using them I Just used a Thumb drive. these cameras are very clear and work well. if you add a MIC to the system, you can record audio. if you add a crash detect sensor, in the event of an accident the camera will automatically start recording both video and audio. all of these parts are readily available on eBay for dirt cheap. I didn't use them so I never purchased them. because these systems were originally installed in LAW ENFORCEMENT vehicles, they are one of the few systems out there that the recordings are admissible in court should you ever have the need. this is do to the custom watermark that is automatically recorded into the video. Kustom signals is the only company that can view the watermark and provide certified proof that the video has not been altered. worth the investment in my opinion. I will also send the Buyers a complete copy of the user/install manual that I got direct from Kustom Signals corp. this provides the complete wiring diagrams and hookup instructions for these systems. NEW these systems are over 5K. they become more affordable as law enforcement agencies Update their equipment. I Used them in my tow trucks to protect my drivers and my customers. they served me very well. I am no longer in the towing business, so I no longer have a use for them. more photos upon request Asking $ 350.00 per setup please feel free to ask any questions you may have thanks for looking
  7. Here is a link to the go fund me fundraiser that we have set up https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-for-tow-truck-jim?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
  8. As tow ops we work side by side with first responders, we risk our lives and deal with the same dangers they do. Most first responders do consider us first responders because we do this, and a lot of times they couldn’t do what they do without our help. That being said I DO believe we should be considered first responders, however I also believe there should be training and certifications that should be required before before receiving this designation, and this training must be kept up. I am a big supporter of industry training. Take a look at all the tow ops that have been injured and could have been prevented with the proper training, knowledge, and skill set.
  9. A friend of mine was in an accident back in June. He was driving his tow truck and had a medical emergency causing him to drift into oncoming traffic and strike another vehicle. NO ONE but him was injured in the accident. He received numerous broken bones, lost one of his legs above the knee, and was burned over 3/4 of his body and had to undergo several skin grafts. He is now permanently disabled and in a wheelchair. Two weeks after he was released from the hospital, his mother, whom he lived with became ill and ended up being in the hospital on a ventilator for about 5 months. During this time my friend has been unable to work, had to sell his remaining tow trucks, and now is in danger of losing the house that him and his mom own. I know there is a fund for fallen tow ops. Is there such a fund or program for disabled tow ops to help them and their families ? I was told to check with our local towing association, I did this and found out the only one we have here, was only created to make the few members sound and look important to the state officials. Most of the members are no longer even in business. His mother is now out of the hospital, but unable to return to their house until it is made safe for both of the. This is a very giving family and I hate to see them lose everything. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even if it just points me in the right direction Or if someone would be willing to help me start a fundraiser I would be open to that as well
  10. there is a company here in the states called DMAXSWAP.COM that will take your Donor Harness, and remove all the excess wiring and make it the stand alone harness. they will also take your donor ecm and tune it to run just the engine. eliminating the factory gauges, security chip, emissions, ect to just run the engine. I don't need all the computerized Allison stuff because my Allison is completely mechanical. I have talked with several folks who have used this company and for the most part they are supposed to be pretty much plug and play. unless you are trying to do something weird like use the cruise control for throttle up, ect. when you get the harness and ECM back it has it's own fuse block, you hook up a constant hot, switched hot, and a ground. supposedly all the electronics on the engine will work and function as they are supposed to. they say the hardest part is the intercooler piping and hooking up your mechanical gauges. but I am still doing my research. like to be fully informed before I pull the trigger.
  11. my truck already has the Allison transmission so all I am planning to use is the Engine.I figure the Allison in my truck is probably stronger than the Allison 1000 that came in the 08 I have found a company that makes a stand alone harness that eliminates everything but whaat the engine needs to run. looks pretty promising. they also flash the computer so that the complete system is stand alone.
  12. I have a 92 Topkick with the 366 Gasser in it. OLD, Reliable, and gets the job done. will not however pass even a closed/boarded up Gas station. I picked up a 2008 Crew cab Duramax and a seriously considering transplanting the 6.6 into my medium duty. process seems pretty straight forward and easy to do. Just looking for input from others who have done this, or know someone who has. trying to broaden my knowledge base 🙂
  13. I am possibly looking to equip my trucks with IPR plate reader cameras, and am possibly looking for a company that I can go through to finance them. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for thoughts and input on how these systems work and their effectiveness.
  14. Figured I would start this just to see how many Wyoming folks are out there
  15. I have purchased all the systems I have from eBay. just have to make sure they are complete. some she wiring.ellers think they have the overhead console and that is a complete system. also have to make sure the wiring is in tact. some of the folks who uninstall them just hack the crap out of the wiring. I just looked and saw 5 different complete systems listed.
  16. Nice display, and one could hope it gets the message across.
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