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  1. there is a company here in the states called DMAXSWAP.COM that will take your Donor Harness, and remove all the excess wiring and make it the stand alone harness. they will also take your donor ecm and tune it to run just the engine. eliminating the factory gauges, security chip, emissions, ect to just run the engine. I don't need all the computerized Allison stuff because my Allison is completely mechanical. I have talked with several folks who have used this company and for the most part they are supposed to be pretty much plug and play. unless you are trying to do something weird like use the cruise control for throttle up, ect. when you get the harness and ECM back it has it's own fuse block, you hook up a constant hot, switched hot, and a ground. supposedly all the electronics on the engine will work and function as they are supposed to. they say the hardest part is the intercooler piping and hooking up your mechanical gauges. but I am still doing my research. like to be fully informed before I pull the trigger.
  2. my truck already has the Allison transmission so all I am planning to use is the Engine.I figure the Allison in my truck is probably stronger than the Allison 1000 that came in the 08 I have found a company that makes a stand alone harness that eliminates everything but whaat the engine needs to run. looks pretty promising. they also flash the computer so that the complete system is stand alone.
  3. I have a 92 Topkick with the 366 Gasser in it. OLD, Reliable, and gets the job done. will not however pass even a closed/boarded up Gas station. I picked up a 2008 Crew cab Duramax and a seriously considering transplanting the 6.6 into my medium duty. process seems pretty straight forward and easy to do. Just looking for input from others who have done this, or know someone who has. trying to broaden my knowledge base 🙂
  4. I am possibly looking to equip my trucks with IPR plate reader cameras, and am possibly looking for a company that I can go through to finance them. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for thoughts and input on how these systems work and their effectiveness.
  5. Figured I would start this just to see how many Wyoming folks are out there
  6. I have purchased all the systems I have from eBay. just have to make sure they are complete. some she wiring.ellers think they have the overhead console and that is a complete system. also have to make sure the wiring is in tact. some of the folks who uninstall them just hack the crap out of the wiring. I just looked and saw 5 different complete systems listed.
  7. people just don't bother to pay attention. I think it is the entitlement mentality that everyone seems to have kicking in, or the lack of common sense not sure which. who cares what's going on around them. they are in a hurry and they have text messages and phone calls to answer and the only people in the world that matter is them, so you had better get out of their way. lord help you if you don't.
  8. was just curious how the rest of you folks handle Tims training. around here NOBODY such as law enforcement or fire rescue like to share their TIMS training and certifications. kind of the no you can't play in my sand box mentality, so unfortunately if you are not part of one of these agency's your on your own. I have been able to find a couple of places online that you can get the basics from, however I think hands on training is better any day of the week. does anyone have any suggestions or ideas ?
  9. I have actually equipped all of my trucks with in cab camera's. the ones I Use are actually the same ones used by law enforcement for their patrol cars. The ones I have installed are made by a company called Kustom Signals. you can actually find them for really good prices if you buy the slightly older units when law enforcement agency's upgrade to the newer models. mine are all digital eyewitness ION eclipse systems. and as long as the person uninstalling them takes their time and doesn't just chop the wires you can buy them complete with 3 camera's and all the sensors for around $ 300 bucks. and they are color night vision cameras with audio. the nice thing about these, and the reason law enforcement uses them is all the video's are embedded with a watermark that ONLY Kustom signals can read so the video's are admissible in court if it ever comes to that. I consider it cheap CYA insurance.
  10. I will try to dig it out and snap some pics of it for you
  11. both progressive and geico offer what they call a NON Commercial commercial policy. Yes that is what they call it. it is for vehicles that are to large to insure with the standard policy so they have to have a commercial policy, but the vehicles are not being used for commercial purposes. these policies are commercial policies without ANY Filings or coverages other than the state minimum liability. no on hook, property, etc. and you will find it is up to the trooper pulling you over what HE feels is for profit. I'm sure it varies from state to state as well.I had a trooper pull me over here in Wyoming while I was hauling one of my own vehicles that I had just bought with a wrecker that I kept around for personal use and had NOT FOR HIRE on the side of the truck. he tried to write me a ticket for no DOT numbers and hauling for hire because he felt I was going to use the truck I was towing home to go to work and make a pay check, and NOBODY owns a tow truck for personal use. therefor it was a for profit tow. that was a stretch and he lost miserably in court. but the point is it is ultimately up to the officer/trooper and how they interpret how the laws read. if your buddy buys you lunch or a six pack for helping him out you have been compensated for towing for him and that is for profit. and depending on the state, the rollback, wrecker has to go through a state inspection to make sure it is fully equipped with the proper lighting and equipment before you can even drive the damn thing. it can be done, but depending on your state it is sketchy and will give law enforcement a reason to hassle you. keep in mind too even if you are hauling your own stuff if you are more than I think it is 150 air miles from your home base, whether the vehicle requires a CDL or not you are required to keep a log book and comply with federal Laws regarding driving hours ECT. found that out the hard way when I Used my rollback to travel through IOWA to pick up my new light duty wrecker.
  12. I may actually have one lying around if you still need it
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