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  1. Everyone needs to be on their TOE'S when coming in contact with anything now days..... Y'ALL BSAFE.
  2. Yes I apply a Fee ..........Enough to cover the Product.......
  3. Mr R, I get the Disinfectant from a Local Company Name Rey Chem Co. www.reychemco.com One & Done 3 in 1 Disinfectant,Heavy Duty Cleaner, Odor Counteractant . We use it for everything Office, Shops, Trucks, Etc.
  4. I worked a wreck 2 weeks back that had a Covid Positive driver that did not follow orders and stay in place for 14 days . Before we got out of the truck I ask the Question about Covid and got a Yes Answer. We staged until the Driver was gone. No One else was in the vehicle... I sprayed the vehicle with some Disinfectant that we use No one entered the vehicle Hook and Book Stored it away from the normal storage ........We all have been ok .........
  5. First Responder Call a couple of years back People laying in a yard. Fentanyl and cooking meth........Nasty site The smell from a distance was enough to bring in HazMat Gear. Some did not make it... Yes Carry Narcan. Besafe
  6. I would pull the trigger and buy them at that price.
  7. What's the model number on the dollies you are looking to purchase?
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