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  1. First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our dealers and customers for the overwhelming support at the Baltimore Tow Expo this past weekend making it our best show to date! As you know, TowMate is committed to bringing you innovative technology in our products. That is why today's models have more features and value than ever before. From our removable Lithium battery packs bringing you run times from 24hrs (on light duty) to 60hrs of use (on heavy duty), to our integrated warning lights alerting traffic of your presence and directing them to move over while you are on the roadside, we have continued to push onward for the past 30+ years to bring you the best products available today. Click here to find a dealer near you and to see what TowMate can do for you and your fleet. Have a happy Thanksgiving in the meantime!
  2. We will be working with the FMCSA to make this permanent before it runs the full 5 years. Thank you all for the support!
  3. TowMate has officially secured the 5 year extension to the exemption allowing use of wireless tow lights as of yesterday, February 13, 2018, after months of working with the FMCSA. You can read the official posting in the Federal Registrar here and print a copy for your drivers to have on hand if confronted. As always, TowMate includes a complimentary copy with each set of wireless tow lights that are shipped. If you have further questions relating to this issue, you can contact me at canderson@towmate.com. Thank you for your continued support! Chris Anderson VP - TowMate, LLC.
  4. We made it to the new site! Looking good :D

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