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  1. have a vulcan 894 2005 model ordered new scoops for the wheel lift 2x2 arms when sliding them into the brackets and lifting a truck up they twist and unhook from the pins on the bottom pins are new. Question is how much play should I have between the bracket and the arm on the scoop? Thinking I need new brackets to go with the scoops.
  2. have a real nice 894 for sale that would work great on that truck
  3. That is a loaded question and Brian is wrong for most states. 1st insurance is not like what you have on the family pick up truck. 2nd most insurance companys will not cover a rollback tow truck as that is a commercial policy. 3rd in most states you WILL need a commercial drivers license NOT a cdl. Pa it's a class C in WV it's a class D each state is different. 4th you will need a medical to get a commercial license. And last rolling past a weight station is a bad idea they will chase you down and you will be in s*&^% Moving your own stuff will not get rid of the regulations that are required with the exception of having an MC number and crossing a state line. And in some states like WV you cannot even get a tag for the truck until it is inspected by the WV DOT state police at your business that has a business lic with a commercial ins policy and he will look at your medical card and drivers license then and only then can you even get a tag for it. And then you have the maintenance on the truck which is much higher than the family pick up. A trailer would be a better choice.
  4. That is a lame video. Not the truck just whom ever filmed it or edited it.
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