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  1. In Keeping with the Holiday Colors, these Green & Red Round Sling Kits are a great Holiday Gift!!! Free US Continental Shipping on all orders over $75 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  2. $125 & Free US Shipping 3" Under Reach Tie Down Straps - Sold in Set These Heavy Duty 3" Under Reach tie down straps, also know as Underlift Tie Down Straps, come with a 3" Handle Ratchet and 6' webbing. They are a must for securing a vehicle to the forks and underreach of tow trucks. Comes with a 2ft black sleeve wear pad. 3" Zinc Plated Ratchet x 6' Webbing with black protective sleeve. Working Load Limit : 4,700 LBS each strap Usually ships in 2-3 days WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  3. Showcasing some of New York's finest Towing companies. This video is a montage of pictures I've taken over the years of New York Tow Trucks. From the Bronx, NYC, Brooklyn, Yonkers, Long Island, to upstate NY. All pictures by SAM #photobysamD Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (link below) - follow us on Instagram and check us out at BAREMOTION for Towing, Lifting, and Trucking supplies. www.Baremotion.com DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  4. Close up picture of the GR100 Hi-Viz Chain with Crosby Grab Hook:
  5. $105 & Free US Continental Shipping 24"Leg V-Bridle Tow Chain with RTJ Cluster Hooks each end SOLD IN SET!!! These chain bridles are used to safely secure a vehicle on tow trucks and flatbed wreckers. Length: 24" legs. Chain: 5/16" Grade 70 Tagged Hooks: Grade 70 Grab Hooks by pear link & RTJ Cluster Hooks each end Work Load Limit: 6,580 lbs. @ 45° Free US Continental Shipping Safety: Not for Recovery. Never exceed working load limit. WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  6. SAM

    Holiday Gifts List and Request

    Baremotion gifts 4-PACK 2Ton Snatch Blocks w/chain
  7. On SALE NOW for $129 & Free US Shipping!!! (Limited Time offer) HI VIZ GREEN 8-Point Tie Down Kit by All-Grip. Roll Back 14' Strap Tie Down System w/ Chain Ends. This All Grip 8 Point Tie Down System is simple to use and provides a secure soft tie-down. This is a quality tow truck strap is made with superior materials for the Towing Professional. The edges of this webbing have black woven yarns of a superior enhanced fiber to be more resistant to cutting and abrasive wear. WWW.BAREMOTION.COM All Grip 8 Point Tie Down System Kit Includes 4-pcs: Ratchet with Chain extension 4-pcs: 2" x 14' HI VIZ Green Strap with chain extension 4-pcs: Eye Eye HI VIZ Green Strap
  8. Video montage of Photos & Video Clips from the American Towman Tow Show in Baltimore this past week-end. November 2018 Tow Show - Pictures/Video by Baremotion www.Baremotion.com Send us your Truck/Equipment pictures DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  9. ON SALE NOW 3/8" & 1/2" GRADE 100 Made in USA Hi-Viz Chains with USA Grab Hooks each End!!! Prices Start from $140 & on. Hi-Viz Yellow LACLEDE Chain & CROSBY Cradle Grab Hooks - All Components are Made in USA Assembled for Baremotion by All-Grip® These are high quality chains for the towing professional! FREE US Continental SHIPPING on all orders over $75 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Proof tested Crosby G100 components and Laclede chain. ID Tag contains: grade, chain size, reach, sling type, WLL and serial number. Usually Ships 2-4 days Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements
  10. Video montage of pictures I took at the Elizabeth Truck Center Convoy Truck Show in Long Island, NY this past October. Includes Bruno's Towing, Non-Stop Towing, All County Towing, and more. www.Baremotion.com Send us your Truck/Equipment pictures DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  11. BRAND NEW PRODUCT 4 Ton Hi-Viz Snatch Block All-Grip® w/ GR100 USA MADE Hi-Viz Yellow Laclede Chain & Crosby USA Made Hooks. $129 & FREE US Continental SHIPPING WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Sheave Size: 4-1/2" sheave Wire Rope Size: 3/8" - 1/2" Capacity: 4 Ton WLL: 8,000 LBS. Chain: 3/8" x 30" Chain HI VIZ Yellow Laclede USA Chain Usually ships in 1-3 days Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements
  12. SAM

    Non-Stop Towing

    Non-Stop Towing, Freeport New York. Photo by Sam www.Baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  13. SAM

    Charette Towing Canada

    Photograph by #photobySamd www.baremotion.com

    © www.baremotion.com

  14. SAM

    Meteor Towing Canada

    Photo by #photobySamd www.baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  15. SAM

    Robinsons VA Towing

    Picture taken at the Towman Baltimore Tow Show. Photo by #photobySamd for www.baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com