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  1. THIS IS A FLORIDA TOW SHOW SPECIAL (We can't make so we're offering it here...BEST DEAL!!! If you haven't tried them out this is the time!!!) NOW $125 $135 & Free US Continental Shipping!!! This is a SPECIAL TOW FORCE DEAL FOR MEMBERS USE COUPON CODE: TOWFORCE10 at checkout Special expires Sunday April 14 at Midnight (or until they are all gone) Limited 1 use per customers (but you can buy as many as you like in 1 order!) HI VIZ GREEN 8-Point Tie Down Kit by All-Grip. Roll Back 14' Strap Tie Down System w/ Chain Ends. This All Grip 8 Point Tie Down System is simple to use and provides a secure soft tie-down. This is a quality tow truck strap is made with superior materials for the Towing Professional. The edges of this webbing have black woven yarns of a superior enhanced fiber to be more resistant to cutting and abrasive wear. WWW.BAREMOTION.COM All Grip 8 Point Tie Down System Kit Includes 4-pcs: Ratchet with Chain extension 4-pcs: 2" x 14' HI VIZ Green Strap with chain extension 4-pcs: Eye Eye HI VIZ Green Strap
  2. New this week: 8-Point Tie Down Kit --- Now with Hi-Viz Green 18' Straps. Limited time SALE $139 & Free US Continental Shipping SALE EXPIRES SUNDAY APRIL 7 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM FREE US CONTINENTAL SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $75
  3. LAST DAY for the Dyneema & Tie-Down Kit SALE
  4. New this week: Dyneema Synthetic Eye Eye Slings AKA Wheel Slings. SALE. Made from the Strongest Rope! High Working Load Limit making it a great choice for Lifting Slings, Pulling, and Towing Recovery work. 8-Point Tie-Down Kit HI-VIZ SALE - $129 & FREE SHIPPING!!! (limited time) ABOVE SALES EXPIRE SUNDAY MARCH 31 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM FREE US CONTINENTAL SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $75 Dyneema 12 Strand – is the Highest Strength Synthetic Rope
  5. BACK IN STOCK $84 - 2-Pack Special with Free US Continental Shipping! 2 Ton Snatch Block with Grade 70 Chain Anchor  WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  6. $89 & Free US Continental Shipping 4-PACK Standard Carrier Tire Skates These Skates are ideal for moving disabled vehicles and loading or unloading vehicles onto a car carrier bed or flatbed. Each skate measures 15-1/2″ L x 3-1/2″ W x 3-1/2″ H Color of skates is black. Free US Continental Shipping WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  7. SALE $115 & Free US Continental Shipping 8 Ton 6" Sheave Snatch Block with Swivel Hook and Latch Used for Tow Trucks, Rigging, Construction, and other industries, these snatch blocks are made from forged alloy. Heat treated safety hook, bronze bushing, grease fittings on sheave and a screw pin on side plate for easy opening to insert the cable. WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Blue Body with Yellow Colored Hook Import Sheave Size: 6" sheave. Wire Rope Size: 5/8" & 3/4" Capacity: 8 Ton ***Picture shown is of a 4Ton Also on SALE FOR $52***
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