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  1. @TowZone Definitely a must try when in NYC. Also Joe's Pizza downtown.
  2. Favorite NY pizza is Patsy's in East Harlem!
  3. 20' Blue Round Slings sold in set w/Free US Continental Shipping $258 $239 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Vertical Capacity Rating: 21,200 lbs Choker Capacity Rating: 17,000 lbs Basket Capacity Rating: 42,400 lbs
  4. We've got a Variety of Tie-downs in HI-VIZ GREEN HI-VIZ ORANGE RED BLACK BLUE Free US Continental Shipping over $75 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM From Lasso Straps J-Hook Strap Axel V-Straps 8-Point Tie Down Kits and more...
  5. This popular 4,000 LBS Tie-Down Kit also comes with Dynamic style hooks and ratchets. Check them out at BAREMOTION TIE-DOWN KITS
  6. We also now have grade 80 chains with Foundry Hooks: BAREMOTION.COM
  7. Heavy Duty Round Polyester Sling Kit $769 SALE $735 Free US Continental Shipping!!! (Sale is ending 3/10) WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Heavy Duty Kit Includes 12 Slings: 2pcs x 4ft Yellow Round Slings - Vertical 6,720 lbs 2pcs x 6ft Yellow Round Slings - Vertical 6,720 lbs 2pcs x 8ft Red Round Slings - Vertical 13,200 lbs 2pcs x 12ft Red Round Slings - Vertical 13,200 lbs 2pcs x 12ft Blue Round Slings - Vertical 21,200 lbs 2pcs x 16ft Blue Round Slings - Vertical 21,200 lbs Free US Continental Shipping Ships in 2-3 days.
  8. 2 Ton Snatch Blocks on SALE The 2-Pack is Free Shipping!!! Free US Continental Shipping +$75 Limited time expires 03/07 WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  9. 2 Ton Snatch Block Chain, Skates & Polyester Round Sling GREEN Kit $124 & Free US Continental Shipping!!! This Kit includes the following: 1-pc: 2 Ton 3" Sheave Snatch Block w/Chain 2-pcs: Green Standard Car Carrier Skates 2-pcs: 6 Ft Green Round Slings Vertical : 5,300 Lbs WLL WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  10. 6" Recovery Sling Kit 2-Ply Recovery Straps & Web Shackles Prices from $639 (depending on length) Lifting Kit includes: 2pc 6" Lifting sling (lengths choice of 20', 26', and 30') 4pc 6" Web Shackles Working Load Limits: 6" Wide Slings: Vertical: 16,300 lbs. Choker: 13,000 lbs. Basket: 32,600 lbs 6" Web Shackle: WLL 24,000 lbs Free US Continental Shipping! WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  11. GR 70 Transport Chains with Grab Hook & GR80 Foundry Hook Ideal for load securement! WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Free US Continental Shipping over $75 *Depending on Stock/Fab shop, Hooks might come separate* *NOT FOR LIFTING*
  12. @Showtime93 Yes can do Black. You can email me what you need at Sales@baremotion.com
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