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  1. Correct Working Load Limit (lbs) @ 90° Vertical
  2. We did not participate in this years AT Expo but walked the show. This video is a montage of the photographs we took during the event. December 2019 Tow Show - Pictures/Video by Baremotion.Com
  3. HPME Fiber 12 Strand – is the Highest Strength Synthetic Rope for it's size - Why settle for less!!! 1/2" - Working Load Limit 10,000 lbs @ 90° Vertical 5/8" - Working Load Limit 16,900 lbs @ 90° Vertical 3/4" - Working Load Limit 22,600 lbs @ 90° Vertical ON SALE AT: WWW.BAREMOTION.COM
  4. We would like to Thank ESTRA and Everyone that stopped by our Booth at the Lake George, NY Tow Show. www.Baremotion.com Video montage of Photos & Video Clips from the 2019 ESTRA New York Tow Show in Lake George. Pictures/Video by Baremotion
  5. Check out this video from Luis at On Site Towing Share your opinions on his YouTube post & get a chance to win a Hi-Viz 8 Point Tie Down (To win this prize all you have to do is leave your opinion on the topic in the comment box on YouTube ONLY!!!!! A name will be chosen at random!!!!!! The giveaway will run for a week !!!!!!!!)
  6. Showcasing some of New York's finest Towing companies. This video is a montage of pictures I've taken over the years of New York Tow Trucks. From the Bronx, NYC, Brooklyn, Yonkers, Long Island, to upstate NY. All pictures by SAM #photobysamD Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (link below) - follow us on Instagram and check us out at BAREMOTION for Towing, Lifting, and Trucking supplies. www.Baremotion.com DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  7. Video montage of Photos & Video Clips from the American Towman Tow Show in Baltimore this past week-end. November 2018 Tow Show - Pictures/Video by Baremotion www.Baremotion.com Send us your Truck/Equipment pictures DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  8. Video montage of pictures I took at the Elizabeth Truck Center Convoy Truck Show in Long Island, NY this past October. Includes Bruno's Towing, Non-Stop Towing, All County Towing, and more. www.Baremotion.com Send us your Truck/Equipment pictures DM us & Follow us on Instagram @Baremotion & You Tube
  9. SAM

    Non-Stop Towing

    Non-Stop Towing, Freeport New York. Photo by Sam www.Baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  10. SAM

    Charette Towing Canada

    Photograph by #photobySamd www.baremotion.com

    © www.baremotion.com

  11. SAM

    Meteor Towing Canada

    Photo by #photobySamd www.baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  12. SAM

    Robinsons VA Towing

    Picture taken at the Towman Baltimore Tow Show. Photo by #photobySamd for www.baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  13. SAM

    Tow-arrific Towing

    NYC Towing - Photo by #photobySamd www.baremotion.com

    © www.Baremotion.com

  14. SAM

    Trip's VA Towing

    Picture taken in Middleburg, Virginia by #photobySamd for www.baremotion.com

    © Baremotion.com

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