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  1. I use frysworkuniforms on Ebay and get slightly used clothing. I have no problems, most have the safety stripe on the garment. I also buy the yellow or red reflective sew on tape and find shirts and pants on Ebay and I sew the reflective stripe on. Stay away from brown or light colored shirts,. I take a tax deduction on washing my uniforms, $$ every month adds up.
  2. Still kicking in Arkansas around the Air Force base
  3. Allied may not pay the best, but i find their customer service dispatch to be the most friendly. and should be rank in the top 10.
  4. Road America try to award provider who has been with them the longest in my opinion,, should be higher on the list. 5 or better
  5. NSD should not be at the top of the list, I did a NSD call at a gentleman club for a young lady who was employed there. who lied about things I supposedly said in front of her male companion. If I said the thing she said I did.. her male friend would have interfered with my face. I missed responding to an email NDS sent me about the incident, and they choose to believe the stripper I tend to have the least "problems" with Road America
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