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  1. Finally it Stopped Raining here in Wisconsin , 2xl would be just right 😎
  2. Incident Responder , yes , First Responder, yes, Emergency Responder, no For a Company owner this would be a Major Headache for the Training needed not to mention the Insurance side of this Issue that could relate to your Employee's actions. 🤯
  3. Pat was a true Icon in this Industry you could count on him for his honest input for any Issues regarding our Industry he will be missed truly !
  4. This is a Great Moment for the Museum and the Industry ! Keep up the Great Work . 👍
  5. Yes this has been a concern especially when TRAA meets with the US DOT & FHWA they are trying to help the towing Industry with all the hits and near hits but again we the Towers are our worst enemy here one has to keep in mind that the only Federal authorized emergency lighting are your 4 way flashers and that is the reason they are called Emergency Flashers the Beacons,Strobes are Led Flashers are required be State Laws and the Color is also Set by the State Laws plus the Location where they have to mounted on your Vehicle and WHEN You Can Use Then . I would have say that in a Shopping Center Parking lot or a auto dealer lot would not fall under any laws requiring the use of your Aux Lighting. Plus you actually would open your Business up to a possable lawsuit if you cause a accident in which brings up a study that was done a couple of yrs back in where it is proven and states Less Flashing Strobe Lights are better again especially the LED Lights, they are used in Hospital operating rooms due to the fact they induce a coma type effect in proven cases. Well back to the US DOT issue they keep bringing this up when the use of the Aux. warning are on of the Traveled portion of the road or along scholder of the roadway. When I see this happening I say its just some wanna bee causing unknown problems.
  6. Congrat's to all that are to be Inducted this September ! Hope to see you there ! this is a Great Honor to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame and the most highest Achievement in the Towing & Recovery Industry. especially when the Inductees are nominated by the peers. Jeff Roskopf class of 2012
  7. Nice Unit there ! Keep up the cleaness and it will respect You !
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