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    Hi guys! I’m no longer in the business but, did it for years in Buffalo, NY when I was young. I worked for a large body shop and mainly towed for for the Amherst police department. Did a fair amount of recovery work as well as accidents and arrests! The first truck I ran with was a 79 F350 with a Chevron hydraulic. After a few years, I moved to a 79 C30 with a HOLMES 1200 Commander. The body was a custom fiberglass version that had an integrated light bar tower. There were only a few of them made with that bed. In 83, I set up a new one the exact same way with the exception that it was a custom deluxe and not a Scottsdale like the 79. We also had another 79 F350 with a 17’ roll back tilt. What I’m looking for is information and or pictures of a Chevy with that custom fiberglass body, that I had. If I remember correctly that first 1979 Chevy I had, was set up and used for the Poconos raceway. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk