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  1. Response from July 2011, six years after the original topic: I Chris Nieman, 25. have been filling his shoes, its been a lot of hard work. Seven years ago grandpa didn't have much help around the shop. So since i was always missing school, I decided to work full time watching the paperwork end of the business & operating tow trucks since july 23 2002. Herb never wanted anyone to know the paperwork end of the business. But, I figured it out & had to do it when he passed away 7-30-2005. Now me & my wife run the family business which had 4 very tired & rusty trucks. I don't know how we did it with those trucks. But, we now have 8 beautiful trucks, 4 flatbeds & 4 wreckers and we still donate vehicles to fire depts free of charge for tranning. We have been in business since 1945 & we love minute of it. Our son 3 & daughter 5 love coming to the shop to help us with cleaning trucks ect. I think Herb & Hazel would be very proud of what we have accomplished. We, decided to buy Herb & Hazels house that they built to raise their kids and now we are doing the same. We just wish they were here to enjoy our kids with us. Thanks for looking & posting this on tow411, stay safe Chris Nieman p.s. i still have to fill Herbs shoes but I am enjoying running his business here's to another 66years.
  2. One of my dads friends built this Wood model for us I had no idea he was doing this we just cant stop looking at it we are just amazed & it even has some equipment in the tool boxes I hope you guys & gals enjoy the pictures Sirknucklehead said: As a collector of toy trucks, especially wreckers, big rigs and old trucks, That is beautiful. The man is very talented. I would love to see it up close some day. Seeing that you all are in the great state of Wisconsin, I just may do that someday. My favorite state other than the state I'm in (the state of misery). lol Most wooden mini's I have seen don't have the detail and the opening hood and doors etc. The detail is exceptional. Very nice. wreckerman05 said: Hes a true friend for sure--a great artist--man thats nice for sure--buy him a fine steak dinner ben said: Unbelievable,that man has a lot more patience and talent than I could ever think of having. TowZone said: There is certainly quite a few hours in that one. It must be worth more a $1000.00 likely bring nearly $500.00 at an auction. But I am sure it is priceless to you dad, yourself and the company as a whole. BA has a really nice model in there lobby, but this one may even exceed it. Fetch said: What a beautiful model. Incredible talent! towman92266 said: That is Awesome!! Chuck MacLellan Operations Manager Dave's Heavy Towing,Inc. Hillsborough,NJ casetowing said: That is a true work of art. eric gee towing manager 570 404-0346 case's towing mansfield pa 570-662-1163 Niemans Towing said: I wish all you guys could see it in person its really amazing, he has 196 hours in to this one, we are going to put this in a glass case in the office TowZone said: Wow, am I way off. Factoring in the hours on this project the value would be from $2000.00 to $4000.00. Sadly this is why not many of this quality are created by wood artists. Generally something like this would be a commission piece. It should be in a sealed case. BIGREDROTATOR said: That model is the best piece of art I have seen in all my years, it needs to go to the Tow Shows! ALOHA from HAWAII !! Perrys Towing said: That is amazing. He must have studied your truck for quite a while to get it right down to the last detail. It is really cool how the boom slides and underlift comes off just like the real thing. carl4tow said: that is a work of art wreck85 said: wow, that is really detailed. Niemans Towing said: He took lots of pictures everytime he builds one he adds so much more detail to them PRTOWING said: wow towman33 said: That is truly amazing!! Are you guy's going to paint it to match the real one ? builder2 said: that folks is a artist! simply beautiful Niemans Towing said: We are not going to paint it because it would hide the quality workman ship and detail There is 16 hours just to build the wheels. 1Towman said: very nice indeed !! Priceless !!! TowZone said: To paint a masterpiece such as this one would only destroy the value and be disrespectful of the artist. It would be like placing a masterpiece in a dollar store frame. Please tell me he etched his name or initials on the bottom someplace. AWT902 said: That is amazing! I didn't know your dad had any friends..... just kidding. I'll be sure to stop by and have a look at that in person. Niemans Towing said: He put his name on the frame and on the bottom of the wrecker body, thank you everyone for looking at this bounty hunter II said: I have never seen something so amazing .It is a work of art for sure bcts said: an absolute work of art ! now that's a true friend !!! BigWheelRecovery said: Wow awesome I want one....thanks Eric Randy1 said: Incredible work of art. eddiestowing82 said: Absolutely INCREDIBLE Niemans Towing said: His name is John, I think his next one is going to be a sliding rotator alpaactow said: Awesome detail and workmanship and absolutely beautiful! !!! Brinkleys said: Very, very nice. That is truly a work of art. Enjoy it Don Corleone said: Wow ! You DEFINITELY owe that guy the finest steak dinner money can buy in your neck of the woods. That is incredible craftsmanship and detail. Blown away looking at the detail. Topic Originally Created in September of 2013.
  3. Topic Originally created in April of 2012: This truck was getting very rusty so we decided to do something different we did all the work in house besides the paint job the shop just had to much dust so my friend said he would help me paint it we had lots or fun on this truck it took 30 days start to finish & my firend would not take any money for this paint job we argued back and forth hope you guys enjoy the pics. it really turned out nice my dad was not a big fan of the color but then we talked to him about what it was for now he likes it before we got it done one of my friends that's a police officer was at the pd seen one of his friends that work for our areas news stations they were killing sometime before there next story so they came down to do a story on our pink truck, this is the talk of the town now and we even had a few phone calls from people thanking us for doing this thanks for looking. Chris Nieman JustAnotherHooker said: Looking Good . Great Job and don't worry cause pretty soon your dad will say it was his idea all along ! Niemans Towing said: well Eric you are rite lol cav towing said: Looks great. Enjoy it and i think its great. Specially since iv'e had aunts,and grandparents die from cancer. Kudos to ya RobertCAdams said: Looks good and for a great cause!!!! Robert DMcCullough said: Pink is your color Chris! Looks good. Niemans Towing said: But Dave, you have always wanted a pink truck. lol jk
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