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  1. Topic Originally created in April of 2012: This truck was getting very rusty so we decided to do something different we did all the work in house besides the paint job the shop just had to much dust so my friend said he would help me paint it we had lots or fun on this truck it took 30 days start to finish & my firend would not take any money for this paint job we argued back and forth hope you guys enjoy the pics. it really turned out nice my dad was not a big fan of the color but then we talked to him about what it was for now he likes it before we got it done one of my friends that's a police officer was at the pd seen one of his friends that work for our areas news stations they were killing sometime before there next story so they came down to do a story on our pink truck, this is the talk of the town now and we even had a few phone calls from people thanking us for doing this thanks for looking. Chris Nieman JustAnotherHooker said: Looking Good . Great Job and don't worry cause pretty soon your dad will say it was his idea all along ! Niemans Towing said: well Eric you are rite lol cav towing said: Looks great. Enjoy it and i think its great. Specially since iv'e had aunts,and grandparents die from cancer. Kudos to ya RobertCAdams said: Looks good and for a great cause!!!! Robert DMcCullough said: Pink is your color Chris! Looks good. Niemans Towing said: But Dave, you have always wanted a pink truck. lol jk
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