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  1. I found a plaque laying in the floor that read "Custom Built For Shanklin's"
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2011. Pimp accessories: 18 in. gangster drop visor, 6 in. door visors, crushed glass and pearl in clear coat, 12 disk changer, 2 10 inch memphis subwoofers, 300 watt sony amp, conex deer hunter cb, 8 inch stacks, power windows, chrome interior package, ss spot mirrors, led lighting and lightbar, 3 rolls of chrome vinyl lettering, painted fuel tanks, rhino lined under reach and tail board, stainless steel dress up package on unit, aluminum dress up package on body, strobe package, custom "old school" paint job, custom fabricated folding pavement protectors on stab jacks, bro heavy duty wheel lift, full host of forks, 11 drawer toolbox, plus many more accessories. SP8000 said: Paul, That sure turned out nice! Now let's see more pictures of it in action alongside your Super Dog. Jeff Leavitt, 86 Towing, Gabriels, NY. 518-891-6666 Sam Mcquire said: It looks good but not as good as me in that last pic haha. No in al seriousness it looks good Paul TimsTruckService said: Very Sharp Paul !!!! I'd hate to be the one having to Polish everything on that Unit for you, but she sure is Beautiful !!! Jerrys Road Service said: Looks Awesome. Jerry's Towing Santa Clarita ,Ca ED Barker said: WOW!!!That really came out nice!!!Now all your missing is the front floats. Kirbys Towing said: The old school paint job really sets her off, looks good. Concord Towing said: That is SWEET very nice truck to be proud of!! Aces Towing said: Nice unit! Now I have to ask where does anyone find room for 2 - 10" subs in a daycab Kenworth!? Bryce Weber - Aces Towing WM 091409 Level 6/7
  3. Topic Originally Created in March of 2007: It was alittle heavy, but not as heavy as I expected. It only had a 7.3Liter engine, but was fully loaded w/tools, welders, & air compressor. Towed it @ 65 miles..................Paul my 1st choice on hook-up {spring forks & faced receivers forward} but the 7.3L F-650 has a low engine x-member between the springs & I don't have extensions on this particular truck. I always try to keep the weight as close to the wrecker as possible, wish I could've hooked like that though, I would have made a lot better time..I should have taken a pic of the X-member......... Be careful out there.........Paul Loudogz74 said: Sure does look heavy..... Hope all went well.Lou Queens, NY K.K. Towing Toll Free: 1-888-706-9555 Lou Skyline Towing Mahopac, NY Cell# 845-274-0050
  4. I built this truck from the ground up round about 2000. The body has 4' tunnel box & large 60000lb drag winch. Great 4 towin & recovery......... Topic Originally Created in 2006
  5. use this one 2 tow trucks & equip @ strip mines every day....real moneymaker. built it around 10yrs ago. unit#5 Da Wash Boss said: I am not a big fan of freightliners,,,,,, but i would love to have this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT TOwBoY88 said: I see you have 2 of those 'ole 750's around there...both winching machines and $$$$$$$$$$ making machines as well. That's why I have a 850, 750, and 600 still...lol...cheap alternatives...that bring in the $$$$ just as well as anything else.
  6. How did you get that big under-reach under that little truck? ..LOL
  7. I'm here surfin' the web w/everyone else................
  8. That is sharp. What year, model, how much ?
  9. Is that the 25 ton ? If so , its going to be a very handy piece of equipment....
  10. 23 Feb 2007 04:55 We retrieved this one loaded with minimal load loss. Used three straps around trailer to upright. Once we got it on its wheels, the winching began. Held the front-up in the air to keep from dragging the fuel tanks Easy as 1,2,3. We were helped by Kirk Trucking w/ their 50 ton B&B capptow said: i have never seen a trailer with dual landing gear. is that a coal trailer? Good job ryan TOwBoY88 said: I was going to ask when ya got the B&B...but not yours.. "60% of the time, I am right every time." Berts112 said: Well done guys! But I gotta ask. What does your county or state road dept. Say about spading in the blacktop. Ours has a stroke, sometimes and sometimes they don't care!! recoveryengineer said: Thumbs up on that one! Holding the load up is a job in itself while winching out! towing4u said: nice job guys, garry ours is usually pretty cool about the spanding because most of us in this area of va seldom rip up the roadway, but you have a few guys who dont understand and try to plow up three lanes of interstate...dot around here usually brings out a couple of bags of cold patch to most truck wrecks just in case but they bill the trucking company unless its just plain tower negligence...they know when you need the heavy pull around here. Gaylock1 said: The DOH are really easy going about spade use.. as long as there is no X-treme damage done. I think the extended weight {126000lbs} fee the coal truckers pay goes toward road repair......Paul Darryl Burrell Said: Very nice recovery and teamwork guys, thanks for sharing. Joefromjd said: Nice recovery guys, that was a very heavy one good job, the DOT here in Iowa never says anything to me if I use the spades or spikes, but it really doesn't do much damage, just a few little dents. be safe out there. joefromjd Recovery Rich said: That was a good little job there especially with the limited space you had.
  11. 14 Sep 2006 06:44 Owner said "wife put car in ditch" When we got there here is what we found.. Had to winch car around to pull up bank................ Brought car up without further damage........loaded up for transport to our facility.......... Recovery was performed by Matt, Arnold, & myself................Paul twinbulls dais: Thats one of those ...I am on the brakes but its NOT stopping !!!!! Till crash at thr bottom..... Looks good thanks for the pics kstowman said: That looks like a lot of fun....it looks like you had the right equipment.....good job Jason Strickland
  12. 14 Jun 2006 06:57 Got a call to lift this 6000 gal. tank this morning, tank had approx. 1000gal. of water in it, was supposed to be empty. Tank was in the ground at an abandoned gas station. Lifted it for an environmental clean up company.It was the second tank lifted from the site.The first tank was lifted by a small excavator and took around 5 hours to get out of the ground. Couldn't be lifted with crane because of low power lines. I done it in about 45 min with my truck. The environmental company was very impressed, hopefully more work to come from them. Paul git r towed said: Paul if you do it right the first time, they'll always call you back....good job...John ed barker said: Looks like your sure putting it to use, Dave needs to check out your progress with it here on tow411, I'm sure he would be impressed.Very nice unit.
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  14. My name is Paul Gaylock, 3rd gen tower. I enjoy reading & posting. I own a medium size co in southern WV. Specialize in the ultra heavy towing & recovery. Thank you, Paul
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