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  1. Has any one heard of a towing app for pin jobs attachment points etc
  2. Has any used the steck loading eye please let me know good or bad
  3. Hi there from Canada Wreckmaster ,TRAA and transportation safety professional 25 years + and still in the ditch
  4. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his co workers this is happening way to much!!
  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and colleagues this is has to stop and it starts with proper enforcement of existing laws I can’t understand why law enforcement won’t give citations when their own life is involved???
  6. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and towing family
  7. I hope the the operator has a speedy recovery
  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with the driver and his family . For a speedy recovery
  9. We have mostly flat beds two wreckers and yes they work along at night primarily for police calls our area 80 miles wide 60 miles north and south we charge only for recovery if over 15 min and usually they all are over except for on curb etc... but one can do the same with a snatch block but it boils down to ease of use and safety and the big plus of having a second winch.... just like when we were choosing wreckers we ordered them way back when with single lines and did the same job but we would never order a single line again my worry is we can have all the toys but will they pay for them self??
  10. Is is cost effective to install a side puller on a carrier or use snatch block method for side pulls recovery’s are a large part of our business in the winter
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