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  1. Tried both codes tonight and it says both codes expired
  2. I’ve tried to upgrade my sponsor ship and it will not accept TF500FF
  3. I’m glad they got caught now if the state really prosecutes them. This is why the public hates towers.
  4. Another terrible tragedy in our profession my condolences to the family.
  5. I had a very close call picking up a box truck this past Friday. An SUV came with in inches of me.
  6. Still waiting for things to pick up. I will be glad when things open up.
  7. Still working in Indianapolis quite slow be we will get through this
  8. If I’m not in the owner’s Den I want to be
  9. Steve Catlett

    True meaning

    My inspiration
  10. So tragic my prayers to him & his family
  11. It’s just such a tragedy all theses towers getting killed my prayers to the family
  12. So sad we start a new year with a tow man being killed. My condolences to his family and the Tow company he worked for.
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