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  1. Thank god he was in a position to render help. It was truly a blessing he was able to help
  2. I am very sorry to here another tow man had lost his life. I also am 65 years old and have been doing this for 46 years. I am on the highway daily and worry am I next! My prayers go out to this tower and his family
  3. Steve’s Towing Inc Indianapolis Indiana still here keep up the good work
  4. Very sad sorry to here this happened
  5. Still here thanks for what you do keep up the good work it’s appreciated
  6. So tragic this is just happening to much drivers just don’t pay attention to what’s on the road in front of them. My thoughts and prayers to this Tower.
  7. This is another tragedy and loss of a tow mans life that should not have happened. People just don’t care about us are the fact we just want to go home to are family’s. prayers and god speed to tower
  8. I am so sorry to hear another tow man has lost there life. This is happing all the time what is wrong with people that they just can’t give us the room we need are just slowdown. We all have families that want us home safe. My prayers to this mans family god speed sur
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