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  1. The, "Moth to the Flame Effect" is real. People, especially the elderly, drive where they look or where their attention is drawn to. It's a proven fact and the study was published in Tow Times some years back. Aside from that, it bewilders me that responding agencies are either ignorant to the intent or just ignore the bright/dim features on new light bars. The DIM setting is meant to be used at night so as not to blind oncoming traffic. The BRIGHT setting is for daytime use to overcome ambient, daytime brightness.
  2. In the early 90's wreck chasing was made illegal in Louisiana. New Orleans, the largest city by population in Louisiana, is still able to be scanned and wreck chasing still exists there to a degree. But recently, a large majority of the municipalities have gone encrypted to such a point that they cannot be scanned. I've been a scanner junkie since before my early towing days in the 80's, through my Paramedic/RN days and even now. We used to monitor in the office just so we knew when we would be next up on rotation. And it did help our response times. Now, not being able to monitor most of the agencies we tow for, it has shown a small affect on response times as well as killing a hobby.
  3. I'm still here. Seems like it's been quite a while now. Thanks
  4. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in February of 2013: I was going through some old pictures tonight and came upon this one. This was a light / medium duty rotator from the late 80's or early 90's. I don't even remember how I got the pictures or what brand the bed is or was. Does anyone remember it or know if it still exists? jcstowing said: Did not know they existed...would so get one. BlackAutoload said: That truck is sweet. Really like the black truck with blue stripes as well. Santiam01 said: That looks like something from the mind of Bill Bottoms, Challenger way pre-miller, just a guess......... boltz said: That is just good looking. I can see a home for that up here. Thanks for post. Any one got an idea what make, or specs? WEBOSLH said: Has the patent run out on that yet???? uzedcarz said: I'm guessing Bill Bottoms as well. www.ricksrollbacks.com surrytower said: The address on the door in the second pic looks like Ohio. Andy35 said: Was a guy at our yard last weak picking up a wrecked tractor. He was from the Medina, OH area, I think it was H & H towing. He was telling me about his small rotator he had on an S-series International. I was thinking, why would someone build a 600-R on an S-series, but this may have been what he was talking about. underlift said: I remember talking to Mr. Parker of Parker Repair in Manteno, Il, years ago! He show me a truck very similar in his storage shed, to many other cars and trucks were in the way, to get a good look at it! He told me, a man in Ohio built two of them! His and another one, unfortunately the Ohio man passed away before he could build anymore! I believe, Mr. Parker still has his truck. In Memory of NationalAutow who said: Hey Miller - I need one of these !!!! Sam Mcquire said: This was Marts body shop in ironton oh just 6 miles from me the bed was called a bounty hunter i do believe not sure where this truck ended up though tetow said: you are right he also had a F350 Tandem With A kw cab he beat me in a beauty contest ion Quebec I came in second RobertCAdams said: Did that F 350 tandem with a KW Cab Have a Hydraulic Body on it ????? and Maybe a Sleeper?? Got any pictures of it???? Repobubba said: Kizer made a small rotator in the 80's only rotated 45 degrees. Saw one on a one ton ford many years ago.
  5. Topic Originally Created September 2012: We were contacted by the Chief of the Slidell, Louisiana Fire Department and asked if we could transport a "unique piece of equipment" from the New Orleans Fire Department Museum to the Metal of Honor, Wounded Warriror benefit in Slidell. The "unique piece of equipment" is an 1896 Ahren's Horse Drawn Steam Pumper. When we told the Chief of our new (to us) flatbed, complete with air-ride suspension and a flame paint job, the Chief could barely control himself. The day was absolutely perfect from the incredible weather, uneventful loading in New Orleans, the 35 mile transport to the event on I-10 complete with Fire Dept. escort and numerous on lookers taking pictures on the way, the event its self spent with Mrs. ASAP - Fran and 12 year old son Matthew, and a flawless 35 mile trip, again complete with escort, back to the museum. All in all a great day to benefit our hero's and some incredible PR for the company. Ours... an 07' IH4300 Ext Cab, DT466, Allison, a/b, a/r, p/w, p/l, complete with the flames. Theirs, an 1896 Ahren's, horse drawn, steam pumper, in near perfect condition before the event, and still in near perfect condition after the event. We're looking forward to next year. getuone2x said: That was a flammin' hot job . Kudos. BlackAutoload said: Sure looks like the straps would rub the spoke paint off. Love the storage on this carrier! Towman33 said: That's one Hell of a ride you got there. Love the boxes!!! Gentlyrotate said: Ditto, nice truck, lots of tool boxes! That pumper is definitely a nice piece, very stout and heavy too. Glad to see the museum did such a nice job on it. RayRivera said: TWO NICE PIECES OF EQUIPMENT rlscott1266 said: You are doing something right if the Chief called you! Nice looking job Niemans Towing said: Nice truck & love all that storage malibu434 said: Love the new truck Donny!! Looks like a fun job!! mrbill said: Darn man you forgot the horse that pulls it. badbowtie1982 said: That's a neat piece of history, sounds like a damn nice trip. Also I love the tripple boxes on each side, but what all do you put in them? I have 1 box per side on my truck and i think i could only use maybe one more box ASAPautomotive said: Sometimes the extra cab just isn't enough...you know, those kids that just won't behave.
  6. I need a pivot pin and bushing for a 20 ton.
  7. Guess that falls into the, "Run what ya' brung" category
  8. Cool indeed. It would be nice if our PSC would allow us to charge for modern equipment, ie. catch bags (we can only charge for "lift" bags).
  9. Copied from my Tow411 post. Trying to decide on a new, extended cab, medium duty carrier cab and chassis and I'm having a hell of a time making a decision. This forum is loaded with issues revolving around the M2. A lot of the issues seem to still center around the FTL electrical BUSS system. Basically International and Freightliner are putting the same Cummins engine in their trucks. I have a fleet full of IH's and one alone is making me frown on a new IH. So what are you running and why? Regarding the 260 vs 300 hp Cummins, does the 40 hp make that big a difference in performance and mileage? What are thoughts on the extra cab F650 with the 6.7?
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