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  1. Last winter on a stormy night a lady put her Tesla in the ditch. When it came across the computer, I was keen because 4 other tow company’s rejected the call. Not knowing what a Tesla was I accepted the call thought it was perhaps a new strain of Hyundai or something. Anyway went and found it, no where to grab these things to yank on them. So I undid up using a basket strap hook up on the wheels, pulled it out of the ditch like nobody’s business turtle slow, and set the driver free. But I’m not a fan of these cars at all, what I will say is be careful...
  2. Running the emergency lights, strobes, and beacons might not alleviate the liability, but it goes a long way to demonstrate due diligence. Here in Ontario Canada that seems to be enough to swing the pendulum in the towman’s favour. section 159 subsection 3 of the highway traffic act states that when tow trucks are on the side of the road with the white and amber lights active, drivers must move over the same as they would for police fire and ambulance.
  3. It’s a funny thing when safety, legislation, and common sense all come together and it’s left to interpretation of a written bylaw. In Ontario Canada in some counties, (municipalities) they mandate you run with emergency lights on whether your loaded or empty. I questioned it, and was told it’s written that way because typically tow trucks (roll backs &wreckers) are much slower than most vehicles.
  4. In Ontario Canada for example, many different municipalities have different by laws, which dictate when and how emergency lighting will be used. As a long haul tow truck driver it pays to look this stuff up before entering anew jurisdiction.
  5. Having been a member of a tow association I can tell you from personal experience it’s both good and bad. The good: 1) Everybody has to register, pay dues, and keep up with proper paper work for their equipment, lic, registration, annual safety, etest, and insurance. 2) The work is distributed evenly and fairly. 3) As licensed tow ops in the municipality you are also protected from rogue tow truck drivers poaching business. For example out of town unlicensed tow ops working in your municipality can only pick up on private property, driveways, parking lots, nothing else. This is enforced by city police and or local opp. Now for the bad... 1) The city decides on what rates can be charged for each and every service you provide inside the municipality. 2) Your hours of service can and will be monitored. 3) Your drivers must be able to pass vulnerable persons back ground check, no criminal record. 4) If you show up at an accident uninvited your penalty is you will be passed over on rotation for 5 turns. 5) Not the same everywhere but all I will say is be careful what you wish for.
  6. I work in rural northern Ontario and have to say that I wouldn’t chance it. Yeah the dispatchers can bitch and moan, but there is nobody else for 300 square miles, and they know that. Even so, I won’t do 1 km over the posted speed limit because we are always in the public eye. I have an awesome working relationship with dispatch and the local officers, and I don’t ask for favours. If I screw up I expect the same as anybody else. To me no call is worth putting my life or anybody else’s at risk. I would rather forfeit the call. Just my two cents.
  7. You guys are truly awesome thank you!
  8. Recently ran into a chap who suggested I get signed up with Good Sam, any opinions?
  9. You guys are awesome! Yes please any and all info would be amazing. As would pics. I am going to start this project very soon. I will post pics and such as I work through it. Thanks again. Grizzly
  10. New to the forums. I did a search but was unable to find any info. I have a 2005 Ford F 550 4x4 with a heavy duty twin line recovery unit on it. I am going to retro fit it with a pair of hydraulic stiff legs like the big heavy units. I need to do this so I can hold the truck in position on ice covered roads. I am looking for ideas, suggestions, and pictures. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Grizzly
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