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  1. Here is a picture of my Dad's H475. This was taken right after it was put on a left over 1989 chassis in 1990. When he went out of business he sold it to a junkyard who beat it to hell. It was later sold to another towing company. About 2 years ago I saw it in his yard looking very beaten made me upset. But o well here it is i think the crane was originally purchased in 76 by my grandfather, as the truck was originally red white and blue. rotator60 said: Yep..at UTR we had both a Holmes 475 and a 475T..They were beasts to say the leasts..lol... bigwolf said: larry that's a comander1200 on the red whit and blue truck in the bottom pic mountjoy79 said: no disrespect intended but if you look closely that 2nd pic. is an 1100 trooper. 81 or newer style this one has cable controls.
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