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  1. A cousin of mine found this picture of our original garage probably in the late 1920's. The old house was on the property when my grandfather bought the property around 1920. It's where him and my grandmother lived and where my father and Aunt Sadie were born. Appears to be a Ford Model T tow car in the picture near the gas pumps. — at Battelini's Garage .
  2. My grandfather Alesio Battelini started out by going to Sweeney Automobile school in Kansas City in 1918 and with the help of his father Dominico he built our original garage in 1921.
  3. We would like to thank everyone for the love and support over this past week. All the calls and messages and well wishes have been overwhelming. My father was a simple man that led a simple life. He would be humbled to know how many people have reached out to us after his passing this week. Rest in peace dad you will be missed.
  4. It is with heavy heart that we have to tell everyone that my father Dominick Battelini passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning. He was 92 years old and lived a full life. He touched a lot of people along the way and hopefully will be remembered for the humble man he was. Obituary: https://ronefuneralservice.com/tribute/details/4387/Dominick-Battelini/obituary.html
  5. Today we want to wish my father Dominick a happy 92nd birthday. Life is good.
  6. 1961 B-61 Mack delivering a 1928 AC Mack in 2001 to Gap Pennsylvania.
  7. The move was from Winslow to Atlantic County Fire Training Center with our Oshkosh Q50 and Ole12 with some help from Rodman Middleton Jay Loader and my father.
  8. That's my grandfather's writing on this picture of them leaving for Washington DC on their honeymoon around 1926. That's Rt40 looking west in front of our garage.
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