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    ForgivenOne reacted to Moose in Got to learn from one of the greats last night.   
    That's a true industry leader to come out at night to lend guidance and experience to a recovery.
    Daniel your growth over the past decade has been so enlightening and should serve as a beacon to those questioning their limits. Keep your limits in check and you'll be the one offering an expanded knowledge soon enough.
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    ForgivenOne got a reaction from Kat in Got to learn from one of the greats last night.   
    love my job as you guys know. Last night I got a call of a 40' container trailer on its side with 20 tons of paper waste inside at the Port. I was by myself so I called David Solis to see if he was still in Oakland. I asked him if I could do this call by myself and he said no that he was not in the city. He recommended I call Scorni or Bob. I ended up calling Bob and he decided to come out and help me with this one. It's always a treat to learn from Bob and watch his thought process on calls. I don't know what happened but the trailer legs lost one of its rollers and over the trailer went onto its side. Bob and I made it right.

    Trailer on its side at the Port of Oakland. Nothing unusual here, move along people,....

    So this is a trailer foot and it came off the leg which is why the trailer rolled onto its side.

    This is the trailer leg the wheel broke off of.

    So Bob had this thick cable with two eyelets at the end and it was just the right length to go around the diameter in between the trailer wheels. He then hooked his cable to it and pulled the trailer chassis away from the container and it landed right where it did. Bob showed me he has no fear or he's done this plenty of times before.

    This is the cool part of his truck, #140, his boom rotates like a clock dial. Bob swings the boom over so he can lift the trailer in the air and the truck driver can back up underneath it and reconnect it to his tractor.













    We are both trying to manipulate roughly 40,000 lbs of weight and that's heavy. You gotta know what you're doing and not get anybody killed or damage property in the process. I was an extension of Bob's thought process. When we righted this container, I let out a man cry. I love big trucks and I cannot lie,...




    We lifted the container in the air high enough for the truck driver to be able to back the container chassis underneath it.





    That's what I'm talking about, we made it right again. The tractor driver was happy to be back in one piece again.
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    ForgivenOne got a reaction from goodmichael in In Rememberance of our Fallen Towers "September"   
    Mack L.

    Born :
    June 18, 1909
    Entered into rest :
    September 5, 1958
    49 years old
    While attempting to hook to a car it began to roll toward an embankment. Mr. Hinds jumped into the car to try and stop it but could not. He either jumped or was thrown from the vehicle and landed on a log at the bottom of the embankment. The car landed on top of him and pinned him underneath it. He was taken to the hospital where he passed away five days later.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007
    Edward A.

    Born :
    June 8, 1954
    Entered into rest :
    September 15, 1974
    20 years old
    Edward was working the late shift at Ted's Towing when he responded to a call of a Ford Mustang broken down on the Pike. Perham took the driver, later identified as George Whitham, who had been released from prison a month earlier for car theft, and the car, which was leaking oil, back to Ted's. That's where Whitham clubbed Edward over the head with a tire iron. Whitham was caught driving Perham's car a few hours later. In April 1975, Whitham was found guilty of second-degree murder, as well as larceny of $30 and Perham's car, and sentenced to 15 to 30 years.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007
    Born :
    July 14, 1932
    Entered into rest :
    September 19, 1978
    46 years old
    Ivan answered a radio request from Trooper Alvin V. Kohler of the Florida Highway Patrol. Kohler had been questioning two teens and asked to see one of their driver's license. One of the boys, Lester Enriquez, walked back to the car and pulled out a .357 magnum shooting Kohler in the head. Ivan was also shot and killed, his tow truck was taken by the two underage drivers but was stopped a short distance later and they were taken into custody. They were trying to runaway from home. Ivan left behind a wife and two teenage children.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"

    Born :
    May 18, 1926
    Entered into rest :
    September 1985
    59 years old
    He was one of Massachusetts' most respected and liked towing and recovery specialists in West Springfield. He was the owner of Red's Exxon. He had towed in a tractor which was damaged in the front. The tow truck driver backed the tractor onto a low-boy for transport to a repair shop. The tractor was on the bed and Red knelt on the ground to place a jack stand underneath it. There were no blocks or breaks on the tractor to prevent it from rolling. The tow truck driver stepped on the clutch and the tractor rolled forward. The tweaked front wheel caught Red and turned him around and pinned him to the low-boy, the tractor slipped off the bed and crushed Red from the chest up. It was a freak accident that took Red's life.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    WEBB Jr.
    Ronald V.
    Born :
    July 8, 1933
    Entered into rest :
    September 1985
    52 years old
    Ronald gave up his life in the line of duty. He was from Colton, California. Ronald was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 215. Forty seven trucks made up the procession to the cemetery in his honor.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Larry C.
    Born :
    May 15, 1951
    Entered into rest :
    September 5, 1993
    42 years old
    Larry was hit by a car while sweeping glass at an accident scene on North Street, Nacogdoches, TX.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    PROBST Jr.
    Gary Lee
    Born :
    March 19, 1968
    Entered into rest :
    September 20, 1997
    29 years old
    He was a tow truck operator in Las Vegas. He is survived by his wife and son and many other relatives.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Donald S.

    Born :
    April 7, 1951
    Entered into rest :
    September 21, 1997
    45 years old
    Donald was an employee of Phelps Repair Shop in Ilion. He was helping a family whose vehicle had broken down on the New York State Thruway near mile marker 207 in the town of Danube, near Little Falls. A driver in a milk truck had fallen asleep at the wheel and killed him. The driver was cited for reckless driving and moving from a lane unsafely. He leaves behind a family and friends.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Brian E.

    Born :
    December 18, 1975
    Entered into rest :
    September 18, 2001
    25 years old
    The driver of an out of control 1985 Ford LTD struck Watson as he changed the tire of a stranded motorist before colliding with the disabled jeep on U.S. Highway 85. Four other people were injured in the accident
    Dan's Towing, Sturgis
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007
    William H.
    Born :
    December 25, 1942
    Entered into rest :
     September 22, 2003
    60 years old
    Trueblood was helping to remove downed trees in North Carolina when the truck’s tow cable snapped and struck the victim, throwing him some 20 feet. His neck broke when he landed on his head.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Billy W.

    Born :
    November 16, 1932
    Entered into rest :
    September 19, 2004
    72 years old
    Garrett was returning from a job towing a boat to Nevada, when in New Mexico on Interstate 40 his vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer that crossed the median. The driver of the tractor-trailer had reportedly fallen asleep at the wheel. Garrett served as a volunteer firefighter and over the years received three Honorary Oklahoma Highway Patrol awards for outstanding service.
    Owner of Garrett Wrecker Service
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Joseph A.

    Born :
    October 6, 1960
    Entered into rest :
    September 29, 2004
    43 years old
    Blumer's accident occurred shortly after 2:30 p.m. when he was towing a pickup truck up a sloped driveway. Another tower said that Blumer probably got out of his truck to check the vehicle he was towing, then the brakes on his truck apparently failed and it rolled over him. "The truck caught him in between the wheels," he said.
    Edlin Automotive Services, Knoxville
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2008
    Michael B.
    Entered into rest :
    September 9, 2005
    24 years old
    Shultz was killed while changing a tire for a AAA member on the 91 freeway in Yorba Linda. A woman in her mid-20s was driving an Oldsmobile Cutlass in the fast lane when she lost control of her car and swerved across four lanes of traffic, crashing into the sound wall and then hitting Shultz while he was changing the tire. The accident is still being investigated.
    Bitteto's Tow and Service, Anaheim
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Entered into rest :
    September 20, 2005
    30 years old
    A tractor-trailer and a tow truck were stopped on the side of the highway when another 18-wheeler traveling North veered off the road and hit them causing all three vehicles to burst into flames. The tow truck operator was under his vehicle when the collision occurred and was killed instantly.
    ABC Towing
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Edwin L.
    Born :
    January 21,1954
    Entered into rest :
    September 28, 2005
    51 years old
    Mr. Nettles lost control of the rollback tow truck he was driving causing it to overturn. He died as a result of the injuries sustained in the crash.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007
    Born :
    September 9, 1970
    Entered into rest:
    September 6, 2006
    35 years old
    Rubio was struck and killed last night in a hit-and-run accident on State Route 2-0-2 in Tempe. D-P-S says the victim was standing next to his truck, getting ready to tow a disabled car from the emergency lane when he was struck. Officers say the Shamrock tow truck had its yellow emergency lights flashing, and the truck's rear-deck loading lights also were on. The incident occurred sometime between 10:30 and 11:30 p-m on the eastbound side of the 2-0-2, near the area of McClintock and the entrance ramp to southbound State Route 1-0-1. D-P-S is requesting the public's help in identifying the vehicle that struck the man. It says it should have extensive damage to the right front due to the impact.
    Shamrock Towing
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007
    David Lee

    Entered into rest :
    September 20, 2006
    56 years old
    Sanders worked at Paxton Towing as a property caretaker and was murdered there in the yard in Chula Vista. The killer, later identified by police as 28 year-old Edward L. Snow Jr., was arrested by Chula Vista police detectives in Arkansas City, Kansas. Police received an anonymous tip that Snow had gone to Kansas after the shooting. The detectives also seized $26,000 in cash from a house where Snow had been staying. The money is suspected of being stolen from the towing business. The San Diego District Attorney's Office is working with the Kansas authorities for Snow's extradition.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2007

    Born :
    September 17, 1961
    Entered into rest :
    September 10, 2007
    45 years old
    Jimmy was on his way to pick up an NRMA breakdown on the F3 when he hit a spare tire in the roadway. The tire fell from a southbound truck around 3:40 p.m. The truck Jimmy was driving ran over the tire and caused him to lose control of his vehicle which hit the rear of a semi-trailer traveling in the same direction. The impact sent the tow truck spiraling into a rock wall. Jimmy was trapped in the truck until emergency crews could extricate him. He was flown by helicopter to the hospital but died in the emergency room from his internal injuries. Jimmy worked for Suburban Towing for about 20 years and was recently employed by Abal Towing for a week. He was also an active member of the Round Corner Fire Brigade. Jimmy leaves a wife and several children behind.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2008
    PUGH Jr.
    Cecil Eugene
    Born :
    February 4, 1948
    Entered into rest :
    September 17, 2007
    59 years old
    Cecil, who was transporting a vehicle on his tow truck, was shot and killed by a man cleaning his rifle inside his home. A 50-year-old man was cleaning the weapon in his trailer near North 29th Avenue and Deer Valley Road when the rifle discharged. The bullet pierced through his blinds and window, shattered the windshield of the tow truck, and lodged in the left side of the passing driver's forehead, killing him instantly. Pugh fell out of the cab as the vehicle continued moving down the road. The gun owner ran outside, jumped in the truck and managed to bring the vehicle to a stop before hitting any houses. Phoenix police said there's a good chance they'll recommend the man who fired the rifle be charged with serious crimes.
    DV Towing
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2008

    Born :
    March 26, 1981
    Entered into rest :
    September 30, 2007
    26 years old
    Amanda was driving her tow truck at about 4:40 a.m. on Sunday when she collided with an errant SUV driver going the wrong way down a one-way street, Donald Street and York Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. She and other tow-truck drivers were busy clearing the downtown area of vehicles to make way for a charity run to benefit cancer research. The collision caused her tow truck to roll onto its roof. Amanda later died at the hospital. Friends will always remember her as someone who was always there for them, whenever they needed help. She worked for Dr. Hook Towing for several years.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2008
    Born :
    Entered into rest :
    September 23, 2008
    55 years old
    Schultz was killed Tuesday when he was struck by a van while removing debris from a previous car accident on FM 3083 in Conroe. He was taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Patrol cars partially blocked the eastbound lane of traffic and Schultz apparently crossed the road into the westbound lane of traffic to pick up debris. That's when the 2000 Chrysler van traveling east on FM 3083 hit him. The van apparently passed to the left of the marked patrol cars and the driver did not see Schultz in time to try to avoid hitting him. Schultz also was not wearing a reflective safety vest as required by state law. Alcohol did not appear to be a contributing factor, but speed and other factors are still being investigated. The van driver and her 10-year-old passenger were not hurt. She was released at the scene pending the outcome of the investigation.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in "unknown"
    Daniel Joseph

    Entered into rest :
    September 13, 2011
    60 years old
    Dan was working alongside his co-worker, Jesse, on Interstate 80, when a semi truck driven by Herbert Terrell, 54, sideswiped the first tow truck, then struck the disabled semi flatbed which was pushed into the second tow truck. Four men lost their lives on the side of the Interstate including the driver of the disabled semi flatbed. Dan worked for Hanifen Towing for the last four years. He is survived by his wife and family and friends.
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2012
    Jesse J.

    Entered into rest :
    September 13, 2011
    29 years old
    Jesse was one of four men killed on Interstate Highway 80 east of Grinnell. Jesse and his co-worker, Daniel Walsh were assisting a driver of a flat bed semi truck at mile marker 188 next to the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 shortly after 7 p.m., Tuesday when the accident occurred. A semi truck, driven by Herbert Terrell, 54, of Indiana, side swiped the first tow truck, then struck the parked semi, pushing it into the other tow truck. All four men were pronounced dead at the scene. Jesse was a Heavy Duty Tow Truck driver for Hanifen Towing for the past five years. He is survived by his wife and three daughters, family and friends
    Added to the Wall of the Fallen in 2012
    Ralph Henry
    Entered into rest :
    September 10, 2017
     44 years old
    Ralph was assisting a disabled motorist on the northbound side of Route 222 near the Peach Road overpass in West Earl Township around 1:50 a.m. Ralph was assisting Robert M. Buckwalter Jr., 46, of Ephrata when a vehicle driven by Anthony Caldwell of Stafford had struck them as he drove passed them. Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen G. Diamantoni pronounced them both deceased at the scene. West Earl police, the Lancaster County crash team and the district attorney's office are investigating the incident. No charges had been filed as of Monday. Ralph worked as a tow truck driver for Mack's Tire Service in New Holland. Ralph left behind a fiancé and many family members. It was said the he had enough "dad jokes" to last a lifetime. He will be missed by many.
    dded to the Wall of the Fallen in 2018
    In Remembrance of
    T. James
    Born :
    December 29, 1923
    Entered into rest :
    September 4, 1994
    70 years old
    Mr. Luce served as president and executive director of the Texas Towing and Storage Association from 1984 until his death in 1994. In 1986 he was appointed to the Advisory Board for the Vehicle Storage Facility Act by the Commission of the Texas Department of Labor and Standards. He was the managing editor of The Texas Tow Line, a publication of the Texas Towing and Storage Association, and handled all association business and accounting through the T. J. Luce Company.
    Born :
    October 26, 1937
    Entered into rest :
    September 10, 1999
    61 years old
    Mike worked for about thirty years in the towing and recovery industry. He drove and/or owned Brannon's Towing in Buttonwillow, CA,  South Union Body Works and Kern Towing And Salvage both in Bakersfield, CA. On September 10th, 1999 Mike lost a long fight with cancer. A battle fought bravely by a man who loved his work more than anyone I've met.
    He is survived by his wife Ellen, two sons Chuck and Robert (his oldest also a proud Towman), and three Grandchildren Shannon, Travis and Tara. He was 61 and will be sorely missed! Please join me in wishing him luck in that big ditch in the sky.
    Chuck Huston
    Cedar Bluff Towing
    Knoxville, TN
    BIVINS Jr.
    Charles S.
    Born :
    April 20, 1941
    Entered into rest :
    September 25,1999
    58 years old
    Charles died of a heart attack. He will always be remembered as a jolly old soul ..always smiling and always ready to give a hand.
    Owner of Bivin's Wrecker Service
    George J.

    Born :
    May 18, 1915
    Entered into rest :
    September 16, 2000
    84 years old
    George founded Ronk's Auto and Truck Towing Inc. in Crestline. The company is now owned by his wife, Eunice.
    "Little Mike"
    William Michael
    Born :
    February 19, 1980
    Entered into rest :
    September 16, 2000
    20 years old
    Mike was killed while loading a van onto his tow truck by a drunk driver who swerved onto the shoulder and hit him. "Mike was a young man, who would do anything for anyone. Small in size, but had a heart as big as the universe. There are so many kids on the wrong track these days, yet here you had a young man at 20 who worked full-time, had an apartment and vehicle of his own and was making plans for College. Clyde Baldridge took all of this away from Little Mike. He knew what he was doing when he took his first drink." stated Lynda Woods.
    Humble Wrecker Service
    Harry C.
    Entered into rest :
    September 29, 2000
    61 years old
    Harry died at his home. Mr. Benjamin was the owner of Harry Benjamin’s Garage, previously known as Benjamin’s Arco. He operated a towing service for many years. He enjoyed racing and won several championships. He was member of the Wysox Fire Department and Wysox Ambulance Association.
    Gerald Carl
    Born :
    April 28, 1941
    Entered into rest :
    September 1, 2002
    61 years old
    Mr. Lowe owned Lowe’s Garage/Towing and Wrecker Service.
    Howard R.
    Born :
    January 27, 1925
    Entered into rest :
    September 3, 2002
    77 years old
    Kentucky State Police said that at 3:10 p.m., Howard, turned left onto U.S. 68 at Fairview. An eastbound pickup struck his wrecker as he turned. Howard went through a field. Struck a fence, and hit a parked Subaru before coming to rest against a tree at the bottom of a hill, state police said. Howard was a farm equipment and car dealer.
    James F.
    Born :
    March 22, 1923
    Entered into rest :
    September 18, 2002
    79 years old
     James owned and operated Dixon’s Wrecker Service. He passed as a result from complications of a quintuple bypass operation performed over two months prior. Mr. Dixon was an Army veteran of World War II.
    Born :
    April 1, 1929
    Entered into rest :
    September 22, 2002
    73 years old
    James died of complications from the West Nile virus. Mr. Hoagland was a member of the 1999 International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame. He bought his first tow truck in 1951 and started Hoagy’s Wrecker Service, which is still in operation. Mr. Hoagland was co-founder of the Indiana Towing Association and director of the Interstate Towing Association. He was also a member of the American Legion, Fraternal Order of Police and the Indiana Motor Truck Association. He was active in Friends of Towing and helped promote annual fund-raisers for the organization, which supports the International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame.
    Robert P.
    Born :
    August 17, 1934
    Entered into rest :
     September 2, 2003
    69 years old
    Bob Harmon was a Past President of PWOF and Owner of Bob Harmon's Towing & Recovery in Pensacola.
    DEITZ Sr.
    Burton E.
    Born :
    May 5, 1933
    Entered into rest :
     September 17, 2003
    70 years old
    Deitz died at Kingston Hospital in New York. Mr. Deitz was the former owner of several auto and towing firms. He was the father of Burton Deitz Jr., present owner/operator of Bryant’s Towing, an authorized NYS Thruway tower in Kingston, N.Y. Mr. Deitz was the owner/operator of Coast RV in Crystal River, Fla. He was also the founder and former proprietor of Burton E. Deitz Inc. Auto Supply and Towing, Burton E. Deitz Auto Transport and Bryant’s Towing.
    Entered into rest :
    September 22, 2004
    52 years old
    Stump owned S&R Automobile Repair and Towing in Lancaster.
    Entered into rest :
    September 14, 2005
    63 years old
    Arthur "Sonny" Breese, 63, of Monmouth Junction died suddenly yesterday at his home. In 1968 he founded and opened Sonny's Garage and was still active in his business until the time of his death. He was responsible for servicing police and the Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad vehicles and in early years also serviced the Monmouth Junction Fire Company trucks.
    Diane L. Cutri

    Entered into rest :
    September 8, 2006
    50 years old
    Diane died at St. Mary’s Home Asbury following an extended illness. Diane was co-owner of
    H & S Service Station
    for many years. She was the wife of late Tom Hafensteiner.
    On Tow411, she was known as "Sidekick"
    Thank you Steve (Truck9) for remembering Diane
    Entered into rest :
    September 21, 2006
    47 years old
    "We lost a good man and a great WreckMaster today. His family needs your prayers to get through this trying time. Clay was born August 16,1959. He was a light and heavy duty driver. Clay loved his work and loved this industry and he will surely be missed by us all.
    I'll see you in the ditch my friend, Cliff".
    Doc's Towing
    Thank you Cliff (cliffwm010069) for remembering Clay
    Craig Alan

    Born :
    December 16, 1980
    Entered into rest :
    September 2, 2007
    27 years old
    On Sunday, September 2nd of 2007, Craig was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. He was a member of the
    Jim's Towing
     family for over three years.
    Donald L.
    Born :
    Entered into rest :
    September 23, 2007
    43 years old
    Donald was the owner of D&D Towing in South Boston. He died Sunday of a sudden illness. People remember him as being a funny man, someone who could always make them laugh, the big heart he had always lending a helping hand and as a man who was amazing and a true friend. You will truly be missed, Donald.
    Born :
    Entered into rest :
    September 24, 2007
    72 years old
    Vincent was the owner of Vincent Service Station in Mamaroneck. He did towing for several police departments and the AAA. He also had been an auxiliary officer in Harrison, where he was a resident, and Mamaroneck when those departments had auxiliary police.   HALL
    Born :
    Entered into rest :
    September 28, 2007
    29 years old
    Jayson was known for being a hard worker and always willing to lend a helping hand. His sense of humor could keep his friends and co-workers laughing all day long, which is something they will miss very much. Jayson passed away due to a heart attack suffered on Friday. He leaves behind a fiancé and a little girl of whom he was so proud of because she had just started Kindergarten.
    Resource: Towers Memorial Page
    If you can add details for any of these towers added to the topic.
    Please do not hesitate to add them in reply of contact me.
    Thank you!
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    ForgivenOne got a reaction from TowZone in Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018   
    Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. He sounds like a great man.
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