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  1. This is just happening right now. I bring sad news that a driver was hit and killed N/B 101 near the Spencer Avenue off ramp. The information is from the California Highway Patrol CAD. The driver worked for Wiler's Tow in Vallejo, California. I am deeply saddened for the family of the driver and the company he works for. There are no words I can express to relay my condolences to them. If you can call them and offer support and let them know you grieve with them. I just thought I should let you all know we are all suffering from this behavior. We need to stick together and educate everyone. ******************************************************************** Incident: 01904 Type: Fatality Location: US101 N / SPENCER AVE OFR Loc Desc: SB 101 JNO SPENCER Lat/Lon: 37.849246 -122.489356 4:49 PM 32 [69] ^***CANCEL SIGALERT*** ROADWAY CLEAR [Shared] 4:49 PM 31 [68] 1039 DOT-CC [Shared] 4:48 PM 30 [67] 34-S4 RDWY CLR [Shared] 4:47 PM 29 [66] B34-050 07 TOYT PRIUS 4D BLK 2 PLTS FOR 22651G TO MILL VALLEY TOW BY OFCR OSTLER 19000 [Shared] 4:43 PM 28 [65] 34-S4 CORTE MADERA TOW 97 [Shared] 4:29 PM 27 [64] B34-046 FOLLOWING EVIDENCE TOW [Shared] 4:21 PM 26 [59] [Notification] [CHP]-CORTE MADERA TOW ETA 15 TO 20 PLS ADV 34-S4 OTA [Shared] 4:19 PM 25 [58] MILL VLY 97 AND CORTE MADERA TOW ENRT FOR WILER'S TK [Shared] 4:12 PM 24 [57] 1039 BT / ETA 45 MINS OR LESS [Shared] 3:59 PM 23 [55] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 MILL VALLEY TOW 888-688-3303 ***** [Shared] 3:55 PM 22 [52] B34-050 REQ 1185R FOR TOYT PRIUS [Shared] 3:44 PM 21 [50] 1039 DOTCC LINE 48 [Shared] 3:42 PM 20 [48] 34-S4 REQ SIG ALERT // SB 101 JNO SPENCER #1-2 OPEN - #3-4 BLKD [Shared] 3:18 PM 19 [42] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 Downtown Ignacio Towing // 415.883.6124 - W/ EVIDENCE TOW FOR CHEV PK [Shared] 3:16 PM 18 [41] 34-S4 REQ 1185 EVIDENCE CHEV 1/2 TON PK [Shared] 3:07 PM 17 [38] [CHP] has closed their incident [190226GG01910] 3:06 PM 16 [36] [Notification] [CHP]-Problem changed from 1183-Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj to 1144-Fatality by CHP 3:02 PM 15 [35] 1039 DOTCC 3:02 PM 14 [34] 34-S4 1039 CORONER 2:55 PM 13 [30] ^***ISSUE SIGALERT*** SB 101 JNO SPENCER AVE - LANES #3-4 ARE BLOCKED - LANES #1-2 ARE OPEN - UNK ETO - USE ALT ROUTES - REF LOG 1904 2:50 PM 12 [28] 1039 DOT-CC 2:50 PM 11 [27] 1039 DOT-CC 2:49 PM 10 [26] ENRT TO TC SCENE W/AI KIT 2:47 PM 9 [20] BLKG #3/4 #1/2 OPEN 2:42 PM 8 [18] B34-046 #1/2/3 BLKD NOW 2:36 PM 7 [13] 1039 1141 2:34 PM 6 [9] B34-046 SB 101 JNO SPENCER OFR 2:34 PM 5 [8] B34-046 REQ FIRE C3 /// ONE PTY ON GROUND NOT MOVING 2:31 PM 4 [7] B34-046 BREAK STARTED AT RODEO 2:28 PM 3 [6] [Notification] [CHP]-PER GGB - THEY ARE 97 WITH STALL JNO WALDO -- THEY'LL CHECK AREA 2:26 PM 2 [3] 1 OF THE VEHS WAS AN 1185 2:26 PM 1 [2] TC'D INTO 2 VEHS THAT WERE ON RHS
  2. Keith Albertson, 58, owner and operator for 21 years of Keith's Auto Service and Towing in Bristol, Pa., died on Jan. 31, 2003. His charisma and humor will long be remembered. His sons Kevin and Dale continue the business that upholds Keith's hard work and legacy. Keith was carried to his final resting place upon the bed of his finest rollback. SOURCE: Fred Kurt, Friend, Joe Horisk Salvage and Towing New Castle, Del Originally added to Tow411 in 2006
  3. Virgel T. Fakes, 84, of Jetmore, Kansas, died Sunday, Jan. 18, 2004 at the Hodgeman County Health Center. Virgel Fakes was owner of Fakes Garage, Welding service and Towing service for more than 50 years. He was a member of the Protestant Faith, Mason and Odd Fellows Lodges. He also served as mayor and city councilman for 20 years. He is survived by his wife Betty; son Dale; daughter Virginia Carrington; brothers Herman and Clearnce; sisters Bertie Simpson and Odessa Smith; and one grandson.
  4. Ed, along with his wife Marilyn, founded National Tow & Road Service in Reno, Nevada. Despite being blind in one eye, he was an accomplished pilot, a sharpshooter and a past reserve deputy for the Washoe County Police Department. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in 2006
  5. Tommy C. Hutto, 74, of Ashburn, Ga., died Jan. 17, 2003. He was the owner of Hutto Shop and Wrecker Service for 35 years. Mr. Hutto was married with nine children, 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. His funeral service on Jan. 20 was lead by his own personal wrecker that was driven by his grandson Jeffery Cameron, followed by fleet of wreckers from surrounding counties.
  6. Hit-and-run driver kills wrecker operator in Irving Juan Guzman, 30, of Plano, Tx was struck and killed Sunday about 5:23 a.m. by a hit-and-run driver while trying to hook up another vehicle to his tow truck in the 400 block of Airport Freeway, near O'Connor Road, according to a police report. The driver of the passenger car did not attempt to stop, police said. Witnesses described the vehicle as a white sedan, possibly a Chevrolet or Pontiac or similar make, with a tan pinstripe. The right front section of the vehicle was likely damaged. Guzman worked for Walnut Hill Wrecker Service. Irving police said Wednesday they have made an arrest in connection with the hit-and-run death of a tow truck driver on New Year's Day. Charles Lamon Hicks, Jr, 19, of Dallas was arrested Tuesday and faces a charge of manslaughter, police said. Plano resident Juan Guzman, 30, was loading a vehicle Sunday morning in the 400 block of West Airport Freeway when a car allegedly driven by Mr. Hicks struck him. Mr. Guzman died as a result of his injuries. Mr. Hicks is being held on $25,000 bond. Police said he may face an additional charge of failure to stop and render aid in connection with the case. Posted on Wed, Jan. 04, 2006 Dallas man arrested in hit-and-run deathBy DOMINGO RAMIREZ JR.STAR-TELEGRAM STAFF WRITERIRVING - A Dallas man has been arrested in connection with the hit-and-run death Sunday of a wrecker driver, police said. Police identified the suspect as Charles L. Hicks Jr., 19, who was arraigned Wednesday morning on a charge of manslaughter. He was in the Irving City Jail Wednesday with bail set at $25,000. Hicks was arrested Tuesday evening at his Dallas home, police said. Juan Guzman, 30, of Plano, was fatally injured shortly before 5:30 a.m. Sunday by a hit-and-run driver while trying to hook up another vehicle to his tow truck in the 400 block of Airport Freeway near O'Connor Road. Guzman worked for Walnut Hill Wrecker Service. Police said they determined Hicks was a suspect by using witness accounts and from physical evidence at the scene. Wreckerman05 said: good to hear they caught him--the bond seems alitte low to me-but i wonder sometimes-how they set the bonds-good luck the towing company and family during this bad time-- ibflat2 said: great news that the suspect was caught now we hope that the courts are fair and justice is served... Biddy Corgan said: All things considered, this is some good news. Thanks Peter tommytows said: glad to hear he got caught michael212 said: Glad to here it. I don't know if I'm just noticing it but lately in our area there have been alot of Hit & Runs with pedestrians and vehicles. Most of them have been Fatals too. I just don't know why they run? They should know sooner or later they get caught up with. Michael Myers - 253.588.1757 ext 150 forgivenone said: I am glad the authorities caught the suspect. That is great news, Hoora! Originally added to Tow411 in 2006.
  7. Hello All, This is from the Atlanta Journal this morning. 1/11/5 Driver killed when tow truck overturns An East Point man was killed when his tow truck overturned after colliding with an interstate median and a car Monday morning, Gwinnett County police said. Xavion Wilson, 43, lost control of his tow truck on northbound I-85 just south of Indian Trail Road when a Honda Accord changed lanes in front of him, said police Cpl. Dan Huggins. The truck struck a median, then the Accord and overturned, he said. The driver of the Honda and a passenger in the tow truck were taken to Gwinnett Medical Center with minor injuries. Two other vehicles were sideswiped during the collision, but no other injuries were reported, Huggins said. Charges are pending against the driver of the Honda, police said. Thank you Matt for bringing this to our attention. Originally added to Tow411 in 2005:
  8. It is with deep sorrow that we are announcing the passing of former TRAK President Ronald Bentley last night, January 6th. Mr. Bentley retired from the towing and garage business several years ago, with the sale of his company, Peytona Garage, to the current owners, Denis & Connie Albert. Mr. Bentley was the founder and long time operator of Peytona Garage on east US 60 in Waddy, KY. He built and operated several heavy-duty tow trucks from his eastern Shelby County garage. Bentley served as president of the Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky in the 1998-99, after completing terms as vice-president from 1996-98. Funeral arrangements are pending, as Mr. Bentley, as his body is being returned from Florida, where he spent the winters fishing. He is survived by his wife, Ann, and son Scotty. Origianlly added to Tow411 in 2005:
  9. An old boss and dispatcher of mine has passed away. Doris Hill passed on at Meritcare hospital ion Fargo, ND on Tuesday the 27th, at the age of 73. She and her late husband Albert had purchased a Mobil station in Bemidji, MN in 1960. In 1976 they sold the station to focus on towing. She did bookkeeping, dispatching, and various other duties up until recent months at Hill's 1'st City Towing, which she and her son, Keith continued to operate after the loss of Albert (some years ago, I am guessing the early to mid 80's). The funeral will be this Sunday. I plan to attend, as I and many will miss her. She was a great person, who had a heart that was perhaps too big at times, given the nature of the industry. Thanks, and if you can give her a moment of thought, I am appreciative- L.W. towguyLW Thank you for sharing Lyle. Doris sounds like a wonderful woman and your thoughts of her are special. When someone comes into our life and leaves such a lasting impression as she, it makes life more worth it and we are blessed because of it. My thoughts and prayers for her family and you. Take care. ForgivenOne It sounds as though Doris was a very wonderful and caring person thru out her life... I am sure that she will be sorely missed due to her generous outlook on life... May the lord watch over her family.. I am so sorry to hear about another one leaving us for the pearly blue skies... I do know that she will rest in peace... Devin letsplay2 Thanks to those of you who posted here, and also to those who did like I often do- Gave your thoughts or prayers but did so in silence. Truly, Lyle towguyLW Originally Added to Tow411 in 2005:
  10. Thompson, loving husband, father, son, brother, passed away at his home due to a house fire. Also lost in the fire were four best friends Zeus, Zorro, Lucky and Porscha. He worked for Fort Union Towing. Originally added to Tow411 in 2005
  11. Gerichten died of a massive heart attack. He was the owner of Ken's Towing. Monetary donations to help cover funeral costs may be sent to Ken's Towing, PO Box 35, Pleasant Mount, PA 18453. On January 26 2002 we all lost a good friend .He always had something good to say and always gave you a good feeling after talking with him I know I always left our conversations with a smile .To his family ,Ann , We all grieve with you ,and are with you in our thoughts and prayers . You know you can call on us anytime . BIG KEN ===============COOTER MAY YOU REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND eagletow
  12. Tow Truck Operator Killed Port Richmond, Friday Jan. 28, 2005- Philadelphia police are looking for a driver, who struck and killed a tow truck operator, and then left the scene. The Action Cam was along I-95 North, near Allegheny Avenue in Port Richmond late Thursday evening. Police say the tow truck operator was talking to a motorist with a disabled vehicle. A dark-colored Mercedes convertible slammed into the operator and kept going. The man died at the scene. Police say the Mercedes may have windshield and side-view mirror damage. The accident shut down a stretch of I-95 North for about two-and-a-half hours... it has since re-opened. Fatal I-95 Hit-And-Run Investigated Driver Believed To Be 40-Year-Old White Male With Gray Hair PHILADELPHIA (KYW) Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. CBS 3's Ji Young Min reports the incident occurred in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95, just north of Girard Avenue late Thursday. Authorities say a black, two-door Mercedes Benz SL hit and killed 32-year-old Robert Janaitis of the 200 block of South 11th Street, a tow truck driver who was assisting a disabled motorist. Captain Bruce Capriotti of the Philadelphia Police Department says the accident division has since recovered parts of the car as evidence scene: "Right now we have some damaged parts and were going to dealerships and of course right away we're going to go to a Mercedes dealership and if nothing else to track down the year of the car from the lenses, from the mirror, and from the parts of the car that we have recovered from the scene." Min has learned that according to witnesses, the Mercedes is believed to be between 1998 and 2000 and may have had either Delaware or Pennsylvania plates along with a blue and white sticker on the back bumper. The right side mirror is reportedly missing on the car. The search for the driver, who is believed to be a white male with gray hair in his 40's, continues. alan407 I'm the wife/widow of ROBERT JANAITIS. I'm new at this site so I hope I'm doing this right. I just want to thank every and any tow truck driver for all the support through this tragedy. I will miss him forever!!! And many others will miss him too! May he sleep in peace and bring us the heartless piece of sh*t with the Mercedes!! CONTACT ME @ FLATBED550@MSN.COM AGAIN ALL OF YOU CANT BE THANKED ENOUGH!! PLEASE STAY SAFE!! SOUTHPHILLY5 Tow-truck operator killed in I-95 incident By DAMON C. WILLIAMS williadc@phillynews.com The car that struck and killed an independent tow truck operator on Interstate 95 Thursday night was driving a late-model sports car, according to police. Captain Bruce Capriotti of the Accident Investigation Division also said "there's a possibility" that the car had Delaware tags. The hit-and-run accident killed 36-year-old Robert Janaitis, who lived on south 11th Street in Philadelphia. Janaitis, cops said, pulled in front of a disabled Plymouth Voyager minivan just before the Girard Avenue on-ramp. When Janaitis got out to help the stranded driver of the minivan, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz plowed into him, sending his body into the lanes of the expressway. The driver of the Mercedes fled the scene. Cops said the driver may have been on a cell phone; numerous witnesses confirm that the Benz was moving erratically before the accident. The police are looking for a two-door Mercedes-Benz sports coupe, possibly the SL-500 model. Tow Zone Just a little update... the owner of the 2000 mercedes made his car available to police...the man was not arrested....his lawyer has been in contact with police....police say it is not known if he was driving the car or not??...as for me i dont know many people who lend out there mercedes.... and if it were stolen i think i would know and report it...so how many people could have been driving it???.....only one and that is the owner...i think he is guilty and should be a man and admit it....his car sat in his driveway or garage for 3 days with a broken mirror, whole in half of the winsheild and body and front end damage..not to mention he had to see my husband come through his winsheild and never even thought to stop..imagine that..must be nice to have money and power and get away with murder... SOUTHPHILLY5 Posted on Mon, Feb. 28, 2005 A death, a widow and a coward By John Grogan Inquirer Columnist In the big city, his was a small death, barely noticed. Robert Janaitis was not famous or wealthy or connected. He was just a dirt-under-the-nails working guy from South Philadelphia, a high school dropout who made his living driving a tow truck up and down I-95, rescuing stranded motorists. That's what he was doing on the night of Jan. 27 when he saw a disabled minivan squeezed onto the narrow shoulder near the Girard Avenue on-ramp. Janaitis, 31, flicked on his flashing lights, pulled in front of the van, and stepped out. A black Mercedes-Benz clipped him as he leaned down to examine the van, throwing him onto the hood and then into the path of a taxi. The cabbie stopped; the Mercedes' driver did not, despite an impact powerful enough to rip off the luxury car's grill and outside mirror and cave in its windshield. The Inquirer dedicated 161 words to Janaitis' death. The Daily News gave it 169 words. Life in the big city churned on. But it has stopped cold for Janaitis' widow, Jaime, 27, devastated by the loss of her husband of six years. "He was my world," she told me last week. "And now I feel like my whole world has just shut down." The loss of her husband is hard enough. Knowing that the man who hit him is still out there, walking free, makes it harder still. Evasive behavior "He just left my husband there to die. I just can't understand it," she said. "He can't even be man enough to admit what he did to my husband." Indeed, the driver's behavior gives weasels everywhere a bad name. Three days after fleeing the scene, the driver's lawyer turned the Mercedes over to police, newly cleaned, which removed potential evidence, said Capt. Bruce Capriotti of the Accident Investigation Division. The driver, with his attorney, then gave police what Capriotti called "a very, very, very limited" statement. In other words, he lawyered up. Yes, he owns the damaged 2000 Mercedes SL convertible. Yes, it does seem to be sparkling clean. No, it wasn't stolen. And beyond that, well, he'd rather not discuss it. "We know who did it," Capriotti told me last week. "There's no doubt. We know who did it." The trick, he said, is gathering enough evidence from witness accounts and the sanitized vehicle to make a case that will stick. He turned his investigative findings over to the District Attorney's Office on Thursday. Capriotti declined to name the suspect, who, he said, lives in Philadelphia. The irony of the hit-and-run, the captain said, is that the crash itself appears to be an accident, plain and simple. Because of the narrow shoulder, the tow truck and the minivan were protruding into traffic, and Janaitis appears to have been standing in the traffic lane when hit. A cowardly crime "We know this guy did not go down there to intentionally kill someone, but we also know he intentionally ran away," Capriotti said of the driver. And that is a crime. Jaime Janaitis feels the slow burn of justice delayed - and worries it could become justice denied. "I'm just hoping he's not someone with power who feels he can buy his way out of this," she said. The widow is not alone in her grief and outrage. Tow drivers around the region are watching the case, awaiting justice for a fallen comrade. Said Janaitis' boss, Mike Otterson, owner of South Philly Towing: "I'm very, very upset. I just can't fathom how that person could leave the scene... and then stay away for this long. It just boggles the mind." After Janaitis' Funeral Mass at St. Rita's Catholic Church on South Broad Street, his fellow tow drivers lifted his casket not into a hearse, but onto the back of the flatbed tow truck he was driving the night he died. A procession of 50 tow trucks then accompanied his body to SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Marple Township. It was the way he would have wanted it to be, his friends say. Robert Janaitis was a little guy in the big city. Now he is dead, while the man who struck him remains free. His young widow sits alone in an empty home, waiting. John R. AKA Formula One Towing Marquette, Michigan auto rescue NE Philly Man Charged in Tow Truck Driver's Death PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Mar. 3, 2005 - A Northeast Philadelphia man has been charged in a hit-and-run accident that killed a tow truck driver on Interstate 95 in January. Sixty-seven-year-old Robert Swineheart of Northeast Philadelphia turned himself in to police and was charged with an accident January 27th that killed tow truck operator Robert Ginitis. Police say tips from the public helped them crack the case. Ginitis was taking care of a disabled vehicle when he was struck. The driver of the car that hit Ginitis drove off. Swinehart is charged with homicide-by-vehicle, manslaughter, and leaving the scene of an accident. Robert Swinehart of Philadelphia is 67 years of age. John R. AKA Formula One Towing Marquette, Michigan auto rescue Arrest in fatal hit-and-run Investigators have charged a 67-year-old Northeast man in the January accident that killed a local tow-truck driver on I-95. By Lorraine Gennaro March 10, 2005 After a month-long investigation, police have made an arrest in the Jan. 27 hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 31-year-old local tow-truck driver. Bobby Janaitis, of the 2400 block of South 11th Street, was killed just after he stopped to help a pair of stranded motorists on Interstate-95 near Girard Avenue. Robert Swinehart, 67, of Northeast Philadelphia, surrendered to police March 2, said Capt. Bruce Capriotti of the Accident Investigation Division. Swinehart was charged with homicide by vehicle, manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. If convicted of all three offenses, he could face a maximum of 20 years in jail, the captain said. Janaitis, who worked for South Philly Towing, was on duty when he stopped to aid the motorists, said the division's Sgt. George Golden. Mike Otterson, who owns the towing company, confirmed that Janaitis had been on duty at the time, contrary to previous reports stating he was off-duty. Janaitis had just exited his truck when he was struck and killed by a black Mercedes shortly after 10:30 p.m., Golden said. Four days later, Swinehart surrendered a convertible 2000 SL 500 Series Mercedes to police and gave a "very limited statement," said Capriotti, who added that the suspect's daughter owns the car. The captain explained that it took investigators more time to establish that Swinehart was the driver. "You can have the car but in court you have to put the person behind the wheel in order to have a successful prosecution," Capriotti said. "That is the most important part." Swinehart "was a person of interest from the start," added the captain. The District Attorney's Office has no record of convictions for Swinehart, said DA director of communications Cathie Abookire. South Philly Towing's Otterson said he was somewhat relieved that police had made the arrest, adding, "We'll have to see what justice is implemented on this." The owner remembered Janaitis as a dedicated, conscientious employee who had worked for him a little less than a year. "He was a very good person, kindhearted, very jolly, happy-go-lucky type," Otterson said. jaime SOUTHPHILLY5 Just want to THANK YOU ALL for your support, thoughts and prayers....Our prayers have been answered...They got him..thank god... Thank you soo much all of you... I love this site and im soo glad I found it.... you are all so nice and helpful...like you all said ..one BIG family... everyone stay safe out there....Ill keep updateing you with anything i know as I know... His arrest doesnt bring my bobby back ...but atleast this guy isnt walking freely with his life anymore... Many thanks..............jaime SOUTHPHILLY5 Originally created on Tow411 in 2005:
  13. Waipahu, HI - A 25-year-old Waipahu man driving a tow truck died Thursday after the vehicle veered off Kamokila Boulevard and crashed into a utility pole near Nau Place at 1:45 p.m. McKenna Victor died at 2:55 p.m. at St. Francis Medical Center-West. Tow Zone McKenna suffered from a massive heart attack while driving a tow truck down Kapolei Parkway and towing a customer's vehicle.. He ended up slamming into a lightpole and wrapping the tow truck around it.. Paramedics had to give him shock treatment to bring him back around but he later died at Saint Francis Hospital.. May he rest in peace and the lord watch over his daughter.. He wasn't married.. Devin letsplay2 An autopsy determined that 25-year-old McKenna Victor died of heart failure and not from injuries related to the crash of his tow truck Tow Zone I do thank everyone here for their condolences and prayer's for McKenna Victor... I just paid my last respects to him along with a lot of other towing, trucking & transportation firms... May he rest in peace... Devin letsplay2
  14. Gonzalez Tries To Stop Truck From Rolling Down Hill SAN DIEGO -- A 41-year-old tow-truck operator suffered fatal injuries when he was run over by his rig as he tried to stop it from rolling backward down a hill. The accident occurred as Francisco Gonzalez worked to attach a vehicle to his tow truck in the 3100 block of G Street about 9 p.m. Sunday said San Diego police Sgt. Rey Armstrong said. Police said Gonzalez grabbed the door and tried to jump inside the truck when it started rolling. He was dragged for almost a block, as the tow truck hit five parked vehicles, Armstrong said. Gonzalez, who suffered head and leg injuries, died at Scripps Mercy Hospital shortly before 10 p.m., medical examiner investigator Michael Ellano said.
  15. The driver was in a Tri Marc/AAA Roadside Assistance Van which was fully equipt and he had his safety vest on. All the lights and vests in the world sometimes are just not enough. We place ourselves in just as much danger out there on the roads as others. This one was a bad one though since the fall you will read may have been what actually took his life. Our Thought's are with his Family, Freinds and Co-workers as they deal with this loss. LOUISVILLE -- A Louisville man who drove a van to help stranded drivers died Tuesday after being hit by a garbage truck. The man, whose identity has not been released, drove a van for the American Automobile Association, and was helping during a traffic backup in the westbound lanes of Interstate 64 near the Shawnee split, WLKY NewsChannel 32's Allison Gardner reported. The crash, which involved several cars, happened at about 9 a.m. The victim began directing traffic from the right lane, indicating to motorists to move over into the left lanes. A sanitation truck driver saw the victim too late, and when he tried to move over, he hit a cattle truck, spun out of control and hit the AAA truck, then hit the man. The victim fell over the highway guardrail, and dropped 75 feet to his death. An autopsy will determine if the man died from the accident or the fall, Gardner reported. "Many times, (AAA will) come and use their arrow boards, their yellow lights, their tools and know-how to help change flat tires or call someone for help," Metro Police Lt. Kelly Jones said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have questioned the driver of the santitation truck. "It's certainly too early to tell if any charges will be filed in this case," Jones said. I-64 was closed for several hours, but it will be days -- maybe weeks -- before the investigation is complete, Gardner reported. "All factors are still in play at this point," Metro police spokesman Dwight Mitchell said. Gary Lynn Resnik RESNIK, GARY LYNN, 52, of Louisville, passed away Tuesday. He was employed by AAA Kentucky, a Vietnam veteran with 21 years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps and a member of Middletown VFW Lodge #1170 and the American Legion Zachary Taylor Post. He is survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Vicki; a daughter, Sanya Bowen; three sons, Gary Resnik Jr., Jason Resnik and Jordan Resnick; a brother, Michael Resnick of Sacramento, CA; his parents, Tony and Barbara Resnik of San Francisco, CA; and three grandchildren, Alyssa, Ashley and Shawn. His funeral service will be held at noon Saturday at Christ Church Cathedral, with cremation to follow. Visitation will be from 4-9 p.m. Friday at Arch L. Heady Westport Rd. at Herr Ln. Originally created on Tow411 in 2005
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