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    A stripped bolt can cause frustration for any operator. Luckily WreckMaster Lead Instructor Casey Burrows has some tips on how to quickly and efficiently address the issue. Source Link
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    It seems like this is a trend, if this had been a Police Officer, Fire Fighter even EMS or maybe DOT she might have been found guilty. But a Tow Truck Driver or say A Garbage Collector we are discounted by the general public. What would happen if there were no vehicles being Towed or Trash being Collected. There comes a point when WE say enough is enough and as Professionals decide our lives and the jobs we do are as important as those who receive what seems to be much more respect. Let the vehicles sit for a day or two and the trash back up for a week. Our value and importance to society will not go unnoticed.
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    Race Recovery during Daytona 500 Crash

    I work race recovery at Fontana. Nascar has some special made straps that we use to roll the vehicle slowly so it does hurt the driver. When useing the straps we can control the ease of the rollover back onto it's wheels. we back the wrecker to the middle of the passager side and use both cables and the starps to reverse roll it If you watched the truck race they had to do the same technique.
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    This unit is currently available!
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    This unit is currently available!
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    Oh, I've definitely learned! I do not accept motor-club calls on a PO for any winch out that's over 15 feet away from pavement or over 20 miles away from my location....at their rate. If it's over what I stated, I let them know I do off road recovery as well. I tell them my rate and except nothing less. When I use my off road recovery trucks, I collect a non-refundable deposit upfront, the caller is told all calls are recorded and I also have video in all my trucks. Fool me once.... is all it took, won't happen a second time. I truly appreciate all the comments good or bad because it gives all outlooks on the matter and helps me decide the direction to take. Be safe out there! :-)
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    Pulling out a tree stump for mom

    I had several stumps about that size to remove last year in preparation to expand our impound yard. After realizing, as you did, that I would have to use two trucks to have enough anchor, and the time it took for all the rigging necessary to pull the first stump, I hired a local contractor to remove the rest of them with an excavator. I needed to use him to haul fill dirt and gravel to level the lot anyway. He did the whole job in a day. It would have taken me that much time just to pull the rest of the stumps.
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    This data was obtained from NASCAR.com THE GREAT AMERICAN RACE HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17th @ 4:00pm on the FOX NETWORK, DUE TO RAIN Starting Position Driver Team 1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. JTG Daugherty Racing 2. Alex Bowman Hendrick Motorsports 3. Joey Logano Team Penske 4. William Byron Hendrick Motorsports 5. Aric Almirola Stewart-Haas Racing 6. Jimmie Johnson Hendrick Motorsports 7. Ryan Newman Roush Fenway Racing 8. Kyle Larson Chip Ganassi Racing 9. Brad Keselowski Team Penske 10. Kevin Harvick Stewart-Haas Racing 11. Bubba Wallace Richard Petty Motorsports 12. Cole Custer Stewart-Haas Racing 13 Austin Dillon Richard Childress Racing 14. Erik Jones Joe Gibbs Racing 15. Martin Truex Jr. Joe Gibbs Racing 16. Matt DiBenedetto Wood Brothers Racing 17. Christopher Bell Leavine Family Racing 18. Kurt Busch Chip Ganassi Racing 19. Chris Buescher Roush Fenway Racing 20. Ross Chastain Spire Motorsports 21. Denny Hamlin Joe Gibbs Racing 22. Tyler Reddick Richard Childress Racing 23. John Hunter Nemechek Front Row Motorsports 24. Ty Dillon Germain Racing 25. Chase Elliott Hendrick Motorsports 26. Michael McDowell Front Row Motorsports 27. Ryan Blaney Team Penske 28. Kyle Busch Joe Gibbs Racing 29. Clint Bowyer Stewart-Haas Racing 30. David Ragan Rick Ware Racing 31. Ryan Preece JTG Daugherty Racing 32. Timmy Hill* MBM Motorsports* 33. Justin Haley* Kaulig Racing* 34. Brennan Poole Premium Motorsports 35. Quin Houff StarCom Racing 36. Corey LaJoie GO FAS Racing 37. Joey Gase Petty Ware Racing 38. BJ McLeod Rick Ware Racing 39. Brendan Gaughan* Beard Motorsports* 40. Reed Sorenson* Premium Motorsports*
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    Mid Iowa Towing Fire

    The reports state there were no trucks involved in the fire. So, as bad as the property damage is they have insurance as reported and they have the trucks. They'll be up and running the wreckers out of a temporary location while the business is being rebuild. It's a 3 year ordeal they will be embarking on. They may get a new building but the costs are never all covered by insurance.
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    Re: Fight or Flight

    An operator has to wear multiple hats today. You have to have the mechanical aptitude to complete the hook up and tow. While this is important, it is onlh part of the equation. You must have communication skills to include listening skills to allow a client to vent. You have to have the wisdom to keep your thoughts anf opinions to yourself. You must have the basic math and grammar skills to complete a narrative and total an invoice. You also need to have diplomacy as well as social worker skills. You are dealing with people who many times are at a low point in their lives. Your capacity to do the tow is just a small part of the requirements to complete the job. You can be the best at preparing and hooking up a vehicle, but you will be a failure if you are not minimally skilled in all aspects of towing.
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    While I'm a firm believe that, "Shit Rolls Down-Hill", I'd like to see a convoy of one-million tow trucks, carriers, heavies, rotators, whatever, driving in solidarity around the white-house, capitol loop. Is that a possibility where our president were to see a rolling representations of tow operator's defending the lives of those lost and those who continue to work the nation's highway. Like the Spirit Ride ... how much more stronger of a statement could their be? R.
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    To those following this topic please sound off we need to hear you going into some type of Round Table. I have been an advocate of some type of show of Tow Trucks on a specific day of the year across the Nation. The Towing & Recovery Industry needs this National Attention as did the Convoys of the 1970's. While, I am not sure the level of participation back then would result in the same news coverage and prompt a movie "Convoy". I do believe it is a strong statement that this industry has reached the point, we Tow Truck Operators are now seeking a strong show of unity. While it will NEVER happen, at the end of the line a Shut Down or Slow Down Day combined with a Convoy of Tow Trucks may be the Only Movement to gain that National Attention! I do not know, let's discuss it.... If you're just sitting there reading this, then you're saying you're OK with the more than 100, even 200 Tow Operators being Struck & Killed combined with Struck & Injured. Sound Off You Not OK, together we can be the answer to save at minimum A Tow Operators Life a Year. That Life could be your own!
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    February is Patron Recognition Month

    Still here
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    Hi Mr. Moores ... Something tells me that, if tow operator deaths continue to not mean enough to solve the problem, perhaps a, "no-call response", is a solution for towers to consider. So, playing the Devil's Advocate, would a state's DOT take over towing when private tow companies pull-away out of rebellion? I don;t see that happening because some tower will always be in the wings to jump in. Am I wrong? My fatality statistics for tow operator strikes go back to 1956 and count as many as 33-tow operator's killed working highway related events, with or without the cops on scene. That's 66x years of continued carnage and no recognizable relief insight. As far as SDMO laws, we towers are appreciative of those laws, but they do little to nothing because the motoring public fails to respond to their meaning. SDMO is simply an administrative bandage to a much bigger operational problem. Unfortunately, law enforcement doesn't have a solution. R.
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    PTO Lubrication

    Depending on application. When mounted on manual transmissions, essentially, the PTO becomes part of transmission case. Gravity & centrifugal pressure. Mounted on a automatic requires a hose attached to pressurized port on trans & return is gravity Only required service is lubricating the PTO pump splines & NOT-leaving it on driving
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    According to the author, Rob Lawrence, he writes, "Additionally, NHTSA administers over $500 million in grant programs annually. NHTSA awards grants for occupant protection, state traffic safety information systems, impaired driving countermeasures, distracted driving, motorcyclist safety, state graduated driver licensing laws and non-motorized safety." His narrative falls-short of any mention of throwing some of that grant money at protecting tow operators under grant programs initiated by NHTSA. If it's known that tow operators represent the highest number of pedestrian strikes, why is there no focus at the root cause of tow operator deaths? All he's saying what's been known for years. R.
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    When it comes to that get er' done mentality by most operators, especially where a towers actions are simply dangerous and illegal ... I remember my dad saying, "Learn when to say NO!" Most cops don't know what those things' weigh and it's their focus to get the street or intersection cleared even if the little engine that could is grossly overloaded. Good solution Eric. R.
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    You have been dispatched to recover a skid steer that has become stuck at the bottom of a 15° grade. Due to the location of the skid steer, you have to back down the grade to get close enough to perform the recovery. The tow truck you are operating has a gross vehicle weight of 13,260 lb. With the front axle weighing 5,860 lb while the rear axle weighs 7,400 lb. After successfully winching the wheeled skid steer out, the wrecker's rear axle has become mired to tire depth. The front axle is on a soft surface. On the scene, there is a dump truck at the top of the hill that can be positioned directly in front of the tow truck. There are two attachment points on the rear of the dump truck. You are able to move the wheeled skid steer to position it on the driver's side of the tow truck with it lined up just in front of the rear axle. The bucket has an attachment point on it. The wire rope has been run off the end of the boom to a snatch block attached to the skid loader, from there the line is run through a snatch block attached to the driver's side rear attachment point of the dump truck. From there the line is run through a snatch block that is attached to a two-legged bridle attached to the front of the truck that is stuck. The hook end of the wire rope is then attached to the passenger side of the dump truck. The rear brakes are set on the dump truck with it sitting on hard-packed gravel. The wheeled skid steer is sitting on hard-packed grass with all of its brakes set. The angle of the sheave head is at 90° The angle of snatch block A is at 10° The angle of snatch block B is at 30° The angle of snatch block C is at 70° Take the quiz below to see if you know your stuff! View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
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    Now, Drum Roll... Announcing the Official 2020 Show Truck Model!
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    Old Tow

    February is Patron Recognition Month

    Last I checked (took my blood pressure this morning) and the meter moved so guess I'm still here !😄
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    I forgot about Tesla... but they are great... they pay me very very well... but we only hear from them once a month or so recently. NSD- Patrick is their life saver... they are good to me but the volume isnt there. AAA we dumped many years ago- they were terrible but from my knowledge each region is very different and many are treated far better than the AAA Midatlantic. The one I really dont agree with is Netcost- they cheated me out of money in the past and now I refuse to do any work for them at all no matter what the pay is. They wont gt service from us ever again.
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    February is Patron Recognition Month

    HERE! TowForce has my support, Keep It Growing!
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    February is Patron Recognition Month

    Still here enjoying the various posts.
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    That's a true industry leader to come out at night to lend guidance and experience to a recovery. Daniel your growth over the past decade has been so enlightening and should serve as a beacon to those questioning their limits. Keep your limits in check and you'll be the one offering an expanded knowledge soon enough.
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    I dont know how some towers and law enforcement interact in other areas but I can tell you that NO law enforcement officer is going to tell me to not only break the law but, abuse my equipment for them. I live and work by a simple credo, " I dont tell L.E. , EMS or FIRE how and when to do their jobs so your NOT going to tell me how to do mine. And to the tow services that are at this particular scene, If you dont have the right equipment for the job, then dont do the job. Your going to run out of luck eventually and kill or hurt someone or yourself.
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    We have had every motor club (except aaa) take advantage of our generosity and eagerness to help people in need in similar ways just like that. They will even get the supervisor on the line who PROMISES to pay the extra amount but when you submit it they send you the regular fee and claim nobody can authorize the amount in which you had agreed upon. Sorry it happened to you but that seems to be the way it goes. ALSO customers in need will call every company that will respond to them and not bother to cancel the in route companies when the first one shows up. This is an incredible waste of resources and time.
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    I would look for a place where the wiring has rubbed and is making contact when the engine moves abruptly. Letting the clutch out quickly and taking off from a hill tend to put more rotational torque on the engine and drive train and could be moving the engine just enough to make a wire short out. My guess would be where the wire harness comes from the battery up along the firewall into the power distribution block, probably down near the bottom of the firewall. Most likely you will have to pull back some of the wire loom to inspect the harness, look for signs of rubbing or green corrosion to give you a place to start. It could also be under the dash, if the wire harness that feeds the interior fuse block or VPM (mounted under the dash to the top left) is rubbing on the clutch mounting bracket, a harsh movement could be just enough to cause the wire to short momentarily and blow the fuse.
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