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    As of recent, i think both of us thought the days where over, but here we are. Nothing has been more enjoyable than teaching with this guy, Jeff Martin We at times argue like brothers over class logistics and stuff, but you folks see the end result. Add the other folks and we have a great time. Nobody, I'd rather have by my side. Love ya brother
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    Patriotic Tag

    Put this on one of our parts delivery trucks. “TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA” NEW: “IN GOD WE TRUST” LICENSE PLATE - NC The Soldiers & Airmen Assistance Fund, Inc. is proud to announce that the updated design for our “In God We Trust” license plate is now available in NC. The new design features “In God We Trust” (the official motto of the US), the American Eagle (the national emblem, symbol of freedom, authority and power), in the background the US Flag (represents our expression of patriotism), the letters S and A (stands for Soldiers and Airmen), a white background behind the numbers and North Carolina in red (representing the energy and strength of our great state). The In God We Trust is the most patriotic specialty license plate in North Carolina. Of the extra $30 annual fee for the specialty tag, $20 goes to Soldiers & Airmen Assistance Fund to support the citizen soldiers of the North Carolina National Guard. “The theme of this plate is a true expression of our patriotism. Our goal was to design a plate that every North Carolinian would be proud to put on their vehicle. We now have a plate that is attractive, with the right colors, that stands out and makes people notice. We hope North Carolinians will help us honor our Guardsmen, our veterans and everyone wearing the military uniform that protects our state and nation,” said Dennis Roach, retired Sergeant Major and Director of the SAAF. To order your plate, visit www.ncdot.gov/dmv. Click Online Services Tab, Order Personalized & Specialized Plates, Order Special Plate, click “I” to locate “In God We Trust” plate and click on the image. If you currently have the plate with the yellow ribbon on it and would like the new one, DMV said you need to go by one of their offices and tell them you want the new one. If you go online to order, you will just receive the stickers and not the new plate.
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    Ron ... I wholeheartedly nominate Steve and Doc Calitri of American Towman Magazine, and, Clarissa Powell, Tow Times Magazine, for their career participation to the towing and recovery industry. Their publications and tow show presentations have provided towing and recovery professionals the platform in which to share everything having to do with the industry. They've created environments that bring tow professionals to together throughout the world. Thank you for your contributions to the industry. You are true leaders and this recognition is due. Steve, Doc and Clarissa have undoubtedly influenced myself and millions of readers on an international scale ... no small task. I believe this award is befitting to their leadership and committment to the towing and recovery industry. R.
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    Joanne Blyton of Billings Towing & Recovery, Montana, has been elected 2019 TRAA President. Joanne is the first woman to hold this position in 40 years. A long time member of Tow411 and now TowForce, member name "speedracer". Join us as we send our congratulations on a rise to the top, for a woman who truly earned it. TRAA "Towing & Recovery Association of America Tow411 - "Towing Information Network" Her Candidate Bio is available online at http://traaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Joanne-Blyton.pdf
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Glenn and myself will be there
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    Whenever something is being towed, additional securements should always be attached. This doesn’t just apply to wreckers - secondary attachment chains should be attached even hauling a trailer, boat trailer or camper. These chains are there for an obvious reason: to prevent an accident in the event of an attachment failure while towing. But why does WreckMaster insist that the secondary attachments are always crossed? It prevents casualty from veering into traffic Probably the most important information on this list, crossing your chains ensures that the casualty will stay behind your truck in the event of a disconnect from the wheel lift/underrearch. If the chains were parallel and went straight back to the casualty, they would be able to veer and swing freely in both directions and potentially into other vehicles. When the chains are crossed, the casualty is prevented from veering too far in either direction and will instead stay behind the wrecker. NOTE: in the event of a disconnect, be sure to slowly change lanes and reduce speed to avoid the casualty from slamming into the back of the wrecker. It affects turning Secondary attachments can be affected by turning in two ways: You can use the shortest amount of chain and it will make less contact with the ground. If the chains were to be connected parallel and go straight back to the casualty, one of the chains would become too tight whenever turning. For example, when a wrecker turns right, the distance between the left side of the wrecker and the left side of the casualty increases. On the opposite side the chain continues to slack thereby making contact with the ground. By crossing the chains, the amount of chain required is reduced and therefore you will minimize the likelihood of your chains contacting the ground. They Can go above or under the under reach When the chains are crossed, whether they go above or below the wheel lift does not matter. Why is this important? It means that securing to the most logical attachment point becomes easier. Cross the chains over the under reach also helps keep the chains from making contact with the ground while turning. There are benefits to both: Crossing the chains beneath requires more chain but they will not interfere with any other equipment such as towing lights or scratch the under reach. Crossing above can scratch the under reach but requires less chain. or Just be sure that whether you cross them above or below the under reach that they will not interfere with any other pieces of equipment, such as the towing lights. View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
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    Our Most Influentual Industry Leaders

    I would nominate Bob Fouquette from Big Wheel / RBU in Massachusetts. Besides the fact that he has helped thousands of towing companies across the country, he also possesses quality character traits like Integrity, compassion & the genuine concern and desire to help people. His wealth of knowledge of our industry is second to none and he runs his life & business with strong moral principles. I am proud to call him my friend and look to his "model" when I judge my own decisions.
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    1950's crash pics from Los Angeles

    A few vintage crash pics from L.A. First up is a rollover, northbound US-101 at Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. On scene is Muller Brothers Garage, the LAPD contract tow for Hollywood Division, July 8, 1958. Riverside Drive at Rodger Young Village (veteran's housing complex), near where the L.A. Zoo and Gene Autry Museum are today. March 22, 1952. Another crash on the Hollywood Freeway (US-101) circa 1952. Muller Brothers with the Chevy/Holmes. 1st and Olive, Downtown L.A., October 1951. Marquette wrecker belongs to Viertel's Automotive, 237 S. Figueroa St. Downtown L.A. Rich Viertel was one of the first LAPD contract tow operators, his company still holds the contract for Central and Rampart divisions. Runaway car, 3rd and Alameda, Downtown L.A. July 23, 1951. Truck is also from Viertel's Automotive. Rollover the hard way S/B Santa Ana Freeway (US-101) south of 7th Street in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles) March 9, 1957. Wrecker is likely a Hollenbeck Automotive unit as they were the LAPD tow for that division. (CHP did not cover freeways within L.A. City limits, they were LAPD's responsibility until 1968) Same wreck as the previous pic, photo taken from 7th Street overpass. The area looks different today, interchanges were built for 2 more freeways here (I-10 and SR-60) there are now traffic lanes where the embankments are in this pic. The Boyle Avenue overpass in the background looks similar today, though it was hollowed out on each side to accommodate the additional lanes of freeway traffic underneath. This area is known as the East L.A. interchange, or more recently the Eugene A. Obregon Memorial Interchange. PFC Obregon was a 19 year old kid from East L.A. who enlisted in the Marine Corps and won the Medal of Honor posthumously while serving with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines at Seoul, Korea in 1950. Black & White Garage uprighting a cabbage truck in Pacoima, November 15, 1951. Note truck tied off to a Holmes tree. Black & White is still the contract tow for LAPD Foothill division. Rollover, S/B Pasadena Freeway north of Orange Grove Ave. in South Pasadena. Photo taken from Meridian Ave. overcrossing, July 11, 1958. Towing company is unknown, but likely Colliau's of South Pasadena. Westbound Ramona Freeway (now San Bernardino Freeway, I-10) just west of Herbert Ave in East Los Angeles. The railroad tracks are L.A.'s Pacific Electric Railway, the famous "Red Car" system that was dismantled by GM, Standard Oil and Firestone rubber in order to sell L.A. more buses. Rolled CHP cruiser on US-101 at Malibu Rd. (now Las Virgenes Rd). near Calabasas. Nov. 25, 1951. A-1 Garage pulling one out of a storefront, Normandie Ave. at Fountain, in Hollywood. June 29, 1951. Located at 38th and Broadway, and operating about 20 trucks, A-1 Garage was the King of heavy duty towing in L.A. until Continental Towing opened shop in 1958. The mechanics at A-1 were union, but when the wrecker drivers wanted to unionize as well, the owner decided to quit the towing biz. Nice pic of a '58 or '59 Chevy with what appears to be a Holmes 400RW. Judging from the telephone exchange prefix, these guys were in Hollywood. Johnson's Super Service with what appears to be a '53 Chevy pulling one out of the Plymouth House Restaurant on the Sunset Strip near Doheny Dr., West Hollywood, June 1958. Johnson's is still the L.A. County Sheriff's contract tow for WeHo. The Key Club, a popular Sunset Strip music venue now stands where the Plymouth House was. Trailer loaded with chocolate syrup, Anaheim Street under Terminal Island Freeway (now SR-47), Wilmington (L.A. harbor district) April 10, 1957. Wrecker looks like a home built pipe job, my dad thinks it belonged to either City Tow in Long Beach or Bob Cass in Gardena.
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    Battelini Towing

    My Grandfather's Notebook

    This is from when he went to Sweeney Automobile School in Kansas City Missouri in 1918 and the note he wrote on the back cover. Another piece of history we are fortunate to have.
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    2018 Jerr-Dan HPL-60 Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178 Ask about this truck by stock number: (9645N) This vehicle is located at: 2906 Elmhurst Ln. Portsmouth, VA 23701 For sale now at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales! This new 2018 Ford F-550 XLT 2WD Supercab Wrecker with attached Jerr-Dan HPL-60 is Red with a Gray Cloth Interior and comes with a Ford V8 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine, TorqShift 6-speed Automatic transmission, 192″ wheelbase, power steering and AC. Jerr Dan’s HPL-60 series standard-duty independent wrecker is the perfect vehicle to tackle even some of the trickiest jobs. Engineered for strength and unmatched mobility. The underlift has 5,000 lb. capacity at L-arms, 6,000 lb. using frame forks. Recovery booms range from 8,000 – 24,000 lb. ratings with (2) 10,000 lb. Ramsey winches. The Aluminum Modular Construction Wrecker Body is designed to provide years of trouble-free and corrosion-free service. East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales has been a competitive Car Hauler and Tow Truck supplier in the U.S. since 1995. Offering sales, service, parts, detailing, lettering, vehicle wraps, and the East Coast Advantage to every customer. Visit us now at https://ectts.com for more great offers on Western Star Car Haulers and other towing and hauling trucks and supplies! 2018 Ford F-550 XLT 2WD Color: Red Ford V8 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine 18,000 GVWR CA: 84” Tank: 26.5 gal Midship Rear Ratio: 4 .10 Transmission: TorqShift 6-speed auto Wheelbase: 192” Tires: 255/70R 19.5 Grey Cloth Interior Quad Dual-Beam Halogen Headlamps LED Roof Clearance Lights Jerr-Dan HPL-60 Standard-Duty Independent Wrecker HPL-60 Sub frame with Low Base 5,000 lb. Underlift 5,000 lb. Manual L-Arms Fork Holders Frame Forks Spring Hanger Forks Set of Spring Shackle 12-Ton Wrecker Boom with Dual 10K Winches & West Coast Package Cable 7/16″ x 150′ 3-Ton EIPS (Qty 2 Required f/Dual Winches) Cable Tensioners for Dual 10K Boom Winches Remote Free Spool Handles (Pair) for Dual 10K Winches 7-Bank Valve for Dual Boom Winches 60” Alum Body with Both Side Tool Boxes & LED Body Lighting 24” Aluminum Tunnel Toolbox with Mounted Aluminum Light Pylon Aluminum Stone Guard Kit for Tunnel Toolbox TowMate LED Amber 60″ Light Bar 2018 Ford F-350/450/550 Diesel 4×4 Smart PTO Installed Light-duty Tow Sling for Dual Line Boom DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Alright, with Florida a recent memory for some. Let's get this started for those going to Vegas Baby! Be sure to visit these valued TowForce sponsors at the show. If you need to set up a dedicated time post it here and as an appreciation once the sponsor has confirmed we will reserve a Tow411 T-shirt in your name. A PM will be sent prior to the show. All requests must be made two weeks prior to the show. There is a Limit of One T-Shirt per member and the Sponsor must confirm the dedicated meeting time. Watch for other ways to receive a Free or reduced cost T-Shirt. Beacon Funding, Crash Film, Dynamic, East Coast Truck & Trailer, Excel Sportswear, GEICO, Idaho Wrecker Sales, In The Ditch, Landoll, Nation Safe Drivers, Santiam, Spill Tackle, Tow Times and TowXchange. Watch for New Sponsors to be added. Member Attending: rreschran, Littletow, BigBlonde
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I will be there!
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    Donny Callahan

    Pictures Tell The Story

    Pick, rotate, lay down, load and haul oversized allenstowing said: Did it grow between pis 2 and 3? Looks good. Donny Callahan said: I wiggled my nose and made it shorter... Lol... It was 20' high and 10' wide bulldog1635 said: very impressive. looks very close to the wrecker. what size NRC is that ? al, bull dog Donny Callahan said: It's a 40/50 SR The tank really isn't that close... The pictures turned out funky... MTA415 said: sweet graphics!
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    Donny Callahan

    First Post

    Topic Originally Created February of 2012: Customer called and wanted us to respond with two Heavies to this 45,000 lbs track boom lift. After I up-righted, I released and freewheeled the tracks. Winched out of ditch. Boomed over the tractor/ trailer and winched onto the trailer. Heavytowman12 said: I take it rolled while loading or did it fall of while in transit ? Nice Recovery vulcanuk said: Both the post and the recovery look good nice job dsc said: Nice Job! Good Post! Thanks for sharing... Donny Callahan said: It slid off while loading PRTC01 said: Now that you got the first one out of the way lets see some more!
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    F650 Allison trans

    I recall your topic on Tow411 regarding that wiring issue and searching for the cause. Then again you may have experienced with another truck as well. If I find the topic I'll bring it over to TowForce. Thanks
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I will be there.
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    Randall Resch from American Towman, Tow Industry Week and Randall Resch Training, Alpine, California, is right here with all of you.
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    LT Automotive Here
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    Recover This -

    This one is in the water..... assuming it at least has liability coverage on it, it would be a pretty easy one to get paid on. Personally, I would call in a friend with a rotator and have them set it on my bed. I would also make sure to have some absorbent pads and booms ready to absorb any fluids out of the water. Lots of pictures.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Not towing at the moment but I'm still here pulling a oil hose for the winter season. TRAA level 2 need to renew. Over 10 years LD and dispatch.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    still here in concord nc
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    Present.....Ross Kinman school was my early training....
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    Hello, I first learned the light duty side of towing when I probably could not reach the pedals of my father's and uncles' wreckers. My father had a 1977 F 350 with a No Mar single line sling and pan dollys and my uncle had a 1971 F 350 with a PJ Ortiz, this one had the towbar and he would use an old tire and 4x4's. I ran some light duty trucks in Florida during the 90's. My formal training is with the school of hard knocks. David B.Smith President Iron Brokers International Sarasota, Florida Louisville, Kentucky Quito, Ecuador
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    Still here doing towing and recovery as well as roadside assistance. Wish everyone a safe and wonderful day. Thanks Bill
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    3 years in the towing and recovery industry. Wreckmaster 6/7 #170392
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I and APTRA will be there in full force! Stop by our booth!
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    CTTA Level 6, WM#120717 Level 6/7. 43 years in towing & recovery.
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    Ready for the 2019 Florida Tow Show in Orlando ! Stop by Booth #112 to see the Spill Tackle team !
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    One of our 6 axle Recovery Units

    That was a cool set up. Very versatile!
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Not on here much anymore. About 34 years towing,, Wreckmaster 4/5 expired. Joe Sroga via TRAO sponsored classes, TRAA Medium duty level. A Vulcan sponsored HD class before Vulcan was Miller. Several other light duty classes. Holmes 600, first truck, was almost a live class in itself!! Rollbacks, JerrDan 25T, Century 9055XP. coach, 3 stage.
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    Here in Maryland Sent from my SM-N920V using TowForce mobile app
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    Here in Michigan
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    Here as well great job
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    WreckMaster 4/5 here in southeastern pa. I went to Big Wheels a few years back and had the pleasure of meeting Ron there at the class. I did make it back for a refresher as well.... its about time to go again.
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    We're here!!
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    BudgetGPS.com and TXI Systems here. Everyone have a great day!
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    Wally T here, doing what I do, to help those looking for clean Rust Free So Calif Towing and Recovery Tow Trucks and Car Carriers. New or Pre Owned.
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    Also here. Johnson Family Towing, Waitsburg/Davenport, WA
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    Ron I am present here to help in any way I can
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    Ron Fuller here Whitehall Montana. Light duty towing & recovery since 1980. 2010 Ram 5500 4x4 with Vulcan 892. 2005 IHC 4300 W/Jerrdan BIC and SP8000, Soon to be replaced with 2020 Freightliner , century, with SP9000.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

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    Still here in Wyoming
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    Still kicking in Arkansas around the Air Force base
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    Slow down and Move over! Please be safe out there.
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    Hello TowForce! How about a been there, done that.
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    Knighthawk Towing Cheyenne, Wyoming
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    Still Here been doing this for over 30 years. Light to heavy Took Wreckmaster 2/3 with Donnie Cruse and other courses as well. Jeff with Cooter's Transportation in AB Canada
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    Checker Wrecker & Auto Salvage Lawton, OK
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

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    WreckMaster 2/3 4/5 April 2018

    WreckMaster 2/3 April 12 & 13 4/5 April 14 & 15 Baldwin WI 715-684-3359
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