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    GRUMPS The Towman


    hoping i got this whole picture posting thing figured out. otherwise this post wont make much sense. lol. Had to flop this one back over and get traffic moving again.
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    congratulations to my old boss

    Congratulations!!! We were there too.... Eagle Service Center
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    congratulations to my old boss

    he just received a TRUSTED TOWERS AWARD DAVE'S towing horseheads , ny he goes above and beyond in helping the fellow man and service providers who keep us all safe . anyone from the little guy to the top pile he helps them any way he can .
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    GRUMPS The Towman


    Got a call from a customer around 1130 pm stating his son had gone off the roadway on a seasonal road and rolled his 2500 chevy pickup. This particular road goes up a steep hillside into the back country where a lot of local hunters venture. Upon arrival I noticed the entire roadway leading to the casualty was sheer ice. I made the decision to walk the 3/4 of a mile up the hill to take a look at it. We brought spill containment supplies and straps and chains to secure it and prevent it from sliding down the hillside any further. After securing the casualty and insuring there were no fluid leaks We decided it was best to leave the casualty vehicle there for the night and have a go at it the next day after it warmed up and the road was passable. At 11 am the next day my partner and I got our equipment up the hillside and performed the recovery. Using both trucks we were able to slide the casualty forward about 5 feet to clear a tree stump, up-righted the vehicle and winched it right up the embankment and on to my roll back. Total time including the night prior was 1-1/2 hours The scene was cleaned up of all debris and the the truck was towed to the customers home.
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    I was going to say "We at TowForce hope that everyone was having a Happy Holiday Season". We hope that you have been able to spend at least a portion of this day with Family and Friends. However, it seems we have lost another Tow Operator last night in Irving, Texas. Another Towers Life taken by a driver under the influence. The driver was immediately charged with intoxication manslaughter according to the Irving Police Department press release. That tells us quite a lot about the person that murdered this wrecker driver. I am sure more will be released over the next day or two. What the Tower Down post for updates as our industry mourns once again. May the TowForce be with you throughout this busy Holiday Season. Lord we Pray "Protect them from harm in the performance of their duties out there on our roadways." "Grant them your almighty protection and unite them with their families at the end of the day. Amen" Please encourage each and every tow truck driver you work with and pass by to use extreme caution as the roadway are even more dangerous this time of year. This Member Roll-Call runs through the end of 2019 and is used to purge our inactive members. Thank you and Thank you for both Visiting & Supporting Tow411/TowForce. Without your support our continued regrowth would not be possible. God Bless!
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    Glad to hear the operator is ok. And thank you to Watertown Towing for allowing photos of your damaged equipment to be shown. As a business owner I know it can be difficult to display your tore up equipment like that because it can give the general public a negative perspective of your business, But people NEED to see this and realize the carnage they cause when they dont pay attention. SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER!!!!!!!!
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    Full coverage, full beer mugs, full wine glasses etc
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    Still chugging along. May the new year bring non injury full coverage accidents to everyone.
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    Agreed. I keep a door key on my person at all times that way I can leave the truck running and locked. My truck is locked whenever it is out of my sight or if i am working in any shady neighborhoods. I had a towaway customer once try to jump in my truck while i was loading his illegally parked car. Thankfully I had locked the cab.
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    Next they are going to say is that this Killer is here illegally. Mad As Hell I Am -----
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    Both got lucky, do that to some towers these days and it'll be the last thing they do. Know your surroundings and protect your keys, know that this can happen at anytime.
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    Tower Down 12.02.19 (TX)

    Add my condolences! What scum does this when the action only causes a reaction of being incarcerated. Wonder what defense the public defender is going to try. No way that I thought my car was being stolen will hold up.
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    I would like to pray for both of the men, for they have love ones who are being left behind with the sorrows of this horrible accident. My son jashua was a good man that loved his family more than himself.. We will miss you joshi!! I will miss you.. your Father Fabian Aragon.
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    The charges should be MURDER..
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    Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Here are some words my wife put together that you can sing to the tune of Jingle Bells. I thought it was pretty neat. Driving through the snow, the tow truck driver will go, the weather is a fright, he'll probably be out all night, oh tow truck driver , tow truck driver works in the rain, sleet, and snow, if that driver gets the call he's got to be ready to go, oh tow truck driver, tow truck driver his job's more dangerous than you know, you'll be happy to see those tow truck lights if your cars down in the ditch all covered with snow. You could sing it or read it as poem. Myself I couldn't carry a tune if my life depended on it. LOL To everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and stay healthy. From my family and all of us here at Wildwood Service, Gages Lake, Illinois Jack Herman
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    Car-Deer Accidents Up (MI)

    We have set a new record of "deer hit" tows this year. The old record was from 2016 at 179. So far 221 in 2019. Sent from my SM-N920V using TowForce mobile app
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    Tower Down 12.02.19 (TX)

    From the narrative, it was stated that he had just started out in the collections aspect. I question as to whether he had contacted the debtor for keys per the lenders instruction, or per some type of SOP. According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act the mere presence of a LEO constitutes a breach of the peace, and quite possibly tips the scale to becomming an illegal repossession. In Texas there is NO, ZERO, required training for recovery adjusters. All you need is to be robbed of your $100.00 for the consent tow license. Also the pay schedule for recovery adjusters is horrible. I recently applied at a few companies, and was not impressed. No protected zones, having to pay for your fuel, and no recovered vehicles equals no pay is not conduciveof safe operating decision making. A man or woman has to eat, and pay the bills. There are many contributing factors to this unfortunate death. It will be interesting how sharp of a learning curve the totality of the circumstances provide. I would like to hear Mr. Lacek's perspective as well. On a happier note, I am graduating Friday with an associates degree in Construction Technology. I am also ten classes away from an associates degree in Commercial Refrigeration!
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    I too understand the on-coming wave of us, "seniors", who still are hard at work each and every day. Because of the type of men and women we are, until death do us part, it's a choice to remain active in the industry we love. Us old duffers aren't ready to become couch potatoes just yet. So, for those of you who fit into that category, me included, God Bless you and do everything you can to ensure that you're able to stay active until YOU choose to pass the torch them youngin's. Rest in Peace Tony. R.
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    NYPD tow drivers held a tearful memorial service Wednesday for one of their colleagues who died behind the wheel of his truck in Brooklyn earlier this week. Anthony Edgehill, 61, a long-time driver for the NYPD Traffic Division, died Monday afternoon while driving his NYPD tow truck southbound on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue R in Marine Park during a snow squall. Officials say Edgehill, who apparently suffered a heart attack, was able to slow down his truck and steer it against a small tree before he lost consciousness. On Dec. 4, about 30 tow trucks arrived in a line at the scene where Edgehill had been found Monday night. A union member said a prayer for her fellow driver and other NYPD Traffic Division members placed balloons and flowers on the small tree, unharmed despite the truck leaning on it when police arrived. Edgehill’s colleagues remembered him as “a true friend,” as one operator described him. RESOURCE LINK
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    Tower Down 12.02.19 (TX)

    As far as finance companies being required to pay court services costs ... if they fail to pay for a deputy to, "protect the peace", then repo towers should opt out of picking up their assets. This was one of those scenarios where not even the best trained tow operator or repo agent can predict the mentality of some psycho with a gun. In plain terms, Zach was purely assassinated when the shooter thought his $500 Nissan was being stolen. All the training in the world can't prepare anyone from being killed by a shooter with a penchant for violence. And, I firmly believe that any man or woman doing asset recovery should be wearing a bullet vest if they're involved in repo activities for this very reason. Christine and I send our prayers to his family and the Baker's at Texas Auto Towing Service. Mr. Baker wouldn't be wrong to shut down his business because of this tragedy. R.
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    Everything you mentioned was on point with what I was thinking would be required. I had hope that the process would be easier and quicker but I guess not. Pricing I have so far is the $600-675 range to have someone do the filings for me. I’m not wanting to do it myself and make a mistake and have something come back wrong or bite me later. Reckon it’s back to the savings account and do another withdraw to get that process started. Thanks for the information.
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    I believe that is what Brian Riker @brian991219 I know he teaching Compliance Classes.
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    95 yr old man stuck in swamp (CA)

    Glad to see there's Good News being shared here!
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    You're right John ... if that load is all about getting paid ... no brakes and no steering may lead this tower into a fatality scenario. Taking chances as shown in the video is much too risky. Why would someone show-off for a viseo that could eventually be the prosecution's best evidence. I don't get it.
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    Sorry ...but it is guys like that ...give the industry a bad name ... I hope DOT gets their hands on them ... in the UK it would be an instant prohibition and the vehicle would be impounded and a huge fine ...if it is not paid ...the truck will be cut up for scrap ...
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    The case above regards the definition of an employee, sub-contractor, leased operator, part-time worker, family member, or other inferred tow truck driver, like the case Chris mentions above, read California's case, Ruben Monarrez v. AAA (Auto Club), which questions the same subject that asks or defines who controls the actions of the employee, or whether or not the individual was working on their own behalf. At the very least, it's really good reading to identify the mindset of administrative judges, OSHA and tow company owners. R. Link: https://caselaw.findlaw.com/ca-court-of-appeal/1616140.html
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    It is with great sadness to announce following a very short illness..... the passing of Dave Gregory the founder and editor of the Professional Recovery Magazine the UK's no 1 towing publication Dave campaigned tirelessly to improve the image of the towing industry, safety standards, improve legislation etc for many years He was a true gentleman who always had time to talk to folks, he was deeply passionate about the industry and wrote numerous articles about current topical affairs and towing news , he visited towing companies large and small throughout the country interviewing owners and operators alike and writing articles about the businesses and company profiles. He was ...without doubt, the most popular and well liked person in the industry Dave organised the very succsessful Professional Recovery Tow Show along with is son Paul and his team at Partnership Publishing I was lucky to known him for more than 25 years and was deeply honoured to be presented the Britannia Rescue Lifetime achievement award from Dave 7 years ago He leave his wife Lynn and son Paul Rest in peace my friend ...it was a privilege to be able to have known and worked with you. John.
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    Still here and involved for now, but not for long. Proud to say this is my 1,000 post. The new Year brings changes in a restructure of time allotment. This has really been a busy year where I've evaluated my priorities noting too many irons in the proverbial fire. R.
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