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    We are a small company but try to do our best to keep a dedicated staff. My head guy in the shop is with me 20 years this year. He has an attractive pay scale, I cover 100% of his health insurance package and he has a company personal pick up that I supply/maintain/insure. Also do the same program for my Body Shop guy. As for the "daily grind"....I regularly buy the shop breakfast or bagels in the morning. Lunches... Ice Cream or Dunkin' runs through out the week... Numerous parties through out the year & bonus's. Sometimes I'll grab all my employee's keys and fill their gas tanks up at the shop just to show how much I appreciate what they do for me. My business philosophy has always been "you're only as good as your people" and I truly believe that. I have been to some incredible facilities or seen top notch equipment that were operated by total incompetence and proved that you can't just buy professionalism, work ethics or integrity....
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    I am so sorry for the senseless loss all of you are enduring within this brotherhood of recovery heros, the weight those that gave all they could to bring him home I can only imagine. All of you are special and amazingly compassionate people, I do not have the woods to eloquently sum up the immense appreciation I have for all you give of yourselves and all you give up to do what you do. To the family, I pray that you feel the comfort of Gods hand on your shoulder to steady you on this rollercoaster of shock and disbelief. During this time as you stumble through the days and nights of grief, I want you to know your not alone, there are woman and families who have also walked this tragic road and should you find the need to talk or just for someone to listen please reach out, you do not have to do this on your own. My deepest regret for your loss. Sincerely Mrs. Jones
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    The initial call out was 145hr/2hr min. The rock was off the road so we chose to go out in the AM to finish. The second call was hourly for the machine, the rollback & the Recovery Van, all on 2 hr min. The traffic arrow board gets billed individually at a set fee. All together with the admin fee it came out around 2300 if I recall. This billed under their Property Damage coverage but the repair was covered under a collision policy. As for the "Free gratis service", honestly I would of did the same job weather it had insurance or not. I believe you have to set a precedent of doing the job completely and then work on getting paid. I want the organizations sharing the scene (police/fire) being used to see me do our "thing".... Sometimes I take it on the chin...but usually we do ok. Not saying I am Santa Clause or anything...I'm cautious with obvious POS vehicles but won't leave a mess or any "dirty laundry" for someone to judge me on.
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    Being just my partner and I, we dont have any employees other than ourselves. But i remember back in the day at my fathers shop, He had 7 employees. ( 3 towers, 2 truck technicians, a helper/apprentence and a dispatcher/receptionist ). Everyone got yearly bonuses + raises, good benefits, and lunch was always on dad every friday. either they all went down the street to the local italian restaraunt or pizza and wings were ordered. I remember it was always the same crew there all through my childhood. Dad always took care of his employees well. with the exception of myself and another guy my age, everyone there retired with the business after dad passed. Dad always said that your employees are the lifeblood of your business and they must come first. IF ( and it is a big IF ) I ever do expand I hope to come up with some good people who are worth treating the way dad did.
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    Towing A Bomb...LoL

    That happened to me years ago ... once the smell got to my nose, I moved my truck away from the source and called the fire department. They arrived and took over the process of off-loading gasses until it was empty. A leaky hose was the culprit. Perhaps your post is something towers should think about when the caller is setting up a tow? Accordingly, dispatch should ask ... "Is the tanker loaded or empty?" Thanks Ed for posting a really dangerous safety consideration ... others take heed. R.
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    This is coming up to our shop to get the cab & chassis painted I believe next week. There is a new body being fabricated at the factory. I'll update with some pics if Jamie wants to.
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    As the wife of Dale Jones, the tow truck recovery operator that was struck and killed on 1/4/2020 in Watertown Sd, I can tell you that my heart goes out to this drivers family and friends, his community and fellow drivers, I will pray your loved one finds his way back to you. Before my husband died I did not know of this amazing, supportive, and dedicated community of what I consider to be the front line heros of america. These amazing men and woman put themselves and thier families 2nd to the needs of stranded, confused, wrecked, lost and destroyed motorists, they live with a phone connected to them at all times, they hit the floor running day or night, they are there to help as a support to all 1st responders and customers, and yet they are the ones most often then not that go unnoticed,unsupported and unmentioned. I believe they are due the same respect same consideration same backup as afforded a 1st responder. I have thought long and hard about what is needed to keep all recovery specialists and emergency personnal safe. In my opinion changing the color of the lights on tow trucks is not a sufficient change to insure the law of slow down and move over, that would if adheard to save a majority of this industry's personnal and thier families the devastation of loss my family and myself have endured this year. I believe that in order to keep everyone safe one of two things could be implemented. 1. An officer should be on scene to direct traffic at every site Or 2. Each tow truck should roll with 2 operators so one could monitor or direct traffic. I also believe you all should be included in the same group as the police, emts, and ambulance population of 1st responders, to allow you the ability to be as promanet in the public's sight. I also believe any motorist that doesnt abide the move over law that takes a life should be charged with vehicular manslaughter not just sited and fined if they take a life they should be held accountable. I pray this family is restored whole with the return of thier loved one, I know what I would give to have Dale home today. To all you wonderful selfless and devoted heros I ask you please take every caution, use a buddy system and stay vigilant, please take the steps you need to return home to the ones you love. For the public does not take the time nor have the consideration and respect of you to keep you safe as of yet. May god bless you, watch over and guide you and give you strength to ensure you keep returning home. Sincerely Mrs Jones
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    We had quite a few crashes this week but this was the most interesting. Customer bought this Infinity Q60 a few days ago and "left the roadway" around 6 in the morning. Took out a mail box and then launched off a rock & boulder embankment behind a guardrail. The car went about 300' through bamboo trees until he hit a few trees of "girth".... He went in at the far left of this photo... Once we looked at the area, it was figured the best course of action would be a Tator recovering it up & over the guardrail. To go back the way it went in was 300' and the more destructive way over the rocks... Luckily he was ok and able to get out of it. He climbed up the 40' embankment to get help. if not I'm pretty confident he wouldn't of been found till winter... We hoisted a box full of straps & rigging down to the scene for rigging... 1st I rigged to the front wheels to spin it around and pull it 30' up so it would center under the boom...lots of trees in the way. Then it was Up and away... Mike dropped it right on the rollback... Packed up our toys and brought it all home... A Thank You to Milewski's Towing in Scranton for the assistance. The job went fast and we were compensated in 3 days....On to the next.
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    Alcohol, Rams & Boulders...

    Had this one a while back where a lady came out of the bar, possibly "altered" slightly...and hit a large boulder in the parking lot. Then the fun started... That was the exit marks...she pushed the rock a little over a mile (through an intersection, over the railroad tracks) and crashed in front of the Army Depot. Apparently it wouldn't go forward anymore but she kept trying... My guys picked her up about another 2 miles down the road where she crashed a 3rd time. Towed it back @ 2:30 am and she got a "Lift" from the officer... We went back in the morning with the Skid Steer & rollback and traffic control... Sign said No Parking but not sure if that counted for the rock? Loaded back up and took it back to the Bar to repair their parking lot... Surprisingly the truck wasn't hurt much. We actually got the body job to repair it as well so all together it was a nice little job for like 5G!
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    For some reason, the picture did not come up when I first read the article and wrote my post. Now that I see the picture.... WTF was he doing out there??... From what I can see it appears he was replacing the left front steer tire so I can understand why he wouldnt be able to limp off the highway if that is in fact the case. But Why on gods green earth would you need your service truck along side the rig?? IN A LIVE LANE !!???!!! Did he feel no one would see his warning lights if he put his truck in front of the semi?? I have done left side steer tires on trucks before on the side of the road and I would park my truck 5 or 6 car lengths ahead of the semi and have the driver cut the nose over hard a bit to the right to give me a lil breathing room. It also helps to get the warning lights on your service rig a little better display room. Of course cones, triangles and flares were added behind the rig also. I can understand his air line not reaching the front If he was to stage at the rear of the semi because mine didnt reach either. That is why I would set up the way I just mentioned. Seems as though he rolled the dice staging his truck there feeling it would provide him some protection. Certainly a very bad decision. My thoughts are with the tech for a fast recovery. I would love to hear the techs reasoning behind this choice after he recovers.
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    Motorized Picnic Table Impounded

    The American's have a similar bit of fun when participants attend, "Out House Races", held in cities like Ankorage, Alaska, Virginia City, Nevada, Gravel Switch, Kentucky, and others. That's right ... rolling shitter'z on wheels. They're not motorized, but take a push-crew and a driver for a sprint and foot race down hill. I've been to Virginia City's race where a historic mining town with a population of 850 regulars swells to tens of thousands during the champion finals. The town's entire main street is closed to vehicle traffic and the stree becomes a push-cart race track.The event was said to have started way back when outdoor plumbing was outlawed in Virginia City, its angry residents took to the streets with their outhouses in protect, and a tradition was born.
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    Re: Screw-In Eyes? Yes? No?

    Thanks guys for all of your responses. As an update to this topic, here is a link of rare camera footage showing a detaching tow eye during a simple load and go request. Here is video proof why tow eyes, without the aid of a catch strap, release. Around the 8:30 mark, the Mini detaches and rolls away. The quick video shows how customers and tow operators are run over and killed in those, "OH SHIT", moment of unexpected rollaway. I personally won't allow a dealer's service writer to tell me that using towing eyes is the best and safest way to load a vehicle on a carrier's deck. Note: The operator is a seasoned, experienced tower and this happened out of the ordinary.This Cooper wasn't wrecked and it appeared to be in-neutral on a flat surface creating minimal resistance. This is the reason I teach straps and agree with those of you that use straps too ... seeing is believing. This video is a standard for every carrier class I teach. R.
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    Alcohol, Rams & Boulders...

    As long as they are heavy enough that I can't lift it...LoL
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    Towing A Bomb...LoL

    Had to tow a loaded gas truck the other day that derated. I smelled propane when I was under it but figured it was residual and it was pouring so I just wanted to get the dam shaft out of it. We went to look at it the next morning & found it lost 15% due to a leak of a seal in the bottom of the tank. They came over and pumped the rest out & then blew off the lines and what not to get it back to atmospheric pressure. It only had 60 miles since it left the dealer so they asked me to tow it back there for warranty DPF issues.... Sometimes you get one that was "made to tow"....LoL. You couldn't ask for an easier rear tow... 50 mile tow back to International yesterday morning.
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    Towing A Bomb...LoL

    Is a propane tanker every really empty? Unless cleaned and purged they will always have some residual vapor inside which is just as deadly as being fully loaded. About the best that can be done roadside is transfer the remaining liquid and reduce pressure to atmosphere but there will always be some residue left that can pose an explosion hazard from a leaky seal, fitting or hose. This is why even empty tankers usually require the appropriate endorsements and placards displayed. As for propane, the gas is heavier than air so it settles to the ground, it boils rapidly at -44 degrees C, making it expand when exposed to temperatures outside the tank that are warmer than -44C. The expansion happens at a rate dependent upon atmospheric temperature but can be averaged at 10X the volume at -44C for simple math. Even the slightest residue inside a tank can produce enough vapor to explode when released to the air. Another thing to consider when dealing with propane tankers, the gauge on the back of the tank is not always accurate. As with any liquid temperature plays an important role in volume. It is not uncommon to see a significant decrease (10-15%) in the level on the gauge after as little as a 20 degree F outside air temperature change. This is perfectly normal behavior for a propane tank. This is why when filling propane tanks the technician uses a fixed level gauge (often confused for being a vent valve) to know when the 80% of tank capacity is reached rather than the tank float gauge. That said, and this comes from direct experience with propane tankers (I have a customer that I train their drivers for that is a propane and oil distributor), I have no doubt that both Ed's tanker and the one you are referencing had a leak. It is never normal to smell residual propane unless the truck just finished a delivery within a few minutes. You will smell some vapor during a delivery but it dissipates quickly. If the truck smells like propane when you arrive to service or tow it there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed by a qualified technician that specializes in the product and equipment on site. Side note on fuel tankers, especially gasoline, empty or partially empty tanks have the most fire danger. The larger the volume of vapor in the tank the more likely it is to explode. Also partially empty tanks are more unstable to tow due to the shifting liquid surge as you brake and turn.
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    68’ Camaro

    Just another wanna be SS
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    Thank you to Bollington Insurance Brokers for their continued support for Slow Down Move Over UK www.slowdownmoveover.uk and helping us to get the message out there more. https://www.bollington.com/ #slowdownmoveover #DriveSoOthersSurvive
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    *I want to thank you for your response, I found it informative and supportive. I was married to Dale for 17 years, I knew his career was dangerous, as well as physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally demanding. I felt it my job to contain the fear I never could shake and be there to support him and provide a sanctuary in his home where he could find the comfort and peace he needed at times to regenerate, I believed in him and his ability and need of helping others. I regret not taking the time or maybe I was afraid that if I focused on the trully unbelievable way you all are treated that I would jinx him, no matter the inexcusable reason I had I regret not being more knowledgable while he was alive to try and help find a solution to the challenges you all face. I've always believed there is a way to accomplish anything, if only I wanted to find the way. The rules that govern this industry are ignorant and they do not rise to the standard of the services expected in return. No one is expendable but it seems that is the view point of those that do not stand with you to facilitate a change. No matter what anyone thinks no matter thier opinions you all are 1st responders you deserve to be seen as such and I'm sorry those considerations are not at this time extended to you. When I awoke to this nightmare, and after the funeral, when I could take a breath without my heart breaking in two, I promised myself that I would in some way make sure he did not die in vain. I would very much like to help in anyway I can to shine a light on the immeasurable loss this industry suffers constantly, simply because there are inadequate protocols to support a safe enviroment for all of you. Thank you again Lisa Jones
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    Cleaning MatJack Bags!

    Keep the Matjack bags clean and they will last a long time !! (Images Submitted by Bruce Allen)
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    Tower Down - 07.01.20 (SC) "UPDATED"

    Thoughts and prayers
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    Tower Down - 07.01.20 (SC) "UPDATED"

    Lisa ... your words are truly uplifting and compassionate in the support of those families who have lost a loved one like yours. Thank you for your presence here. Your ideas (in a previous post) are well-accepted. Do consider that 1. law enforcement was on-scene as the tower was assisting on the Don Holt Bridge and 2: nearly ALL state laws don't consider tow trucks and carriers as emergency vehicles where using a second tow truck as a blocker vehicle while stopped in legal. Additionally, because Slow-Down Move-Over laws don’t work and most towers don't have the luxury of red and blue lights. Combine that with vehicle code laws that require four-point tie down, current laws put tow operators directly in harm's way. There are known “root problem” as to why towers are repeatedly killed and it’s gone far beyond common sense. And, that root problem can ultimately affect anyone who works on the highways. R.
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