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    Big changes in a year!

    Top picture was a year ago today and the bottom is what it looks like now.
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    Annnnd Another Rollover...

    Jeez 3 rollovers this weekend...all with clean ups too! This one tumble rolled in a private community w/ 25 mph speed limits... She said she swerved because a Goffer ran across the road... They cleaned up the roadway and told the Officer we would be back in the daylight to do a proper clean up.... Destroyed a new Journey...Customer called me to ask if it was driveable? I asked weren't you in it & she said yes....No...No it's not driveable...
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    Another Rollover...

    Customer trying to avoid a stopped car & ran off the road. It hit a stone wall & flipped over... A nice "quicky" in & out job...
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    Early morning Roll....

    Eddie grabbed this one this morning.... Wrapped up in a few minutes...then a beauty shot...LoL
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    Our Leader, Steve Sedberry is always willing to jump in and work beside each of the employees.
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    There is no car that is worth putting another human being's life in jeopardy. TDLR would do well to stop just being a money tick and do something worthwhile and mandate that those who repossess vehicles or collateral at least be familiar with what a breach of the peace, illegal acts, as well as the fair debt collection practices act is all about. This incident at least fails the breach of the peace standard. I am not kicking a person when they are down, but a person died for a piece of crap hunk of plastic and tin with a mile of copper wire thrown in. Every car is a piece of crap compared to a human life. I have repossessed vehicles and been in a tight spot or two. If in doubt I will release the car. I found it once, I will find it again. There are 7 million car notes that are 90+ days so even if I do not, they are like Lay's potato chips, they will make more.
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    A Medium With A Light

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    Orcas Tow

    "Hiding" Towmate Transmitter

    I hard wired mine in my overhead light bar, dry & high up for a good un obstructed signal.
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    Lets Lower The Statistics...

    We are sending our Crash Van out on interstate calls where there is a danger factor. Adverse weather, fog & what not...in an attempt to slow people down & move them over. As you can see, it works for the most part...
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    Stuck In Park, 4WD & Park Brake

    Yep, no more disconnecting linkage on RAM trucks since 2011-2012 I think. They *look* like you can disconnect it but you can't shift, as you discovered. And, on Mopar fullsize cars since 2008. BUT, there is a release inside the vehicle on most. I usually don't mess with them being full-time PPI as I do not have keys. However if you're on a consent tow there is a release cord inside the cars console, and on the trucks I believe it's to the left of the column in the dash after you pop a panel off. Richard
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    Lets Lower The Statistics...

    Thanks Ed ... I will help to spread your message at the upcoming tow shows. If motorists can't see the arrowboard or its reflective striping, we towers are really working a lost cause. R.
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    All towers should have TIM training for obvious reasons, but also to have that coveted certificate in their personnel/training file when it comes time to defend a driver and the company against civil lawsuit. A recent high-dollar California lawsuit was based on a tow operator's training as a Freeway Service Patrol operator being sued. His training was heavily attacked, but the tower had FSP, CHP, and current TIM training to uphold his experience. Four-hours time to complete FREE training is chump change to a multi-million dollar lawsuit. And, yes, I am a TIM instructor in California. R.
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    As seen on youtube: Heavy Duty Operator Rob Long recovering a truck that rolled onto its side.
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    auto rescue

    1992 GMC Top Kick

    366CID EFI engine Automatic Transmission Aluminum JerDan bed eithneheel,lift Assembled in House
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    Rollover With Clean Up

    Explorer lost control in the rain on a sharp "S" curve & rolled into the woods.... Lots of glass & debris to clean up... Now the fun starts...Property Damage Liability Claim....
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    Vintage Rotary Lights Before & After

    Found these on Ebay... Before After
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    A Little Much....MD Tow on Box Truck

    Eddie had this one the other day. Using their "sling" attachment so it was manageable... looks heavy but actually a 4200 w/ a VT365 & it was empty....felt like a typical 1 ton pick up on the back....
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    Protect Yourself...It Works!

    Just another example of using our sign board to move traffic over on a HD job out on the interstate.... I'd like to see some of the bigger players proceed like this to help make it an "acceptable policy" to more than just me...
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    Orcas Tow

    First pull with the 750

    Received a call at 9 pm to bring the big truck for an excavator in a pond. I requested we do it in the light. The customer asked if we could do it tonight as it was submerged, he said he would do the dirty work:) I figured it was worth a look.I have not yet put the 750 to any winching load & thought about bringing the 14 Ton also but figured Id see if what the old timers say about the old Holmes 750's is true. I showed on scene to find an18,000lb excavator in the middle of a pond with the arm/bucket fully extended. The operator was working on the edge of a clay bank reaching out across the pond to grab a fallen tree & the excavator slid down the bank to the middle of the pond. I backed the old girl into position, lowered the hydraulic spades & started to pull cable, 2 2 part lines with 1/2" grade 80 chain at the excavator with the hooks terminating at the wrecker boom fairleads. The excavator owner & his helper did all the swimming/rigging underwater to the carriage. I engaged the winches & man she drug that excavator plowing sideways through the clay all the way up to dry land without as much as an inch of wrecker movement or any indication of strain from the truck. Definitely some noise from the cables as they were wrapping on the winch drums but very impressed with the ability of this truck. I rotated the excavator around once on dry land, broke down the rigging & was back at my office within 2 hours of getting in the truck, didn't even get wet. Mooresbp said: Sweet Roach901 said: OH NO !! The next post was the listing for the 14 ton. Looks like the 750 pushed the 14 ton out of the nest. Builder2 said: Congrats, first winch out with a new rig can be a learning curve. Orcas Tow said: Its for the love of Tow Trucks that I even own anything bigger than an 8 Ton. I bought the 750 as a "Collector Toy" & have found it is very capable to do anything towing related I ask of it for business also. My calls that require anything over an 8 Ton wrecker are few & far between so I hate to see the 14 Ton sit, guaranteed the nicest 2001 International for its age, very well kept but it needs to go to someone who can use it on a regular basis. MACk6X6 said: As you have just found - seeing is believing. Say what you want but dollar vs bang you just can't beat the old Holmes Wreckers for straight-line bull winching. Most will overwork the chassis they are mounted to - thanks for posting, Steve. truckrepair said: Dad taught my brother and I on the 750's we had. They are terribly underrated for their capabilities. We were once called to move a 276,000 transformer for TVA. We used two 750's and got the job done! Besides, they are the original rotators! Trex said: Great! i love 750 winching machines keep us posted!! phxpksdave said: Uzek; Welcome to the 750 Believers club. As you`re quickly finding out there`s a reason so many are still old school believers. JacksonAutoandWrecker said: the cable s and booms will talk to ya as you heard was training an operator on a rolled loadedpacker he heard cables start talking and quit winching lol thanks for posting love the old wreckers!!!!! tntower said: Nice to see some old iron still working. good job. kcservak said: Do you have pics of this truck in the daylight. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Heres a couple pictures when I brought it home. kcservak said: Uzec That truck is awsome wise you the best of luck with it and please keep posting pics of it working because that is what it is made for. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Thank you Sir.
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    10 days remain and only 380 Bills!

    With only 10 days remaining, only 380 bills have gone through the entire process and are on the Governor’s desk. The last time the Texas Legislature passed fewer was in the 1800s. We filed several bills, but it was really a session that was weighted toward killing bills. This session, we tracked 80 bills that could have had an impact on the towing and storage industry. Below are some of which we were actively involved. HB 61 by James White relating to the use of certain lighting equipment on escort flag vehicles. While this bill was centered around escort flag vehicles and the lights they use during the course of their work the changes made to this bill will also allow for tow trucks to use amber and blue lights. We worked with the Texas Municipal Police Association on this measure, and our member Geoff Nienstedt worked hard with local law enforcement officials to gain support in allowing tow truck drivers to use blue lights. HB 61 was signed by the Governor on May 7th and will become law on September 1, 2019. HB 625 by Neave relating to notice and request for a hearing regarding a vehicle that has been towed or booted, would have allowed a person to submit a written request for a hearing concerning a towed car within 60 days of the date the vehicle was towed, excluding weekends and holidays, provided that the vehicle that had been released from the vehicle storage facility to which it was towed within 20 days. We know what you are thinking. That is extremely convoluted and doesn’t make much sense. Southwest Tow Operators opposed this bill in committee and member, Tasha Moore, testified in opposition to the bill. HB 626 by Neave relating to notice of a person’s right to a hearing placed on a sign prohibiting unauthorized vehicles on a parking facility. Southwest Tow Operators legislative team worked to oppose this bill. The bill never received a hearing. HB 1140 by Tracy King relates to fees for vehicles stored at vehicle storage facilities; authorizing fee increases and decreases; eliminating a fee; eliminating a minimum fee. Southwest Tow Operators was very supportive of this measure as it moved through the process. HB 1140 would allow TDLR to adjust the storage fee for impounded vehicles. This bill was passed out of the Senate Business and Commerce Committee today and will be heading to the full Senate for debate and final passage. HB 2807 by Guillen relating to regulation and liability of certain vehicles on a highway. Representative Guillen filed this bill on behalf of Southwest Tow Operators. HB 2807 would have changed the penalties for move over violations. This bill was heard in the House Licensing and Administration Committee but was faced by opposition in the Local Calendar Committee by some members. Representative Guillen amended the language on one of his other bills, but that bill died in the Senate, unfortunately. The legislative session will conclude on Memorial Day, but our work does not end there. We will set our agenda for the next 18 months so that we will be ready to fill bills in the next session. Southwest Tow Operators will continue to work hard on your behalf in Austin.
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    We were honored to receive a generous donation of $2,500 to the CTTA PAC Fund from Associate Member OmegaComp HR. We challenge all Associate Members to match this donation, as the California towing industry is facing several huge fights in the legislature. Again Thank you to Alex of OmegaComp HR, Learn more: CTTA.com/pac
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    Bob Berry

    Review of the 2019 Vegas Tow Show

    I enjoyed talking with you in the registration line but didn’t cross paths after that encounter. The tow show was very well done . I found every vendor I wanted to talk to and saw many people I haven’t seen for years. Well worth the time. Bob Berry
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    Bar M

    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I will be there!
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    Add at least a 1000 lbs. for steel...
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    For what its worth, I have a 2017 f650 extended cab air ride air brake auto 6.7L with aluminum jerrdan and wheel lift, four aluminum wheels two steel and two half loaded 48" tool boxes, fueled up and DEFd up 16200 with me driving. Also, knock on wood, so far no issues with 17k miles. Averaging 9.8mpg on a fuel up.
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    Related Story: http://www.knoxpages.com/history/mount-vernon-window-shopping-gone-wrong-in/article_45b33246-6db8-11e9-8d25-778362c7dc9f.html
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    National Move Over Day

    ...Most of us don't know what we are doing tomorrow much less 5 months out. Will write it down on the calendar.
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    Wally T

    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Wally T will be there, cruising the floor, saying hello to all..........Give me a call to say hi 951-575-6393
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    Annnnd Another Rollover...

    Man no wonder we've been slow all weekend, everyone is wrecking up your way before they even come to the shore Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
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    Lets Lower The Statistics...

    Sure you have permission to use the pics. I was saying the other day on FB that I want to start the precedent in our area and hopefully the others will follow in some form or another. We built our crash vehicle with this in mind but there are other alternatives as well. We use it on accident scenes as well... Sometimes it looks like the message is cut in half but you don't see that with your eyes...only happens in photographs.
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    ... And, Scooby, I for one am glad your both still here to pass your knowledge onto others in the industry. Best Regards, R.
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    called to tow a train

    Topic created on Tow411 by secrestwrecker in July of 2007: Well we received a call from a local feed mill today. They stated that they needed us to tow a train . After we got over the initial shock of hearing that we found out that their switcher had caught on fire, so they needed us to pull it and the four cars it was hooked to back down the tracks so our crane could pick it up and load it on a trailer. All four cars were loaded. We took W-53, our 72 KW with the 50 ton Grant/Holmes boom. We ran a line off of the drag winch to the front car, and pulled everything backwards by driving down the service road on the side of the tracks. It couldn't even tell anything was behind it. Dualie said: How did you get it stopped? Did you have to put air to the cars to get them rolling? secrestwrecker said: The yard supervisors were on hand when we did this, they stayed on the cars and used the manual brakes to stop everything, we went very slow also, low gear at an idle, to keep things from getting away from us. Dualie said: Awesome. thats one mean looking KW i like it!
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    Three classics from Ernest Holmes

    History photos sunmitted by Bill Ludewig, Ernies Wrecker Service Vernon Hills Illinois The same picture of Terminal Garage Holmes 850 in all 3 Holmes literature.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Crashfilm will be in Vegas! Come see us booth #1008.
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    Old Iron Shortys Towing mpls.mn.

    These images were added by Bighook to Tow411 in November of 2008: the single axle pete was bought new in 81 taken to century and its a 820 20 ton then in 83 it was hit while towing a new mack cabover by a drunk driver, both trucks rolled completely over and totalled we bought it back from ins company put new hood cab and sleeper on it trebron upgraded the boom cap. and put a stiffleg on it it was a beautiful truck to drive also in 1983 it won best of show at the illinois tow show....i beleive it was the only out of state truck to do so Wildwood Jack asked: Bighook is Shortys still in business? I used to see them running down the tollway by us. I haven't seen any for quite some time. Jack Herman, Wildwood Service Gages Lake, Ill. Bighook said: wildwood they are but after roger died they are struggling alittle rogers son corky leftin 2007 and started his own company he runs 3 otr trucks and has 7 towtrucks if i remember correctly i see corky quite a bit we have been friends almost 28 years he is doing pretty good with his stuff
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    hand cranked reliable tow unit

    Posted by an unknown member on Tow411 in August of 2007: i was digging around in my backyard and came across it. my grandfather and i took it off a ford AA about 10 years ago. we have a 28 international stuck in the bard that i would like to stick it on someday. aussiehooker said: good stuff would love to get lost in amongst all that old iron looks like you have a bit of work in front of you i spoke to a kiwi a couple of years ago he told me about an old motor bike all rusted and siezed that he found in a well he soaked it in molassis for about 18 months some bits longer apparently molasses reverses the rust process i rode the old indian nice bike just thought it might help with the old wrecker winch and bits rather than blasting and sanding i havent tried it do a little research might help happy hooking
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    2 More Oldies from the collection

    Submitted to Tow411 by Mark Redman (cfrtruck) Joe Cummings said: I swear that Brockway is John Griffin from Masher St in Philly's old truck. His was green and had a Continental gas motor in it. As far as I remember he died in 94 or 95. I have no Idea where the truck went after he passed. I think his son died too so it probably went up for sale. cfrtruck said: Joe: The Brockway is from Red and Arts in Stafford Springs, CT who had this truck for as long as I can remember. Traveling along I-84 eastbound just before the Massachusetts border you could always see this truck parked outside his station. Da Wash Boss said: that brockway is an icon next to I-84 out there. what them guys would do with that little brockway many guys on here claim only way to do that job is with a rotator. if that truck could talk wow would i love to listen. great pics mark, i never seen that white before where is that from? Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT Joe Cummings said: Mark, John's was so close to that one it is almost unbelievable. I'll have to poke around and try to see what happened to his. He also had a bigger Brockway tandem with a 30 ton Weldbuilt on it and a big Continental gasser in it. John was a great guy and an really good mechanic. He had a whole fleet of older Brockways working day to day in his trucking company. Ed Barker said: Those are pretty neat old pictures ,,,I can see where they would somewhat be limited with the single line though.I love to see those old photos.
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    Donny Callahan

    Pictures Tell The Story

    Pick, rotate, lay down, load and haul oversized allenstowing said: Did it grow between pis 2 and 3? Looks good. Donny Callahan said: I wiggled my nose and made it shorter... Lol... It was 20' high and 10' wide bulldog1635 said: very impressive. looks very close to the wrecker. what size NRC is that ? al, bull dog Donny Callahan said: It's a 40/50 SR The tank really isn't that close... The pictures turned out funky... MTA415 said: sweet graphics!
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    1961 Dodge w/Wreckmaster

    1961 with wreckmaster extruded fender an running board back single winch tolle sling nomar dollies add on mechanical pierce wheel lift cool working Amber party hat on cab roof. Rustin Away! Just like this old tow guy
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    Vintage Weld-Built Wrecker Brochure

    Offered For Sale: Vintage Weld-Built Wrecker Brochure. Very good condition. No tears, stains, or wrinkles. 14 pages of Wreckers , ranging from 3 to 25 tons. $25
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Glenn and myself will be there
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    Two of our off road trucks

    Topic Originally Create on Tow411 in December of 2012: We use them for off road and in Silver lake state park (sand dunes) aztectowingllc said: Wow...NICE ExpySSV said: I always mean to stop in and see you guys whenever I'm up at the dunes, but I usually get myself too busy. I'll have to stop and say hey. MichTowBoy said: Usually see you guys out on the dunes, Looking good. Brent Baker Jerry's Towing & Recovery, Inc Newaygo,MI www.newaygocountytowing.com Ed Barker said: Very nice recovery trucks. swtt2014 said: Nice rigs. What's the specs on these 2? We operate in the desert so we need a rig that can get in and out of the soft dirt and sand with a load.
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    Adding some goodies to our wrecker

    We got this truck at the end of last year. Our last wrecker had 2 tunnel boxes and this one only has 1, so we were a little short on storage. We added 3 additional boxes. My boss has also let me add stuff to make things more efficient. Simple stuff first, 2 buckets for floor dry/debris 2 Boxes have been placed on each side of the bed, which did make it difficult to watch the winches. So mirrors were added to aid with that. Again, the boxes make backing up to a car difficult to see it. All of our trucks have on board dvr, with 4 cameras. I added a monitor to be able to see. This truck has a compressor and tank, but no gauge, or air hook ups. We do alot of ppi's, and have to call another company to remove any trailers with air. I added an air hook up so we can move empty trailers, or equipment trailers. Also added a psi gauge, I ended up changing the fitting on the back of the gauge so it would fit though. Now my personal favorite addition. The flood lights in the back were......lacking. I had a 42" curved light bar at home that I wasn't using and added to the truck. I also got some smaller led spot/flood lights to add under the tunnel box to aid with nighttime reversing. Before After (That is also just the upper lights. Lowers were not turned on) Lower lights
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    Progress on 70 Ton Rotator

    There's a lot of red to get rid of, new body and front boxes taking shape, new proportional remote, adding 35k D P 2 speed drag winch and rear 3 stage outriggers. Thanks to TJ ,Jay , and ,Bill Wong UPDATED: More progress shots on 70 ton dewalt, new sides taking shape, unit sanded, braces added to boom base, all new hoses in place, additional valve section installed in valve body, ready to add 35k 2 speed drag winch, new proportional remote ordered.
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    Mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8 breaks down at a Michigan gas station Well this is awkward. After years of seeing the mighty mid-engine C8 Chevy Corvette in spy shots rumbling around Michigan and the Nürburgring, we now see it broken down at a gas station. According to the spy photographer, the sports car pulled into the gas station with no issues, but once the occupants were ready to leave, it refused to start. After close to a half hour of trying to start it, it was covered up and a tow truck called to have the 'Vette unceremoniously hauled back to HQ. Any breakdown of a prototype in public is unfortunate, but this is particularly rough for Chevy since reports have been coming out of development troubles. Most notably are electrical issues, which may have been the cause of this car's breakdown. There have also been reports of chassis flex on the high-horsepower models, though that may have been fixed already. We still expect the C8 to be revealed this summer. It will likely cost around $70,000 to start, and high horsepower models will probably break the $100,000 mark. Some sort of V8 will power it, though we're not sure if the base engine will be a pushrod engine or possibly a double-overhead cam engine. We also know that some kind of automatic, possibly a dual-clutch transmission, will at least be available, if not the only transmission. RESOURCE LINK w/video
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    Plow Trucks....

    F450 Plow truck, loaded...Just too much for our rollback. Sent a 2nd truck to haul the plow back to the customer's shop.
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    Plow Trucks....

    Thank You. We have most of the fleet switched over... My one rollback had a "mishap" where a piece of wood slid out of a excavator bucket & dented the door. my body shop is finishing it now and this gives us the excuse to re-wrap it since the lettering had to come off... Shit Happens... But they are starting to look uniform again...
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