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    Advice on rolloff length

    I have a 95 International 4700lp with a mechanical DT466, 2590GVW. I love that truck, plenty of power, tight turning radius, No computers, 20foot bed. I have had 4 door duallys on the bed, as well as some Isuzu cab overs. Only downside to mine is I don't have a wheel lift to haul the second car. I would try to stay away from the second generation emissions trucks. I think from about 2010 to 2015 with no DEF fluid, there are a lot of emissions issues with those trucks.
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    There are many many factors involved when deciding on a particular rig. The main thing is what kind of weight do you plan on hauling? If your gonna be hauling mainly civilian auction vehicles, then a 23-26,000# truck would suffice. I would say a 19,500 chassis but you did make mention of hauling duallies and such. That will put you overweight on those chassis with most dually pickups. My ideal "auction hauler" would be a aluminum 23' deck, 10,000 winch with a 3,500 wheel lift on a Cummins powered Pete or Kenworth lo-pro chassis. If your looking at older trucks, The ol 5.9 Cummins I feel would be just fine power wise on open highway. I feel It would lack a bit of power for long hill pulls and tight low speed maneuvers but would still get the job done. I would be looking newer though. I am a big fan of the 6.7 Cummins these days.
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    GRUMPS The Towman

    Tower Struck - 10-20.20 (NY)

    All I can tell you is this is in Nassau county on Long Island. Not far from the Queens border. And the town the tow company hails from is called New Hyde Park.
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    Prior Damage reporting

    I'd like to offer a little piece of the puzzle that might help: get an app for your phone that puts a date and time stamp on your pictures. There are plenty out there; I use Timestamp Camera pro (I think it costs $4 or $5) - it's got a lot of options, you can even include GPS locations stamped right there in the picture. Actual coordinates, or street address, etc. I mostly just use it for date and time. For PPI tows that works great for me as it shows when I was on the scene. The GPS coordinates can be a little laggy so I quit depending on it for proving exactly where I was at the moment; it works fine but sometimes I don't have the time to wait for it to update to where I am that very second. Pictures are great; pictures that prove what time you took them are even better. And in some cases, where you took them. Pictures don't really cost you anything, and if you're on the scene with the owner, taking plenty of pictures can already give them the idea that there's no use in trying to make false claims against you. First address on property censored, second address at the storage lot so I'm not divulging any trade secrets (contracts, lol) but it gives you an idea of what's easily attainable from those apps. That same picture taken on the scene before loading shows the vehicle at the contract address and also another taken when dollies are popped up before leaving the property, as proof their AWD vehicle was dollied (actually, this one may have been an electric parking brake; can't remember...) Richard
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