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    Big changes in a year!

    Top picture was a year ago today and the bottom is what it looks like now.
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    Annnnd Another Rollover...

    Jeez 3 rollovers this weekend...all with clean ups too! This one tumble rolled in a private community w/ 25 mph speed limits... She said she swerved because a Goffer ran across the road... They cleaned up the roadway and told the Officer we would be back in the daylight to do a proper clean up.... Destroyed a new Journey...Customer called me to ask if it was driveable? I asked weren't you in it & she said yes....No...No it's not driveable...
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    As of recent, i think both of us thought the days where over, but here we are. Nothing has been more enjoyable than teaching with this guy, Jeff Martin We at times argue like brothers over class logistics and stuff, but you folks see the end result. Add the other folks and we have a great time. Nobody, I'd rather have by my side. Love ya brother
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    Another Rollover...

    Customer trying to avoid a stopped car & ran off the road. It hit a stone wall & flipped over... A nice "quicky" in & out job...
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    Early morning Roll....

    Eddie grabbed this one this morning.... Wrapped up in a few minutes...then a beauty shot...LoL
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    Our Leader, Steve Sedberry is always willing to jump in and work beside each of the employees.
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    There is no car that is worth putting another human being's life in jeopardy. TDLR would do well to stop just being a money tick and do something worthwhile and mandate that those who repossess vehicles or collateral at least be familiar with what a breach of the peace, illegal acts, as well as the fair debt collection practices act is all about. This incident at least fails the breach of the peace standard. I am not kicking a person when they are down, but a person died for a piece of crap hunk of plastic and tin with a mile of copper wire thrown in. Every car is a piece of crap compared to a human life. I have repossessed vehicles and been in a tight spot or two. If in doubt I will release the car. I found it once, I will find it again. There are 7 million car notes that are 90+ days so even if I do not, they are like Lay's potato chips, they will make more.
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    A Medium With A Light

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    Orcas Tow

    "Hiding" Towmate Transmitter

    I hard wired mine in my overhead light bar, dry & high up for a good un obstructed signal.
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    Lets Lower The Statistics...

    We are sending our Crash Van out on interstate calls where there is a danger factor. Adverse weather, fog & what not...in an attempt to slow people down & move them over. As you can see, it works for the most part...
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    Stuck In Park, 4WD & Park Brake

    Yep, no more disconnecting linkage on RAM trucks since 2011-2012 I think. They *look* like you can disconnect it but you can't shift, as you discovered. And, on Mopar fullsize cars since 2008. BUT, there is a release inside the vehicle on most. I usually don't mess with them being full-time PPI as I do not have keys. However if you're on a consent tow there is a release cord inside the cars console, and on the trucks I believe it's to the left of the column in the dash after you pop a panel off. Richard
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    Lets Lower The Statistics...

    Thanks Ed ... I will help to spread your message at the upcoming tow shows. If motorists can't see the arrowboard or its reflective striping, we towers are really working a lost cause. R.
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    All towers should have TIM training for obvious reasons, but also to have that coveted certificate in their personnel/training file when it comes time to defend a driver and the company against civil lawsuit. A recent high-dollar California lawsuit was based on a tow operator's training as a Freeway Service Patrol operator being sued. His training was heavily attacked, but the tower had FSP, CHP, and current TIM training to uphold his experience. Four-hours time to complete FREE training is chump change to a multi-million dollar lawsuit. And, yes, I am a TIM instructor in California. R.
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    As seen on youtube: Heavy Duty Operator Rob Long recovering a truck that rolled onto its side.
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    Battelini Towing

    My Grandfather's Notebook

    This is from when he went to Sweeney Automobile School in Kansas City Missouri in 1918 and the note he wrote on the back cover. Another piece of history we are fortunate to have.
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    Donny Callahan

    Pictures Tell The Story

    Pick, rotate, lay down, load and haul oversized allenstowing said: Did it grow between pis 2 and 3? Looks good. Donny Callahan said: I wiggled my nose and made it shorter... Lol... It was 20' high and 10' wide bulldog1635 said: very impressive. looks very close to the wrecker. what size NRC is that ? al, bull dog Donny Callahan said: It's a 40/50 SR The tank really isn't that close... The pictures turned out funky... MTA415 said: sweet graphics!
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    Donny Callahan

    First Post

    Topic Originally Created February of 2012: Customer called and wanted us to respond with two Heavies to this 45,000 lbs track boom lift. After I up-righted, I released and freewheeled the tracks. Winched out of ditch. Boomed over the tractor/ trailer and winched onto the trailer. Heavytowman12 said: I take it rolled while loading or did it fall of while in transit ? Nice Recovery vulcanuk said: Both the post and the recovery look good nice job dsc said: Nice Job! Good Post! Thanks for sharing... Donny Callahan said: It slid off while loading PRTC01 said: Now that you got the first one out of the way lets see some more!
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    Ron ... I wholeheartedly nominate Steve and Doc Calitri of American Towman Magazine, and, Clarissa Powell, Tow Times Magazine, for their career participation to the towing and recovery industry. Their publications and tow show presentations have provided towing and recovery professionals the platform in which to share everything having to do with the industry. They've created environments that bring tow professionals to together throughout the world. Thank you for your contributions to the industry. You are true leaders and this recognition is due. Steve, Doc and Clarissa have undoubtedly influenced myself and millions of readers on an international scale ... no small task. I believe this award is befitting to their leadership and committment to the towing and recovery industry. R.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Glenn and myself will be there
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    Whenever something is being towed, additional securements should always be attached. This doesn’t just apply to wreckers - secondary attachment chains should be attached even hauling a trailer, boat trailer or camper. These chains are there for an obvious reason: to prevent an accident in the event of an attachment failure while towing. But why does WreckMaster insist that the secondary attachments are always crossed? It prevents casualty from veering into traffic Probably the most important information on this list, crossing your chains ensures that the casualty will stay behind your truck in the event of a disconnect from the wheel lift/underrearch. If the chains were parallel and went straight back to the casualty, they would be able to veer and swing freely in both directions and potentially into other vehicles. When the chains are crossed, the casualty is prevented from veering too far in either direction and will instead stay behind the wrecker. NOTE: in the event of a disconnect, be sure to slowly change lanes and reduce speed to avoid the casualty from slamming into the back of the wrecker. It affects turning Secondary attachments can be affected by turning in two ways: You can use the shortest amount of chain and it will make less contact with the ground. If the chains were to be connected parallel and go straight back to the casualty, one of the chains would become too tight whenever turning. For example, when a wrecker turns right, the distance between the left side of the wrecker and the left side of the casualty increases. On the opposite side the chain continues to slack thereby making contact with the ground. By crossing the chains, the amount of chain required is reduced and therefore you will minimize the likelihood of your chains contacting the ground. They Can go above or under the under reach When the chains are crossed, whether they go above or below the wheel lift does not matter. Why is this important? It means that securing to the most logical attachment point becomes easier. Cross the chains over the under reach also helps keep the chains from making contact with the ground while turning. There are benefits to both: Crossing the chains beneath requires more chain but they will not interfere with any other equipment such as towing lights or scratch the under reach. Crossing above can scratch the under reach but requires less chain. or Just be sure that whether you cross them above or below the under reach that they will not interfere with any other pieces of equipment, such as the towing lights. View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
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    Rollover With Clean Up

    Explorer lost control in the rain on a sharp "S" curve & rolled into the woods.... Lots of glass & debris to clean up... Now the fun starts...Property Damage Liability Claim....
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    News from Autocar

    Introducing the Autocar DC-64R conventional truck. Introducing the Autocar DC-64R conventional truck. We reached deep into our roots to bring back the DC to be everything a modern Autocar truck should be. The strongest frame, the best power/weight engine (Cummins X12 up to 500 HP/1,700 Lb-Ft), an all-new Autocar US-built steel cab with a steel & aluminum dash. Autocar will be sharing more details about this amazing truck over the next few weeks. They say you'll be as proud of it. What'd the interest level within the Towing Industry?
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    News from Autocar

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    A Little Much....MD Tow on Box Truck

    Eddie had this one the other day. Using their "sling" attachment so it was manageable... looks heavy but actually a 4200 w/ a VT365 & it was empty....felt like a typical 1 ton pick up on the back....
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    Orcas Tow

    First pull with the 750

    Received a call at 9 pm to bring the big truck for an excavator in a pond. I requested we do it in the light. The customer asked if we could do it tonight as it was submerged, he said he would do the dirty work:) I figured it was worth a look.I have not yet put the 750 to any winching load & thought about bringing the 14 Ton also but figured Id see if what the old timers say about the old Holmes 750's is true. I showed on scene to find an18,000lb excavator in the middle of a pond with the arm/bucket fully extended. The operator was working on the edge of a clay bank reaching out across the pond to grab a fallen tree & the excavator slid down the bank to the middle of the pond. I backed the old girl into position, lowered the hydraulic spades & started to pull cable, 2 2 part lines with 1/2" grade 80 chain at the excavator with the hooks terminating at the wrecker boom fairleads. The excavator owner & his helper did all the swimming/rigging underwater to the carriage. I engaged the winches & man she drug that excavator plowing sideways through the clay all the way up to dry land without as much as an inch of wrecker movement or any indication of strain from the truck. Definitely some noise from the cables as they were wrapping on the winch drums but very impressed with the ability of this truck. I rotated the excavator around once on dry land, broke down the rigging & was back at my office within 2 hours of getting in the truck, didn't even get wet. Mooresbp said: Sweet Roach901 said: OH NO !! The next post was the listing for the 14 ton. Looks like the 750 pushed the 14 ton out of the nest. Builder2 said: Congrats, first winch out with a new rig can be a learning curve. Orcas Tow said: Its for the love of Tow Trucks that I even own anything bigger than an 8 Ton. I bought the 750 as a "Collector Toy" & have found it is very capable to do anything towing related I ask of it for business also. My calls that require anything over an 8 Ton wrecker are few & far between so I hate to see the 14 Ton sit, guaranteed the nicest 2001 International for its age, very well kept but it needs to go to someone who can use it on a regular basis. MACk6X6 said: As you have just found - seeing is believing. Say what you want but dollar vs bang you just can't beat the old Holmes Wreckers for straight-line bull winching. Most will overwork the chassis they are mounted to - thanks for posting, Steve. truckrepair said: Dad taught my brother and I on the 750's we had. They are terribly underrated for their capabilities. We were once called to move a 276,000 transformer for TVA. We used two 750's and got the job done! Besides, they are the original rotators! Trex said: Great! i love 750 winching machines keep us posted!! phxpksdave said: Uzek; Welcome to the 750 Believers club. As you`re quickly finding out there`s a reason so many are still old school believers. JacksonAutoandWrecker said: the cable s and booms will talk to ya as you heard was training an operator on a rolled loadedpacker he heard cables start talking and quit winching lol thanks for posting love the old wreckers!!!!! tntower said: Nice to see some old iron still working. good job. kcservak said: Do you have pics of this truck in the daylight. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Heres a couple pictures when I brought it home. kcservak said: Uzec That truck is awsome wise you the best of luck with it and please keep posting pics of it working because that is what it is made for. Keith. Orcas Tow said: Thank you Sir.
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    Review of the 2019 Vegas Tow Show

    OK, finally made it back to a Western States Tow Show by American Towman along with CTTA. While it is not an East Coast Show like Baltimore it is the place to meet Towers on the west coast. However, there were plenty of towers from the Midwest and surprising many from the east that normally attend the Baltimore Show. I know I missed quite a few members, just never crossed paths with them for some reason. I would list every member I met but I would surely leave a few out. So, instead I am asking that you respond within this topic with your thoughts on the show. I understand the venue is changing next year and we will be posting that information as it becomes available. Also, I am giving much thought to a Thursday Night Meet & Greet at a Great Venue nearby. I want to know if there is interest in say an 8:30pm to 10:30pm Social. Again, yes this will be close to a popular nightspot so you can walk there easily. We have a few months to plan so please chime in with your thoughts on this year as well as next. At the End of the year we rate the 2019 Tow Shows something we have neglected during the change to TowForce.
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    Bob Berry

    Review of the 2019 Vegas Tow Show

    I enjoyed talking with you in the registration line but didn’t cross paths after that encounter. The tow show was very well done . I found every vendor I wanted to talk to and saw many people I haven’t seen for years. Well worth the time. Bob Berry
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Alright, with Florida a recent memory for some. Let's get this started for those going to Vegas Baby! Be sure to visit these valued TowForce sponsors at the show. If you need to set up a dedicated time post it here and as an appreciation once the sponsor has confirmed we will reserve a Tow411 T-shirt in your name. A PM will be sent prior to the show. All requests must be made two weeks prior to the show. There is a Limit of One T-Shirt per member and the Sponsor must confirm the dedicated meeting time. Watch for other ways to receive a Free or reduced cost T-Shirt. Beacon Funding, Crash Film, Dynamic, East Coast Truck & Trailer, Excel Sportswear, GEICO, Idaho Wrecker Sales, In The Ditch, Landoll, Nation Safe Drivers, Santiam, Spill Tackle, Tow Times and TowXchange. Watch for New Sponsors to be added. Member Attending: rreschran, Littletow, BigBlonde
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    For what its worth, I have a 2017 f650 extended cab air ride air brake auto 6.7L with aluminum jerrdan and wheel lift, four aluminum wheels two steel and two half loaded 48" tool boxes, fueled up and DEFd up 16200 with me driving. Also, knock on wood, so far no issues with 17k miles. Averaging 9.8mpg on a fuel up.
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    A Badass just showed up!

    And it is getting a 25 ton installed. Questions?
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    Jamie Dougherty

    Helping out Flourtown Sunoco

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2009: Flourtown Sunoco received a Police Duty Tow for a broken trailer on a rural road in Whitemarsh Township. The police requested that they come look at the damage before dispatching any equipment to the scene. I responded at the request of Tom Gerstlauer to overview the situation and make a recommendation as to what equipment would be needed. We came up with a recovery plan together that included unloading the trailer onto their Landoll and then towing the mess to their shop. As you can see we removed the roof out of the trailer,it was damaged beyond repair, and lifted the 22 rolls of paper out. Each one weighed 2003-2015 lbs. I was trying not to have to use the Air cushions but after we took the weight off of the rear the trailer started to buckle more cause of the weight on the center. So in 2 cushions went and they were inflated to bring up the belly of the trailer. The remaining load was removed and the trailer was towed from the scene. As you can see the EVIL PIN PULLER STRUCK ON THIS ONE, BUT IT WAS FUNNY HE HAD A UNIFORM ON THIS TIME. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING teams251 said: What did he hit a tree limb? Dennis said: Was this due to an improper load? Looks like the trailer just buckled. I sure enjoy seeing what you fellows do for a living. I have been very impressed with the skills and knowledge it takes to do these jobs safely and in a timely manner. Tip of the hat to all wrecker operators. rotator60 said: A Evil Pin Puller in uniform is a PPP..Professional Pin Puller..lol...That was a great show of Teamwork..a great plan executed to perfection..Thanks for sharing.. Jamie Dougherty said: The unit was going down the road and a tree fell on top of the trailer according to a witness that was behind the truck. The township roadcrew removed some of the tree but we had to lift off the trunk off of the roof so that they could cut it up. Scott what do you call him when he had a badge and a gun? JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Dennis said: Jamie...thank you for the reply. I went back and took a second look at the pictures and the tree is very evident. Nice job on the recovery. Rick Hunter said: please explain how the recovery strap is wrapped to keep the roll somewhat level we get this a lot. ftown tow said: Jamie, thanks for the assistance on this job. I just wish someone would come and get the load off our trailer and out of our shop. Rick , WE basicllay wrapped two straps around the lowest part of the rolls and choked them directly across from each other, It did take some practice and time to get it right, I think by the 21st roll we got it down pretty good. We actually ended up using endless loops, they seem to work better! transtow said: Jamie that ain't no Vulcan but it works. LOL. I just wanted to point that out Cook would love it. I hope Barn gets on here. Bigsky1 said: Alot of work I'm sure, But your crew made it look easy Job well done. Thanks for the post, Look like a very tight place to work. Jody..........Sturgill Family Towing... Jeff Hurley said: Looks like the remote was really handy. The right team for the job! ftown tow said: After going back and forth with the broker, the ins co., the paper co. They finally settled on a price for the job, However they would not except the rolls unless they were in an enclosed trailer . I rented a forklift with a paper roll clamp and transferred the load into Janeway's trailer and delivered the load to the warehouse! jimmypinktruck said: Nice job, sometimes it takes a long time to finally get paid. The lengths you have to go to. Karlstowing said: nice work guys way to work together and make some $$$ wvtowman said: nice lookin job!! should have paid well once you got paid!! BMB1989 said: nice job guys....looks like you had fun Scooby said: so whats that about...lol i'll have to right this down wbtowman said: Nice job.I always put half inch plywood on the top of the air cushions when I do a job like that to avoid punctures. Dave Lemke said: nice job jamie, how did you figure the wieght of each roll so you new how much you were picking????? i know that big monster on the side would handle it but did you ever calculate how much you were picking???? Jamie Dougherty said: Dave if you look in picture 2 there is a large sticker on the roll, on there is all of the pertinant information on each roll. I checked the first several rolls and they were all with in a few pounds of each other. I hope this will help you. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Joe Cummings said: Nice looking units. I like that pretty red Trail King. How long did it take you guys to find that little Hyster with the clamp? Sometimes I have a clamp truck sitting around the shop. Sometimes I don't. just saying ftown tow said: Joe, I called Modern and it was ready to go within a days notice. Joe Cummings said: Yeah Modern can be pretty good. Sometimes I go out to pick up trucks for junk. Every once in a while a clamp attachment comes through. I ought to save one. My little Baker diesel has a 3rd valve on it. Probably come in handy for a lot of stuff. Good Idea though to rent it. Those paper rolls are expensive stuff. Really hard on a van trailer though. There used to be a lot of them going in and out of Lansdale. Hope you got paid well. Those paper companies are always cheap. They think everyone is an asphalt cowboy.
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    "Hiding" Towmate Transmitter

    Call towmate. They sell a hard wired transmitter that will work great for you.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    You'll be seeing East Coast Truck & Trailers Sales. Stop by and introduce yourself to our crew and say hello!!
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Tracker will be there at booth 1404. Stop by and see the all new Tracker!
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    Las Vegas ShowPlace Tow Show

    Stop by to See Us In Vegas Next Week! Shop Our Selection Online at https://ectts.com and get free shipping too!
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    1950's crash pics from Los Angeles

    A few vintage crash pics from L.A. First up is a rollover, northbound US-101 at Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. On scene is Muller Brothers Garage, the LAPD contract tow for Hollywood Division, July 8, 1958. Riverside Drive at Rodger Young Village (veteran's housing complex), near where the L.A. Zoo and Gene Autry Museum are today. March 22, 1952. Another crash on the Hollywood Freeway (US-101) circa 1952. Muller Brothers with the Chevy/Holmes. 1st and Olive, Downtown L.A., October 1951. Marquette wrecker belongs to Viertel's Automotive, 237 S. Figueroa St. Downtown L.A. Rich Viertel was one of the first LAPD contract tow operators, his company still holds the contract for Central and Rampart divisions. Runaway car, 3rd and Alameda, Downtown L.A. July 23, 1951. Truck is also from Viertel's Automotive. Rollover the hard way S/B Santa Ana Freeway (US-101) south of 7th Street in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles) March 9, 1957. Wrecker is likely a Hollenbeck Automotive unit as they were the LAPD tow for that division. (CHP did not cover freeways within L.A. City limits, they were LAPD's responsibility until 1968) Same wreck as the previous pic, photo taken from 7th Street overpass. The area looks different today, interchanges were built for 2 more freeways here (I-10 and SR-60) there are now traffic lanes where the embankments are in this pic. The Boyle Avenue overpass in the background looks similar today, though it was hollowed out on each side to accommodate the additional lanes of freeway traffic underneath. This area is known as the East L.A. interchange, or more recently the Eugene A. Obregon Memorial Interchange. PFC Obregon was a 19 year old kid from East L.A. who enlisted in the Marine Corps and won the Medal of Honor posthumously while serving with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines at Seoul, Korea in 1950. Black & White Garage uprighting a cabbage truck in Pacoima, November 15, 1951. Note truck tied off to a Holmes tree. Black & White is still the contract tow for LAPD Foothill division. Rollover, S/B Pasadena Freeway north of Orange Grove Ave. in South Pasadena. Photo taken from Meridian Ave. overcrossing, July 11, 1958. Towing company is unknown, but likely Colliau's of South Pasadena. Westbound Ramona Freeway (now San Bernardino Freeway, I-10) just west of Herbert Ave in East Los Angeles. The railroad tracks are L.A.'s Pacific Electric Railway, the famous "Red Car" system that was dismantled by GM, Standard Oil and Firestone rubber in order to sell L.A. more buses. Rolled CHP cruiser on US-101 at Malibu Rd. (now Las Virgenes Rd). near Calabasas. Nov. 25, 1951. A-1 Garage pulling one out of a storefront, Normandie Ave. at Fountain, in Hollywood. June 29, 1951. Located at 38th and Broadway, and operating about 20 trucks, A-1 Garage was the King of heavy duty towing in L.A. until Continental Towing opened shop in 1958. The mechanics at A-1 were union, but when the wrecker drivers wanted to unionize as well, the owner decided to quit the towing biz. Nice pic of a '58 or '59 Chevy with what appears to be a Holmes 400RW. Judging from the telephone exchange prefix, these guys were in Hollywood. Johnson's Super Service with what appears to be a '53 Chevy pulling one out of the Plymouth House Restaurant on the Sunset Strip near Doheny Dr., West Hollywood, June 1958. Johnson's is still the L.A. County Sheriff's contract tow for WeHo. The Key Club, a popular Sunset Strip music venue now stands where the Plymouth House was. Trailer loaded with chocolate syrup, Anaheim Street under Terminal Island Freeway (now SR-47), Wilmington (L.A. harbor district) April 10, 1957. Wrecker looks like a home built pipe job, my dad thinks it belonged to either City Tow in Long Beach or Bob Cass in Gardena.
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    Our Most Influentual Industry Leaders

    I would nominate Bob Fouquette from Big Wheel / RBU in Massachusetts. Besides the fact that he has helped thousands of towing companies across the country, he also possesses quality character traits like Integrity, compassion & the genuine concern and desire to help people. His wealth of knowledge of our industry is second to none and he runs his life & business with strong moral principles. I am proud to call him my friend and look to his "model" when I judge my own decisions.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Crashfilm will be in Vegas! Come see us booth #1008.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I will be there!
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    Old Iron Shortys Towing mpls.mn.

    These images were added by Bighook to Tow411 in November of 2008: the single axle pete was bought new in 81 taken to century and its a 820 20 ton then in 83 it was hit while towing a new mack cabover by a drunk driver, both trucks rolled completely over and totalled we bought it back from ins company put new hood cab and sleeper on it trebron upgraded the boom cap. and put a stiffleg on it it was a beautiful truck to drive also in 1983 it won best of show at the illinois tow show....i beleive it was the only out of state truck to do so Wildwood Jack asked: Bighook is Shortys still in business? I used to see them running down the tollway by us. I haven't seen any for quite some time. Jack Herman, Wildwood Service Gages Lake, Ill. Bighook said: wildwood they are but after roger died they are struggling alittle rogers son corky leftin 2007 and started his own company he runs 3 otr trucks and has 7 towtrucks if i remember correctly i see corky quite a bit we have been friends almost 28 years he is doing pretty good with his stuff
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    2 More Oldies from the collection

    Submitted to Tow411 by Mark Redman (cfrtruck) Joe Cummings said: I swear that Brockway is John Griffin from Masher St in Philly's old truck. His was green and had a Continental gas motor in it. As far as I remember he died in 94 or 95. I have no Idea where the truck went after he passed. I think his son died too so it probably went up for sale. cfrtruck said: Joe: The Brockway is from Red and Arts in Stafford Springs, CT who had this truck for as long as I can remember. Traveling along I-84 eastbound just before the Massachusetts border you could always see this truck parked outside his station. Da Wash Boss said: that brockway is an icon next to I-84 out there. what them guys would do with that little brockway many guys on here claim only way to do that job is with a rotator. if that truck could talk wow would i love to listen. great pics mark, i never seen that white before where is that from? Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT Joe Cummings said: Mark, John's was so close to that one it is almost unbelievable. I'll have to poke around and try to see what happened to his. He also had a bigger Brockway tandem with a 30 ton Weldbuilt on it and a big Continental gasser in it. John was a great guy and an really good mechanic. He had a whole fleet of older Brockways working day to day in his trucking company. Ed Barker said: Those are pretty neat old pictures ,,,I can see where they would somewhat be limited with the single line though.I love to see those old photos.
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    Joanne Blyton of Billings Towing & Recovery, Montana, has been elected 2019 TRAA President. Joanne is the first woman to hold this position in 40 years. A long time member of Tow411 and now TowForce, member name "speedracer". Join us as we send our congratulations on a rise to the top, for a woman who truly earned it. TRAA "Towing & Recovery Association of America Tow411 - "Towing Information Network" Her Candidate Bio is available online at http://traaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Joanne-Blyton.pdf
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    Hi everyone, I realize that this is an old post, but I would like to share my thoughts on this topic. I think that there are so many variables that it is impossible to have a one size fits all answer. If you are just doing a short tow across town at low speeds ( max 45 mph ), I think it could be done safely even if it has a fiberglass roof. However if you need to go a longer distance especially on the highway, I would try to avoid towing from the rear with an aluminum roof and I would never rear tow on the highway with a fiberglass roof. The rear roll up doors on a box truck are not wind and water tight like a sea container. The doors are just to keep the load from falling into the road when the truck is driving and or to keep thieves from stealing the cargo when the truck is stopped. Also the trucks were not designed to go down the highway backwards at highway speeds. This is just like towing a road tractor with fairings from the rear. It will act like a parachute and the wind will get past the door and put a lot of stress on the roof which is the weakest link, causing it to fail and break
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    Newest Addition

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    Topic Originally Create in January of 2016: Big Cam III 400, In frame has less than 10,000 miles. 13 Speed Transmission Eaton 2-speed rear ends (4.56-6.21) Hendrickson Suspension Holmes 850 With Zacklift 20/80 UNIT WAS FORCED OUT OF CALIFORNIA DUE TO CARB
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    Some Suburban Wrecker Nostalgia

    Topic Originally Created by wreckmster in June of 2007: ere are some photos of trucks no longer with us. Our First wrecker... "HOOK" GMC with a 30 ton Wreckmaster rig Our second truck "THE BOSS" It was a slug. 318 Detroit engine(no turbo) with a 30 ton Wreckmaster rig with extendable booms. Our third truck. "BEAR" GMC with 25 ton Wreckmaster rig Early Fleet photo That's little ole me on the left with the baseball hat. My brother is next to me, then my father followed by two former employees. truck 4 Newer cab and chassis on original 30 ton Wreckmaster bed (loud Air starter) LOL Truck 6 we built for my brother. It was a 1980 brigadier and had a 25 ton wreckmaster rig with custom length booms. they were about 2 ft longer than the standard boom. Great towing unit Truck 6 is towing my first truck I built and drove.Which I drilled many a hole in the frame to build. Frame drills were heavy back then. It is also a Brigadier, but had the 30 ton body with the extendable booms from truck 2. My truck is being towed because I had a severe knee injury and would be out of work for awhile. He was towing it back to the shop. GMC General 30 ton unit (great truck) I spent most of my time in this unit. Our most disappointing truck 97 Freightliner with 25 ton Jerrdan unit I'll see If I can find some other pics FMS Mike said: Awesome Pics!!! Them are some hosses!! Michael ------Michael Vibert------- Da Wash Boss said: Those are some really nice trucks. Were you guys one of wreck masters biggest customers,,,,, Just some really nice units there. That road boss looks good as does the General. I notice in the first picture that "N" model Ford box truck in the background,, thats a nice truck also. Thanks for sharing you guys paid your dues over the years, nice trucks then and some nice ones now as well. Good luck in the future. Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT OldHolmes460user said: very nice collection of pics. How old is your family business? underdog said: Those were all great trucks. Bet you wish you kept at least one of them! Stay safe, Rich. wreckmster said: Thanks for the comments. Our Business was established in 1976. I do wish we still had the GMC General. All around good towing and winching truck. Rode like a brick though with the Hendrickson rears.. (Ouch) Gale25yrs said: Why was the Freightliner such a disappointment? Too heavy? wreckmster said: The Freightliner was just a trouble truck. It was cheaply made. The doors echo'd when you closed them. The visor kept falling off and cracking the roof. For some odd reason it squatted really easy even with increased air ride pressure. It had one of the early style Jerrdan rigs with the older lift cylinders. You know the ones that if you moved the boom under load and it was out of it's channel, the boom would shift and take out the fog light. You could use the winches, but not the boom under load. We had alot of problems with the rear axles. We would go through about 2 axles a year and that was with a good operator. It towed pretty well though, just wasn't very dependable. It struggled with dropped trailers and since the boomed moved, I was hesitant on send it out. I just cut my losses and sold it for a bigger truck. The tandem axle Pete/35 ton Jerrdan we replaced it with has been a good combination so far for the most part. Michael212 said: Thanks For Sharing! It's always pretty cool to see where you started and see where your at today. Keep up the Good Work! Michael Myers Heavytowman12 said: You had nice equipment back then just like you do now. Wreckmaster made a real nice rig.Operated one for a few years on a Autocar.Those Briggaders were real poplar trucks then. Bet you wish you still had one of those. Just for keep sake! fredstowingnj said: I remember the old Wreckmaster plant in Cranbury,NJ. Da Wash Boss said: Hey Fred, I never knew thats where the wreck master plant was. If I remember correctly I think Roadmasters Towing had some dodges or gmcs with wreck master units on them. I am not sure thought maybe you would know if not I bet Steve or Bob remembers. They were nice trucks. Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT geartow said: now if i could find parts for a wreckmaster 25 ton id love it FredsTowingnj said: Don't really know much about RoadMasters Steve or Bob would know more then me.But yes Wreckmaster's plant was on Cranbury South River Road in Cranbury,NJ Auto Rescue said: Worse yet I remember when they built it Recovery Inc said: Those wreckmasters looked alot like Holmes were they close in competition. Great pics thanks for showing. Chris Fontaine Interstate Towing Da Wash Boss said: QUOTE: "Those wreckmasters looked alot like Holmes were they close in competition." They may have looked close and they were great units but,,,,, There is nothing that comes close to a holmes. How many agree with me on that about Holmes. Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT wreckmster said: not much of a difference between the two really. The Wreckmaster winches were backwards.....basically they were practically duplicates. I wouldn't say Holmes was any better or worst.. I personally put my Wreckmasters to the test. They faired very well.. wstowing11 said: Bringing back memories of riding with Dad and the other guys when I was a little kid. When we sold them old trucks we really wanted to get the newer ones at the time, but it sure would be nice to have a few of them around to remember the good ol days !!
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    This list is compiled from an old topic on the Tow411 message board. Any assistance in the form of replies to complete the list would be appreciated. Topic was named: Compiling a list of the different Holmes Wreckers made over the years. Booms - Single or twin, boxed or skeleton, capacity, manual extension? Winches - Single or twin, capacity Bodyies - CA (cab to axle) available, single/tandem Options - Side outriggers Years Produced - Approximate duration of production Anything else that would be of interest W35 W45 400 440 460 480 500 525 550 600 650 750 850 1701 1801 Mechanical 110 missing details in topic 220 which was a pickup mounted unit with a boom like the 440, except that it had an electric winch on it.... 250 missing details in topic 330 missing details in topic 400 Single Line 440 Single line 8 ton boom 8000 winch 440 High Power 460 Twin Line 470 Unknown Model and Details 480 Twin Line (2) 4 ton booms (2) 8000 winches 485 Standard early (20's - 30's) twin boom unit 490 50's unit twin 3 ton booms twin 6000lb winches? 500 Twin Line 515 Twin Line - "Antique" 525 Forerunner to the Holmes 600 the main difference was the mast and how it was structured. On the 525 the booms were mounted half way up the mast like on the 460 & 515. The 525 has a boom rating of 6 tons each with a pulling capacity of 15 tons. It was designed to fit the 1-1/2 to 2 tons trucks with a 60" to 87" CA. The longer CA service bodies had a tool box ahead of the mast. The 20" drums had a max. capacity of 250" of cable. 550 Twin Line Unknown Model and Details 600 16 ton unit Twin Line Outriggers standard or optional equipment 650 Twin 10 ton booms 655 750 Twin Line Available Tandem or Single axle 850 Twin Line Tandem Axle W35 Twin Line - "Antique" W45 Twin Line - "Antique" W70, 70 ton mech. twin boom Hydraulic 475 missing details in topic 475T missing details in topic 1200 Hydraulic Update of a 500ish? 1601 aka Python Single 22 ton hydraulic boom twin line twin 16k (20k?) winches 1625 As 1601 (?) but 25 ton 1701 Hydraulic Update of a 750? 1801 Hydraulic Update of a 850? Others: Heavy Duty Power Wrecker - like a 485 but stronger mast & PTO driven Speed King - early 515? Traffic King - early 525? 5th Wheel Wrecker - hydraulic jib for 5th wheel tractor unit use Commander (1200?) Trooper Here's the listings from Catalog "Q" August 1955. Model 330 3 ton single Hand or Power Operation. Model 400 3 ton single Power Model 460 6 ton dual Power Model 470 8 ton dual Power Model 525 12 ton dual Power 15ton possible pull capacity Model 650 20 ton dual Power 2 speed PTO available Model 850 30 ton dual Power 2 speed gearing 35ton possible pull capacity central controls only Here's the listings from 1971 Model 220 4 ton single Electric Model 440 4 ton single Power Model 480 8 ton dual Power Model 500 10 ton dual Power (both drums have 7/16 x 200 ft. Cables) Model 600 16 ton dual Power Model 750 25 ton dual Power Model 850 40 ton dual Power ground and central controls.
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    Progress on 70 Ton Rotator

    There's a lot of red to get rid of, new body and front boxes taking shape, new proportional remote, adding 35k D P 2 speed drag winch and rear 3 stage outriggers. Thanks to TJ ,Jay , and ,Bill Wong UPDATED: More progress shots on 70 ton dewalt, new sides taking shape, unit sanded, braces added to boom base, all new hoses in place, additional valve section installed in valve body, ready to add 35k 2 speed drag winch, new proportional remote ordered.
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