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    It is a double edged sword here in Pennsylvania. As an industry we have very little in the way of regulation on the state level, a few cities have some tow regulations, but for the most part we are left to our own. This leads to chasing and some unscrupulous business practices, which we all pay for in the end. In 2019 I find it hard to believe, yet chasing happens all across the country still. I was a victim of this back in the late 90's, I would not chase wrecks but my nearest competitor did, even went as far as joining the fire department just so he could respond with his wrecker to the crash and get a business card to the driver before the PSP arrived, allowing him to make it an owners request. I am not against towers volunteering with the fire department, I encourage it (will have an article on this in the April issue of American Towman), I just don't like it when it is used to get around the rotation system. Glad to see Pittsburgh is finally doing something, all I can say is what took them so long?
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    It's amazing to me there are still cities out there that allow these half a*&%ed ambulance chasers to run their "businesses" like that. I just cant imagine having to fight for work like some sort of vulture. I used to wonder why i always had to defend our industry but, then i see something like this and i'm reminded why i always have to prove that there are real professionals in this industry. Hopefully actual legitimate towing companies will get these contracts they are setting up and not some clown with a homemade sling setup on the back of their ragged 1/2 ton pickup truck. If someone raced up to an accident scene around here with a setup like that, Our P.D. would tell them to go home and take that crap off their truck before it falls off and hurts someone!!!!
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    The owners as well as operators who do the right thing pay the price for those who do not. State regulatory action is a joke. It is, or should I say, has been time for there to be a standardized safe operating procedure for all to follow. These operators should then be able to break away from the clueless, and I do not cares, and request bids for insurance as well as other benefits that would be at a substantially reduced cost. The group would then elect officers who would have the power to delegate enforcement powers to remove those who were not complying or following safe operating procedures. It would be a privilege, of achievement, not a right. I feel that the others would be priced out of the market, or do whatever. If you will not help yourself, I have little desire to help you either.
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    Yippee, the politicians are going to do their JOB Somebody give them a cookie.
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