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    Re: Snow Ban

    We have "tow bans" here in Iowa that are put in place by the highway patrol when road conditions are questionable, more often that not visibility is a concern as well. Having said that if law enforcement calls for an accident or a vehicle blocking the roadway we are often called to remove it with their help and blessing. We are often just as busy during the ban after a major storm clearing vehicles that were left in the road way so plow crews can do their work. Our county and city police are very good to work with, we can on a case by case basis do tows on gravel roads where traffic is light and visibility is good. Most of the the time the trooper on duty will let us know about when they think the ban will be lifted so we can plan accordingly. As far as the working around the clock that should be covered by the hours of operation policy's in place. We have all worked too long and been sleep deprived. As was stated above that is a recipe for disaster!!!! The one exception that will over ride the hour law is a request by law enforcement for a roadway blockage as was also stated above. There is NO JOB so important that it's safety should compromised for it's completion!!!!
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