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    Here's sad news of a tow operator fatality that occured early this morning making this the first fatality of 2019. According to the news, tow operator, Pat Sisneros, of Madrid Towing, was struck and killed as he attempted to assist a NM state police officer. According to State Police, a semi-truck crashed into a State Police vehicle just before 1 a.m. Police say Pat Sisneros stopped to assist the officer when another semi collided into Sisneros' tow truck, killing him. All lanes on I40 Eastbound MM 157 were closed due to the motor vehicle accident involving the second semi-truck. It was also reported that 20-degree temperatures caused lanes to be were extremely icy. Details are few and an investigation is being on-going. My prayers are with the Sisneros' family and the company Pat worked for. https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/albuquerque-roads-slick-and-dangerous/5196197/
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    Tow truck driver killed, officer injured in I-40 crash ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The latest winter wallop has claimed an innocent man's life. “The tow truck driver was just being a good Samaritan,” Officer Dusty Francisco with New Mexico State Police said. Seven vehicles, including four semis, were involved in a chain reaction crash around one this morning. Chopper 4 flew over the scene that spread out over several miles on I-40 East, shutting down traffic for hours. “Due to the weather and road conditions, I mean you're driving on black ice, so it makes it harder to stop,” Officer Francisco said. State Police said an officer responded to a crash and was rear-ended by a semi. “A tow truck driver from Madrid Towing, stopped to assist the state police officer, and when it did, another commercial motor vehicle approached the scene and struck the tow truck…tow truck driver, along with the State Police vehicle a second time,” Officer Francisco said. State police said 50-year-old Pat Cisneros of Albuquerque died at the scene. The officer suffered minor injuries and is expected to be ok. “I mean with the inclement weather and road conditions, we put out stuff on social media to drivers to slow down, be careful and for something like that to happen, it’s, it’s unfortunate,” Officer Francisco said. No other injuries were reported. Police continue to investigate the crash and whether speed was a factor. KOB reached out to Madrid towing. The company’s owner, Gerald Madrid, provided us this statement on the loss of their valued employee and friend. "Pat was my lead tow driver here at Madrid. His passion was driving tow trucks. He died doing what he loved. In addition, trying to help someone else, in the process, lost his life. Pat will be missed,” Madrid said. RESOURCE LINK with video
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