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    The Google Plus login is going away.

    Due to the shut down of Google+ and the Google+ sign-in will be going away, those of you that are using this login will have to use one of the other types I have set up (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Microsoft) or the standard username and password. Google will fully shutdown the service March 7, 2019. I plan on those having this on the board to be moved over before then as the next version of the boards software will remove the old google+ sign-in. Thank you,
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    Odds are a Tow Operator will be struck before the end of 2018. Be very cautious, use everything you have learned about safety procedures. Call for assistance with traffic warrants it. This is one of the most dangerous times of the year. For those reading this your precautions will change the odds of a tower down. While we will never know, I will be just fine with any one reading this message not being a statistic. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    Brand New-No Starts

    Most new car dealers in our area have limited parking. Those 2 Jeeps were delivered to satellite storage facility 25 miles from dealership service. Jumpstarts failed, key fobs not recognized on both. Used skates to load Cherokee & Wrangler was manual. Neither had PDI This was 3rd one—same day
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