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    Savannah says we must delay the first of three 12 days of Christmas drawing until Monday Evening in recognition of the services. The days of next weeks entries will also be moved up by one day. We are still in need of a few more gifts, so if you can gift some it would be much appreciated. Watch for the drawing results to be posted sometime in the evening of Monday December 12th. Thank you for your understanding and be sure to login and reply to the entry topic each day Next week beginning Tuesday December 11th. Savannah is our Daughter and she has participated in each and every drawing for nearly her entire 14 years. Tow411 has been a part of the Industry for nearly 18 years. Merry Christmas All
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    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    I first knew Bill in mid 1970’s, when he came to the WI Tow Show in Wisconsin Dells. At that time he was building convential tow trucks, for the Chicago police dept, the sides were made from quarter inch plate. We had many good times with him and his crew. My first hydraulic wheel lift was a challenger purchased in 1985. Challenger hosted the WI board of directors in his hospitality suite at the Indianapolis 500 time trials. It was memorable. Over the years I visited with him at many Tow Shows. Bill was awesome!! RIP Bill Bill Tomlinson Ashland, WI
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    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    BB wreckers were legendary and Bill could convince you of the same. I had the pleasure of talking with him at different tow shows. A true gentlemen, Bill ... you will be missed but not forgotten. R.
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    On behalf of Team WreckMaster thank you Bill. You will be remembered as an industry legend, thank you for all you did to grow this industry.
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    Wow the man the legend has left this earth . Anyone that ever met Bill Bottoms will never forget him. The towing industry has lost a true pioneer craftsman and a legendary designer who we can thank for what we have today . Rest in peace Bill you sir will be deeply missed . Never forget that day he drove into Ben Warners Garage with that 40 ton red W 900 towing a super duty and Ben handed the keys to the Ford to a 19 year old kid . I had the first wheel lift parking garage truck in Santa Anna and a motorcycle ramp . I was the happiest kid on the planet first new truck I ever got. I got to be the swamper on the second rotator the Black cat at Anaheim Fullerton with Polock Bob . Moved to Maryland in 91 saw these red/orange Challengers with Calton truck service on them when I ran AAA at rolling road. That took some time like 4 kids worth but Big Creed let me run his Pete. Bill's equipment out lasted many a new one . Over built was a understatement. Rest in peace BILL .
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    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    A great man, never will be forgotten. He will be missed by the entire industry. A ton respect for Bills accomplishments and contributions to the industry. RIP. Prayers and condolences, to the family and team at B and B.
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    Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. He sounds like a great man.
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    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    RIP Mr. Bottoms and condolences to his family, friends and employees.
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    Al Wehbe

    Bill Bottoms - 8/18/1941 - 12/7/2018

    A Sad Day to say goodbye to someone I admired and had great respect for, Rest in Peace Mr. Bill Bottom's. Every year in Baltimore I'd have your popcorn ready and we would have our chat, it definitely won't be the same without you. Mr. Bill Bottom's was always a gentleman and a great role model, you've made your mark on the Earth as those wreckers will carry your name forever. Thank you for all your kind gestures and for paving the way in the Towing Industry. You will be remembered as a legend and dearly missed by many, I will always remember and look back at the few conversations and laughs we had. Rest In Peace Mr. Bill Bottom...
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