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    TowMate Wireless Features

    First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our dealers and customers for the overwhelming support at the Baltimore Tow Expo this past weekend making it our best show to date! As you know, TowMate is committed to bringing you innovative technology in our products. That is why today's models have more features and value than ever before. From our removable Lithium battery packs bringing you run times from 24hrs (on light duty) to 60hrs of use (on heavy duty), to our integrated warning lights alerting traffic of your presence and directing them to move over while you are on the roadside, we have continued to push onward for the past 30+ years to bring you the best products available today. Click here to find a dealer near you and to see what TowMate can do for you and your fleet. Have a happy Thanksgiving in the meantime!
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    Bambarger tow truck operator receives medal for heroism after rescuing baby from burning car. André Harris gave God all of the credit when he rescued a baby from a burning car back in July, it was Harris who was recognized on the national stage this weekend for his incredible act of heroism. When he was awarded the American Towman Medal in a ceremony at the Baltimore Tow Show. Bambarger noted that the prestigious medal honors “some of the most amazing acts in the annals of human rescue.” The company’s post added, “Indiana Jones and Superman have nothing on the American Towman. The Medal Ceremony has evolved over the years into the March of the Heroes.” From André Harris Sr. FB page: Thanx to everyone who sent nice words and well wishes. It really means a lot to me to have complete strangers say such kind words to me for an act that God put me in place for. That's why GOD gets all of the glory. It's also a blessing to have a beautifully crafted, God-fearing, loving and praying wife, Rachael M. Harris, to remind me on a daily basis to make my best better. I also want to thank Heath Bambarger, Adam Bambarger, Lori Cunningham Miles for giving me the opportunity to be in a wrecker, for it's truly a rewarding feeling to know that you've helped someone get to safety with almost every call. Thanks to everyone at Bambarger Wrecker Services because I've learned so much from you all and I continue to learn from you guys on a daily basis. A special thanks goes out to Billy Green for the support with his many skills and knowledge of the tech world and much more. And the biggest thank you goes to my parents, Abe Harris & Loretta Harris for always teaching my siblings and I to always work hard and pray even harder, always help when u see that you can and sometimes even when you don't think you can and have faith knowing that God's plan is bigger than you know. To my sisters, brothers and my bro-cuz THANKS for keeping me on my toes and for always being there for me! To God be the glory.
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    Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! Happy Thanksgiving! ▻Support my ...
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