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    Taking Tow Trucks Into Flood Water

    Wait till the water recedes, there is absolutely no reason to enter the water. The vehicles are already a total loss and what little fluids may leak with not be enough to contaminate the environment. The tow truck you see in this image may not be effected by this action tomorrow or next week. But it will show signs of failure within a month or two. unless the fluids are changed immediately.
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    Early morning Roll....

    Eddie grabbed this one this morning.... Wrapped up in a few minutes...then a beauty shot...LoL
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    Progress on 70 Ton Rotator

    There's a lot of red to get rid of, new body and front boxes taking shape, new proportional remote, adding 35k D P 2 speed drag winch and rear 3 stage outriggers. Thanks to TJ ,Jay , and ,Bill Wong UPDATED: More progress shots on 70 ton dewalt, new sides taking shape, unit sanded, braces added to boom base, all new hoses in place, additional valve section installed in valve body, ready to add 35k 2 speed drag winch, new proportional remote ordered.
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    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    Well Ron you're right...no yellow trucks but they were there in spirit! I owe a lot to those people and Big Wheel changed the way I do things literally the day after my 1st class.... nearly 10 years ago. And when I presented my invoice to a typically difficult insurance company, they didn't have a single complaint. My connections made back then have & will continue my business's prosperity for years to come as well as friendships that are priceless. Stuart you're right...I was dreading these rolls as soon as I found out. I knew if I was to drag them out the back and load them on a trailer or carriers, they would be junk for sure. To make matters worse, they have a small hole (7/8") in the middle so rigging to them could be tricky... I knew it would be difficult to lift that dead weight in such a confined area but handling them was potentially dangerous . Like John said, I was concerned that they would move around when the trailer dropped and @ 6000 lbs each...they can make a difference! Wet set it pretty easily, I think I have a video of it...a slight bounce but not much drama. The rolls were damaged some but from their initial movement. They decided to scrap the load in the end so it is what it is. Thanks Randall. We were taxing the Tator pretty good so I decided to add my second line off a block to the drives just in case. It turned up to be a good idea because it was starting to stall the auxiliary winches and the main boom winches were getting the outriggers "Light". A lot of guys really push them but I don't know this truck well enough to exceed the platform. That added line made the difference though to get the initial lift to start & then from there it was like text book. Thanks for all the comments.
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    While this is not the time for such discussion, it must be discussed before an action plan can be put it place. "My gut feeling is the electronic logging mandate, although artificially, has placed increased pressure on drivers to "push through" because of that set in stone digital clock staring them in the face." I have been hearing this louder and louder that because of the ELD. The dispatchers are pushing the drivers harder. One trucker stated he is one of the few English speaking drivers in the company and he has to routinely tell the person is is speaking with the speak English and to text in English. So, drivers are now be pushed harder. Wasn't that what the CDL and ELD was suppose to stop?
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    Yea we make a trip out of it, spend a couple days there. It's a great time....especially when you buy something! LoL Last year I bought a 79 Coupe DeVille... This one makes me smile just looking at it...
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    I'm getin' there!

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    Hats off to you!!!
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    While I'm always one to respect police, fire and other officials on-scene, I stick to my guns that I'm the professional tow operator on-scene and it's my job to load or tow in the manner that I'm experienced in doing. Putting hands-on anyone is an unacceptable practice, especially for a fire captain to do so. If the worker was untrained, inexperienced, or flat out flippant, a violent exchange is unprofessional. There may be something that occurred that we're not aware of, but at face value, fire captain's should stick to their line of work and not that of towing and recovery.
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    Camper Season...

    Had a new Super Duty pulling a new 5th wheel stuck at the Pocono Raceway Campground today.The guy was new to the camping world so he wasn't sure how to get the trailer out without doing damage... We backed him in to rehook it. He had tried earlier and stabbed the tailgate through the front compartment panel of the trailer.... Got him all out on the blacktop and he was ecstatic!
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    As seen on youtube: Heavy Duty Operator Rob Long recovering a truck that rolled onto its side.
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    Donny Callahan

    Pictures Tell The Story

    Pick, rotate, lay down, load and haul oversized allenstowing said: Did it grow between pis 2 and 3? Looks good. Donny Callahan said: I wiggled my nose and made it shorter... Lol... It was 20' high and 10' wide bulldog1635 said: very impressive. looks very close to the wrecker. what size NRC is that ? al, bull dog Donny Callahan said: It's a 40/50 SR The tank really isn't that close... The pictures turned out funky... MTA415 said: sweet graphics!
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    Donny Callahan

    First Post

    Topic Originally Created February of 2012: Customer called and wanted us to respond with two Heavies to this 45,000 lbs track boom lift. After I up-righted, I released and freewheeled the tracks. Winched out of ditch. Boomed over the tractor/ trailer and winched onto the trailer. Heavytowman12 said: I take it rolled while loading or did it fall of while in transit ? Nice Recovery vulcanuk said: Both the post and the recovery look good nice job dsc said: Nice Job! Good Post! Thanks for sharing... Donny Callahan said: It slid off while loading PRTC01 said: Now that you got the first one out of the way lets see some more!
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    I and APTRA will be there in full force! Stop by our booth!
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    Cargo: High end plastic rolls on the side. Thanks to Montague Police and Turners Falls Fire dept, and a special thanks to my great crew, T. J., Bill Wong, Tom Kurtyka Jr., Jake Browning and Samantha Browning, Nice job!!!
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    Still here🇬🇧🇬🇧
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    Plow Trucks....

    F450 Plow truck, loaded...Just too much for our rollback. Sent a 2nd truck to haul the plow back to the customer's shop.
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    Guy buys this Jeep 2 weeks prior...700 mi on it...then drives 60 mph+ in a 25 mph community zone. Fails to negotiate the curve and tumbles through 4 different properties.... Cops found the guy 1/2 mile away drunk sitting in the middle of the road in his underwear.... Now THAT"S a party... LoL Made junk of his new truck... It was @ 2am in the rain so Eddie grabbed the Jeep and we went back on a Sunday am to do a complete clean up. 2 of the home owners that we talked to were very pleased that we came back and cleaned up all the parts, trees & landscaping.
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    Christmas Parade & Decoration Images

    Had a great time in the York Parade! Saw tons of friends out there waving.
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    2008 F650 6.7 Cummins

    The calibration of the turbo actuator motor can cause a lack of power. The actuator arm can be assembled incorrectly inside the turbo, or the actuator can be not calibrated. Cummins software is needed, and actuator must be removed(after draining coolant from block), and installed to get it checked/set correctly. I would also recommend using DIESEL KLEEN additive in the fuel. It has worked wonders in my trucks, and many of my customer's trucks. My truck was a turd(no codes) when I bought it, would barely do 65 on the highway. After a month of DK(double dosed), it will now hit the speed governor at 78, and has stayed that way. It is possible that the DPF is slightly restricted. You can remove it to inspect/clean it yourself. I have had good success using oven cleaner, and a pressure washer. Hope this helps.
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    Usually I try not to Monday morning quarterback jobs on a public forum, however this one shows a lack of professionalism period. There are many ways to do this job, rotator although nice, is not required. Even with just the truck he had on scene there were better options than what was chosen. I believe this may stem from a lack of care, no or little training and maybe a culture of "who cares" at his company. The risk on this one was at an unacceptable level, no control over the vehicle at all when it came over the guide rail it slammed into the back of his truck. Sorry, not going to happen if I owned the truck. Besides risking damage to the tow truck, he could have been crushed when it swung free. What would have happened if the rigging let lose or maybe the oil pan or fuel tank were punctured? I won't even harp on his lack of proper PPE as I am so tired of preaching about vests, hard hats and other protective gear. I would have rather seen him teeter toter it over the rail than try to lift it free and clear in one shot. As said by others in this thread, it appears that the guide rail ends close by, it could have been winched to an opening wide enough to get it out. Also, judging by the light poles, that appears to be a on-ramp area so there may have even been options to access the vehicle from the rear without blocking traffic or putting the tow truck in a bad spot off road. Even given that in most states towers are relieved of liability for secondary damages during police ordered recoveries that does not give a tower a license to intentionally inflict damage such as ripping off the rear bumper on the guide rail. We still must act with reasonable caution in our care of these vehicles.
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    Keeping the 600R busy

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in April of 2012: Here are a few simple tows we have done with the 600R. This truck tows very well, the heavy weight on the steer axle helps a lot, it has 9900 pounds on the steer. The only complaint, it is a little under powered at 5000 foot above sea level, but it gets the job done. The yellow RV is a 1974, front wheel drive with air suspension in the back but well thought out, you pump it up with an onboard electric compressor then close the valve to lock in the ride height, all factory, made towing it and keeping ground clearance a breeze. ltl900tow said: looks good i love that truck, with those fords in the spoons i always pop off the center caps due to they are so brittle Keen1051 said: Not bashing, but why choke up on your L-arms? I always open them up so it will sit in deeper, less chance of coming out in case of sudden stop. Brian991219 said: We have very steep curb cuts and high angles in and out of out driveways and intersections in Albuquerque so it is a balancing act to get the wheels in the spoons, the ride height correct and not drag the rear end or catch the tires where they hang down below the cross bar. I have found it is easy to bottom out the front wheels just coming into a parking lot out here. RobertCAdams said: Truck looks GOOD!!!! Robert gen4towman said: gotta love those fwd gmc motorhomes. GStyle said: I've seen a rv like that, but it was green. Remember Stripes with Bill Murray? Brian Bell said: Nice Looking Job's but I will say I'm super scared of those 19.5's just being held in by lasso straps. They will jump out when you get into a PANIC STOP !!! Trust me BTDT the towed vehicle will be all into your tailboard ... You need a chain or another strap ran straight up or slightly forward up to the front T-hooks or even around the sway bar pulling backwards to your crossbar. I always kept a auto transport style cluster with about 3ft of 5/16 chain on my truck to do this. I could use it to pull cars out of the ditch also. I found this picture in my photobucket the red line is where there needs to be a chain / strap ... You could just go around the spring stack also and leave it with a little slack if dips / hills are a huge issue.. as long as the tires can't lift up out of the L arm then they cant go forward.... I know your thinking that's what the Lasso strap is doing but there will be enough force and or leverage to flip or roll them out. AutoHaus1 said: Good Idea on the hold-back strap. I don't let the laso straps go below the top 1/3 of the tire, and I wrench em down to where the tire complains. danielswt said: I have too seen first hand damages done with 1 tons/trailer combos pushing out of the spoons. Bellboys idea is good, I used to do that. But I prefer to wrap the entire tire, grid, and L-arm completely all the way around with a longer strap. Just have to watch dips with that setup. I still think you need to lose the flames and go with orange fenders reckmaster1 said: I hauled one too, kinda threw me off i had never seen a front wheel drive RV Robert Anaya said: Brian, The truck looks good. Is this one your assigned truck? I towed a few of those a while back, they hold a convention type cruise every year and they run right through here. Pretty cool little rv, no need to pull DL!!! David V said: Those GMC campers are built with the same front end as the old Oldsmobile Tornodo and Cadillac Eldorado. 500 c.i. engine, tranny next to the block, a big chain from the engine output to the tranny input, and I think they even had torsion front suspension didn't they? Lovely old beasts. David V. Brian991219 said: Robert, no I don't have an assigned truck I float thru whatever I need to to get the job done. I have been training one of our drivers who has been here two years on medium duty towing and rotator operation. We have been a little busy so I have been running more calls myself and I like this truck a lot. Everyone else, thanks for your comments and advice, I love how we can all share our expierence without getting our feathers ruffled! Good point on the wheel straps and chain, I have introduced that into my training program, thanks for the reminder. Daniel, I'm with you but the owner decided he likes the flames, for uniformity I would rather have the fenders orange or blue, most likely orange since this truck is the inverse of all our other trucks, meaning where this one is blue ours are orange. Blue Stripe said: Looks good Brian, glad to hear she's staying busy! Chris Flynn, WM 091008 Boardman Towing & Recovery Brian991219 said: Good to hear from you Chris, she is staying very busy, I am at almost 20,000 miles already and have had several chances to use the rotator to it's full capacity. It has turned out to be a very good truck for us, it has filled our light/medium duty gap quite nicely.
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    Christine and I too will be in Chattanooga for HOF and WOF events. I'm looking forward to see in you John. R.
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    A rare 2 trucker.

    Good planning and team work! Slow and easy is always best.
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    A year later and we are at 3,682 members. That's about 750 members short of where we should be at this point. I am sure that if every tow operator visiting our message board would take a few seconds to join this deficit could be made up by years end. Participation is the key to a successful community but social media has become about reading and not participating.
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    Orcas Tow

    Teetering with propane tanks below.

    I had a call for a Ford Ranger on the edge of an embankment with propane tanks below, after 30 years of this profession I have learned 99% of the time the "almost tipping over the edge" from the reporting party is usually very well planted with no chance of going over. When I arrived on scene I found a Ranger teetering (literally) on a rock ledge with sure enough propane tanks below. Tanks would have probablely been just fine if the truck would have gone over, I was tip toeing around the truck on the high side hoping a good wind gust wasn't coming as it was very unstable. The only damage was the passenger rear tire was blown off the bead from impact going in with a rock. I positioned my 2001 F550 4x4 with a Chevron 408, boom extended/raised for lift with boom sheave perpendicular to the rear bumper of the Ranger, ran my passenger side line to a tree/strap/shackle/snatchblock then terminated at the drivers front lower control arm with a 5/16" grade 80 recovery chain in a basket of the Ranger for a sideways pull on the front, snugged the winch. I ran my drivers line to a 5/16" grade 80 recovery chain choked (so it couldn't come off the end of the hitch) around hitch tube. I would have preferred to run a strap around the low side of the hitch receiver but in this case did not want to put myself below the Ranger for my safety. I gave a hard lift on the rear lifting the rear off the rock retaining wall & pulled both front & rear back onto the road.
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    Scooby Doo almost into house.

    With all of that rain in the Pacific Northwest, you've got Holmes trees all over the place. Great job and thanks for sharing. R.
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    Goal Goal Go...

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    OK Brian ... now yer' messin with me. The Wood electric has steering in the middle. Not on the left ... not on the right. Why in the middle? Remember our conversation?
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    First In, Last Out

    Topic Created by MooreRD in June of 2007: This accident involved two tractors and trailers. The one tractor cut the other tractor off the road to avoid hitting a stopped car along the intertstate and took the second tractor and trailer with the first. Well, well. Who gets out first? Actually due to the recovery of these vehicles, the second got winched out first. Both drivers were uninjured and it was an actual happy ending! (Including the recovery) Happy viewing! RD wstowing11 said: Just curious as to why the right rear outrigger is up off the ground, when the recovery boom is well into rotation, and it is rigged for action ? John Scheidel said: In defense of the leg in the air. We were setting up at the time. He would not let me do anything wrong. MooreRD said: At That time we were preparing to pull it out Not yet set up THANKS FOR NOTICING .
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    Off to Body Shop

    Gettin’ there
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    Our Most Influentual Industry Leaders

    I would nominate Bob Fouquette from Big Wheel / RBU in Massachusetts. Besides the fact that he has helped thousands of towing companies across the country, he also possesses quality character traits like Integrity, compassion & the genuine concern and desire to help people. His wealth of knowledge of our industry is second to none and he runs his life & business with strong moral principles. I am proud to call him my friend and look to his "model" when I judge my own decisions.
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    AT ShowPlace Las Vegas Roll Call

    Crashfilm will be in Vegas! Come see us booth #1008.
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    Here with Mind and Body
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    Recover This -

    There shouldn't be an issue of damaging it any more than it already is ... it's done. R.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Still here
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    Can't wait to see you too! I will be coming in on the 10th
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    ABC Towing "SDMO" Graphix

    Source: Alabama Towing & Recovery Association Facebook Page
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    So ... by raising insurance premiums a little bit is a full-circle problem to begin with when owners cite they can't afford insurance. Making matters worse to your reasoning Brian ... now there's a community who are driving without a current driver's license. I like your idea Brian to suggest the insurance commissioner to require the underwriter to maintain perhaps a "slush fund" that covers those victims, even if $5 per policy was funneled into a Vehicle Recovery Program. R.
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    Hey guys. The site is looking great! Hope to catch up in Florida.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Tactical Towing & Recovery Inc Belleville Illinois checking in. We read towforce loud and clear. 10x10 you are coming in. Cluck cluck chicken truck move over the tow man is coming thru. Lol.
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    GRUMPS The Towman


    I to work in the northern east coast. Personally i wear good quality thermals, heavy dickies Jean work pants and snug fitting sweatshirts so there's less chance of getting snagged on something. I also wear the Work King 5 in 1 jacket system from AW Direct. It's a killer coat system.It's adaptable to all different weather conditions. I was never one for coveralls. In my truck i keep a good set of rain gear, wader boots and a small bag with a complete change of clothes plus a few pairs of socks and spare work boots. ( I don't do cold, wet feet ) I keep a couple towels in the truck to dry off and wipe myself down so i'm not getting the interior of my truck all cruddy. I also keep a few different pairs of good gloves on hand and change them out regularly to dry them. a good pocket knife on me, and a 8 way screwdriver and a small pair of pliers in the door pocket of my truck usually gets the quick stuff handled. ( I do have a complete tool set on board as well ) a good rechargeable flashlight and a rechargeable lantern handles the lighting issues for me. If you have your own truck or a take home truck it's easy to keep all that on board but i can see it being a pain for someone who slip-seats or shares a truck with others. Some might say i over think it or carry too much but all i can say is i've been doing this for 26 years and i guess I'm set in my ways. Hope i have given you some ideas. Good luck and stay safe
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    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    Those don't look like Yellow Trucks and that's not Massachusetts. How much time have you been speeding at BigWheel?
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    Owning a tow truck

    My vote is to buy a trailer instead. Convincing an insurance agent that a commercial size truck is for personal use is almost impossible. The 10-15k for a crapper rollback can buy a sweet trailer and have money to spare as long as your already have a decent size pickup.
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    Towers with the Budweiser horses

    While I am not a fan of Budweiser beer, the Clydesdale horses are hands down the best when it comes to super bowl commercials. I am not a football fan, but I always view the Clydesdale commercials. They are the best.
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    Your issue is with the vehicle owner, not the insurance company. File a suit against the vehicle owner, and you will motivate them to light a fire under their insurance company.
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    Buicks aren't good for offroading

    People are constantly going off the road on this corner. This time, this buick missed all of the large trees but came to a stop about 80' in. The first guy on scene called back for a wrecker to winch it out. These mpl ngs keep surprising me with how well the trucks can plant and actually pull.
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